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Artiss Currency Converter

This plugin will convert currencies within the text of a post or page.

The Options Screen

Once the plugin is activated a new option will appear, named Currency Converter, on the left sidebar menu in the Administration screen. Under this are a number of sub-options...

  • Options - Allows you to specify default settings for any currency conversion
  • Rates - Displays the current exchange rates along with a list of all the valid exchange codes
  • README - If you have the README Parser plugin active this option will appear and will allow you to browse these instructions
  • Support - Copyright, acknowledgements and support information

Before using this plugin it is highly recommended that you review the Options screen and change any values, as appropriate. You will also need to sign up for and enter an App Key before conversions will work - see the next section.

Getting an App Key

Open Exchange Rates now requires an App Key to be specified. This is to prevent over-use of the exchange system and to provide premium features.

A free plan is available and this plugin should not cause your usage to be exceeded. Premium plans are also available - as features are added to these they will be added to this plugin. For the time being, however, having a premium plan does not add any extra features to this plugin.

To get your App Key sign up on the Open Exchange Rates site for the plan that best suits your need. Now head to the Currency Converter options screen and enter the App Key into the appropriate field. Save the results.

Using the Shortcode

The shortcode of '[convert]' has the following parameters that you may specify...

  • number - The number that you wish to convert from one currency to another. This is required
  • from - The currency code that you wish to convert from (see the admin options for a list of valid codes). If you do not specify this value then the default from the options screen will be used
  • to - The currency code that you wish to convert to (see the admin options for a list of valid codes). If you do not specify this value then the default from the options screen will be used.
  • dp - How many decimal places the output should be. This should be numeric or the word "match". The latter is the default and will mean that the output will match the number of decimal places that the number was.
  • template - See the later section, "Using Templates", for further information

Example of use are...

[convert number=49.99 from="gbp" to="usd"]

This would convert 49.99 from UK pounds to US dollars and output the result to 2 decimal places.

[convert number=50 from="usd" to="gbp"]

This would convert 50 from US dollars to UK pounds and output the result without any decimal places.

If the conversion can't be done then an appropriate error message will be output instead. If you wish to suppress these messages then you need to use a template (see the later section on this) - in this case no output will be generated in the case of an error.

Using Templates

The template option allows you to specify other information to be output along with the conversion result. None of the template will be output if any error occurs, including any error messages, allowing you to suppress any conversion text in the case of a problem.

The template text must include %result% where you wish the output to appear.

Here's an example...

Normally, this would print a result such as...

However, if an error occurs then it will print as...

You may also include the template between opening and closing shortcode tags. For example...

Using the Function Call

If you wish to perform a currency conversion within your theme, rather than within a post or page, then you can use a PHP function call. The function name is get_conversion and will return the result back.

  • All of the shortcode parameters are valid, except for the template which isn't required
  • The parameters are specified in any order and are separated with an ampersand
  • You should not add quotes around each parameter value, as you do with the shortcode

For example...

<?php echo get_conversion( 'number=49.99&from=gbp&to=usd' ); ?>

Global conversion variables

For the use of developers, 2 global variables have been added which, if assigned within your site code, will override the conversion codes.

The variables are global_convert_from and global_convert_to.

This is useful if, say, you have multiple versions of the site in different languages - you can then assign these global variables depending on which site is being viewed and all currency will be converted based upon these settings.

These will only override the options screen and not specific parameters specified with a shortcode or function call.


This WordPress plugin is licensed under the GPLv2 (or later).

The Open Source Exchange Rates API is kindly provided by Joss Crowcroft.


All of my plugins are supported via my website.

Please feel free to visit the site for plugin updates and development news - either visit the site regularly or follow me on Twitter (@artiss_tech).

For problems, suggestions or enhancements for this plugin, there is a dedicated page. The dedicated page will also list any known issues and planned enhancements.

This plugin, and all support, is supplied for free, but donations are always welcome.

Requires: 2.5 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.2.3
Last Updated: 2015-6-8
Active Installs: 200+


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