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Transient Cleaner

Housekeep expired transients from your options table

Why hasn't this been fixed in the WordPress core?

An attempt was made and lots of discussions ensued. Basically, some plugins don't use transients correctly and they use them as required storage instead of temporary cache data. This would mean any attempt by WordPress core to regularly housekeep transients may break some plugins and, hence, websites. WordPress didn't want to do this.

Does that mean this plugin could break my site?

If you have one of these badly written plugins, yes. However, we've yet to come across anybody reporting an issue.

Have WordPress not done anything, then?

Yes, they implemented the clearing down of all transients upon a database upgrade. If you have a multisite installation. And you're on the main site. They don't optimise the table after either, which this plugin does.

This could mean that the WordPress may run and ours as well but, well, if it's already been cleared then the second run isn't going to do anything so it doesn't add any overheads - it just ensures the optimisation occurs, no matter what.

How often will expired transients be cleared down?

Once a day and, by default, at midnight. However, the hour at which is runs can be changed in the settings screen.

It should be noted too that this will only run once the appropriate hour has passed AND somebody has been onto your site (with anybody visiting, the scheduler will not run).

In the administration screen it sometimes refers to the number of transients and other times the number of records. What's the difference?

A transient may consist of one or more records (normally a timed transient - the type that expires - has two) and without checking and matching them all up it can sometimes be hard to work out. So, where possible, we'll tell you the number of transients but, where we can't, we'll refer to the number of records on the database.

Requires: 3.3 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.5.3
Last Updated: 3 months ago
Active Installs: 4,000+


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