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Appointment Booking Calendar

Appointment Booking Calendar allows you to accept online bookings from a set of available time-slots in a calendar.

Other Notes

The Troubleshoot Area

Use the troubleshot if you are having problems with special or non-latin characters. In most cases changing the charset to UTF-8 through the option available for that in the troubleshot area will solve the problem.

You can also use this area to change the script load method if the booking calendar isn't appearing in the public website.

There are also two fields related to the iCal settings: the "iCal time zone difference vs. server time" and the "iCal timeslot size in minutes". The "iCal time zone difference vs. server time" can be updated to match the desired time zone. The difference is calculated referred to the server time, you may have to test some values until finding the one that matches the desired time-zone. The "iCal timeslot size in minutes" can be modified to have a specific slot time in the exported iCal file.

The Restricted Dates Tab

The "Restricted Dates" tab into the calendar settings lets you to completely disable selected dates from the appointment calendar. This is useful for excluding public holidays or other specific dates where no appointments will be offered.

To restrict a date just click it into the date picker calendar that appears in this tab. To remove an already restricted date, just click it again.

The Special Dates Tab

The "Restricted Dates" tab into the calendar settings lets you use a different time-slots schedule for specific dates. For example you can have the same time-slots available for all Tuesdays in the appointment booking calendar, but if you want to offer different time-slots on a specific Tuesday then you can use the "Special Dates" tab to overwrite the time-slots for that date.

To use this section click a date into the date picker that appears on the "Restricted Dates" tab and a floating panel will appear for editing the available time-slots for the selected date.

The Notification Emails

The notification emails with the appointment data entered in the booking form can sent in "Plain Text" format (default) or in "HTML" format. If you select "HTML" format, be sure to use the BR or P tags for the line breaks into the text and to use the proper formatting.

Displaying a List of Appointments

A list with the appointments set on the calendar can be displayed by using this shortcode in the page where you want to display the list:


... can be also customized with some parameters if needed, example:

[CPABC_APPOINTMENT_LIST from="today" to="today +30 days" fields="DATE,TIME,NAME" calendar="1"]

... the "from" and "to" are used to display only the appointments / bookings on the specified period. That can be either indicated as relative days to "today" or as fixed dates.

There is also a "group" attribute to join the names of the appointments made on the same time-slot (for time-slots with multiple capacity):


The "fields" can be used to modify the columns to display, that field accepts the following items (uppercase):


... however, in most cases, probably you don't want to display the phone or comments.

The styles for the list are located at the end of the file "all-css.css":

.cpabc_field_0, .cpabc_field_1, .cpabc_field_2, ...

Clear the browser cache if the list isn't displayed in a correct way (to be sure it loads the updated styles).

Opening the Calendar in a Different Month

There is a field in the settings area named "Open calendar in this initial month/year". This can be used to display the calendar initially in a specified month. This is useful, for example, for bookings of an event that will happen in a future month, so you can display the calendar exactly on that month.

Allowing Booking Multiple Appointment Slots

These settings fields are available for each appointment calendar:

  • Minimum slots to be selected: This is the minimum number of slots that the customer must select in the booking form.

  • Maximum slots to be selected: This is the maximum number of slots that the customer can select in the booking form.

  • Close floating panel after selecting a time-slot?: Default: "Yes". Set to "No" in the case the user has to select various slots in the same date. The price should be set for each total number of slots below (request cost setting).

Note that the request cost field will be automatically updated for allowing entering the price for each number of time-slots, giving total freedom at this price setting.

Exporting Appointments to CSV / Excel Files

The appointment data can be exported to a CSV file (Excel compatible) to manage the data from other applications. That option is available from the "bookings list", the appointments can be filtered by date and by the text into them, so you can export just the needed appointments to the CSV file.

Appointment Calendar Theme Selection

The current Appointment Booking Calendar version has three pre-built CSS themes:

  • Default - Classic
  • Light
  • Blue

The theme can be selected into the administration area, below the calendar on the settings field labeled "Calendar visual theme". Once selected a new theme, the CSS file "all-css.css" will be loaded from a different subfolder, be sure to edit the related CSS file if you need further modifications to the appointment booking calendar theme styles.

Other Versions and Features

The free version published in this WordPress directory is a fully-functional version for accepting appointments through PayPal as indicated in the plugin description. There is also a pro (commercial) version that includes the following additional features (not present in the free version):

  • Ability to process forms/appointments without PayPal
  • Coupons / discount codes
  • Form builder for a visual customization of the booking form
  • Email reminders for the appointments
  • Additional drop-down fields for multiple prices/services

Please note that the pro features aren't advised as part of the free plugin in the description shown in this WordPress directory. If you are interested in more information about the pro features go to the plugin's page: http://abc.dwbooster.com/download

The Appointment Booking Calendar plugin has recently reached 28,000 installations and we would like to thank you all the people that have supported the development of the plugin with feedback messages or by acquiring the pro / developer versions. We are working in a new set of features for all the distributions of the plugin that will be published soon.

Requires: 3.0.5 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.7.2
Last Updated: 1 week ago
Active Installs: 7,000+


3.7 out of 5 stars


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