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Arena is the best live blogging platform for real-time events. Cover sports, breaking news, or any event in real-time. Arena makes it easy to create an automated or moderated play-by-play mixed with social media content from Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and more.

With our plugin, your Live Blog can be fully automated or moderated by an editor or community manager. Besides, you can mix content generated by your content team with user-generated content from social media.

Arena’s Live Blog platform and plugin provide critical features such as:

  • Real-time Live Blogging
  • Social Media monitoring
  • Integration to Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and other platforms
  • Posting user-generated content curated from social media
  • Automatic or moderated sports play-by-play
  • Layout customization according to your brand and design style guide
  • Sports calendar integration
  • Real-time audience analytics
  • Cross-posting to social media
  • Enabling in-feed comments inside the Blog
  • Optimization for mobile
  • Unlimited number of editors to manage your live events
  • Live Chat integration to encourage ongoing discussion about your event

Live Blog is an impactful, authentic, and real-time engagement solution. They transform your marketing strategy by making your content more interactive while widening revenue and increasing customer retention.

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  • Create events and track online users in real time
  • More than 500 sports leagues with automatic play-by-play
  • Easily add an event directly from your WordPress plugin
  • Simple to add Arena to your website


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Arena.IM - Live Blogging for real-time events


Step 1: installing Arena’s WordPress Plugin

To get started, simply access the “Plugin” section within WordPress and click “Add New.” Then, all you have to do is search for in the list of featured plugins and click “Install Now.”

Step 2: Setting up your account

The next step is to match your company’s account with the Arena plugin. To do that, go to the “Settings” section and click “Arena.” That’s where you will find the accounts, organizations, and site preferences. All you have to do is select the account you will use to live Blog, choose your site, and click “Save.”
The plugin will then grant you access to Arena’s tool so it can automate Live Blog posts. Depending on your WordPress configurations, you may need to activate the Live Blog function in your WordPress posts.

Step 3: creating a brand new Live Blog within a blog post

If your idea is to create a blog post from scratch with live blogging functions, all you have to do is access Arena’s dashboard and click “Create New Event.” The process is pretty similar to creating a regular post.
You will also choose your preferences for the event and create a title and a brief description of the post. Your texts must be creative, as they will help your Live Blog rank better on Google.
You will also select an event category like News, Film and TV, Shows, or Finance. If your goal is to make content updates in real-time, make sure you enable updates in real-time.

Step 4: creating a social stream in your Live Blog

At this same dashboard, you can click “Add Stream” to search accounts and keywords from social media and add content to your Live Blog curation. For instance, you could choose to display tweets or videos from a news channel or influencer account. All you have to do is insert the link of the channel or account.
You can also set up the event status (live, upcoming, or done), add elements like tags, and enable comments or a chat room in the Live Blog post.

Step 5: layout customization

Arena’s plugin dashboard also brings some customization options. You can personalize aspects like color and the Live Blog section’s position in your post, choose language configurations, and enable elements like sound alerts and polls within the blog.

Step 6: publishing your Live Blog

If you are ready to go live, now it’s time to publish your Live Blog in your post. To integrate your WordPress editor to the settings you did with the Arena plugin, click “Add Interactive content by Arena” in the editor interface.
You can click to add a new Live Blog or select an existing one. All you have to do next is click “add” to the Live Blogs you want to publish and simply click “Publish” on the WordPress page.


December 21, 2019
Please do not install & waste Your time. Because arena live blog not seo friendly & it's not rank on Google with red LIVE icon
June 12, 2018
Best plugin for live blogging! After trying pretty much every other plugin/tool out there, is by far the best, specially for sports (with live scores, play by play) and breaking news. The widget adapts to my CSS and loads super fast. The support team is amazing and they're always improving and adding new features!
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