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ArtistDataPress displays your ArtistData feed on a page, post, or as a sidebar widget.

How do I display my ArtistData calendar on a page or in a post?

Use the shortcode: [artistdatapress]. Just place that on the page or post and publish!

Can I put another ArtistDataPress feed on a page with another feed?

Yes! In the shortcode, put "feedurl=" followed by the other url. Don't put a space after the equal sign. This will override the URL in the plugin settings.

Can I have multiple feeds displayed with different amounts of shows displayed?

Yes! In the shortcode, put "maxshows=" followed by the the amount of shows you want displayed by that instance. This will override the plugin settings for this instance.

Where do I find the "ArtistData XML feed URL"?

Log into your ArtistData account, then go to Tools > Data Feeds. Copy one of the URLs and paste it into the ArtistData XML feed URL field on the plugin options page. I imagine most people will use the XML Feed URL for Future Shows. The example from my band is: http://feeds.artistdata.com/xml.shows/artist/AR-8FAD4948ACC579CB/xml/future

What is the "ArtistData Profile URL"?

This is the link to your ArtistData profile page. For example, the one for my band, The Vibe Dials, is: http://artistdata.sonicbids.com/the-vibe-dials/shows/. However, this really can be any URL, as long as its a valid URL, so you could make this a link to your shows page or wherever.

Where is the venue's address?

Instead of displaying the venue's address, the city and state become a Google Maps link (and are tagged with "- map") if there is a venue address, otherwise it just displays the city and state.

Where is the venue's website URL?

The name of the venue is a link to the venue's website. If there isn't a venue website, it just displays the venue's name.

How do I customize the time and / or date formats?

The time and date fields use the standard PHP format options. WordPress has an excellent page that explains how to use them. http://codex.wordpress.org/Formatting_Date_and_Time

I've added new shows, but they aren't showing up on my site yet, what gives?

In version 0.6, I added feed caching, which means ADP won't need to go ask ArtistData's servers for your data every time the page loads. The cache cleares every hour, so that also means you might need to wait about an hour for new items to appear. However, this caching radically speeds up the performance of ADP, so your shows page loads faster, the widgets load faster, and the settings page loads faster because ADP isn't waiting to get the data from ArtistData. I think the speed is well worth the trade-off of a one-hour delay. If you disagree, let me know, that time limit can be changed and I'll change it based on feedback from users.

How do I build my own template?

See my [link] (http://slushman.com/plugins/artistdatapress/artistdatapress-template-codex "Template Codex page") for details, there's too much to put in this FAQ.

Requires: 2.9.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.0.13
Last Updated: 2 years ago
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