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Appointment Booking Calendar

Appointment Booking Calendar allows you to accept online bookings from a set of available time-slots in a calendar.

Q: What means each field in the appointment calendar settings area?

A: The product's page contains detailed information about each appointment calendar field and customization:


Q: How can I center the appointment calendar into the page?

A: For centering the calendar open the CSS file "TDE_AppCalendar\all-css.css" in any text editor and add these CSS rules into that file:


After that be sure to refresh the page that contains the appointment scheduler form or clear your browser cache to be sure that the browser is loading the updated CCS styles file.

Q: How can I cancel/delete an appointment to make its time slot available again?

A: To delete an appointment locate it into the appointment calendar in the settings area, clear the title (there is a button for that) and save it. This action will delete the appointment (even if the content wasn't cleared).

Q: How can I change the calendar's width and height?

A: You can specify the size of the appointment calendar's cells, that way the complete appointment calendar width and height can be controlled.

Open the file "appointment-booking-calendar\TDE_AppCalendar\all-css.css" and about line #139 modify the "padding" applied to the cells:

.yui-calendar td.calcell {
    padding:.3em .4em;
    border:1px solid #E0E0E0;
    vertical-align: top;

Q: Can I put an "acknowledgment / thank you message" after submitting an appointment and completing the PayPal payment?

A: The "acknowledgment / thank you message" shown to the user after submitting the appointment form should be placed at the page indicated in the field "URL to return after successful payment". Note that after the submission the user is redirected first to PayPal and then to the "thank you" page once the payment for the booking has been completed.

Q: How do I change the background color of the selected date on the appointment calendar?

A: Open the file "wp-content/plugins/appointment-booking-calendar/TDE_AppCalendar/all-css.css" ... find this CSS rule:

.yui-calendar td.calcell.reserveddate { background-color:#B6EA59; }

...and replace the background color that appears there.

Q: How can I export the calendar iCal link with Google Calendar on a regular basis?

A: Please read the instructions on this Google page:


To get the iCal feed URL right click the "iCal" link on the calendar list and click "Copy Link Address" or "Copy Link Location" (depending of the browser you are using).

Note: This will automatically export the bookings stored in the calendar plugin to the Google Calendar. The inverse process (import the items on Google Calendar into the plugin) isn't currently available.

Q: After booking appointment I'm not receiving the emails with the appointment data.

A: Please check if after the completing the payment at PayPal the appointment appears registered in the appointment calendar (some time slot unavailable):

  • If the appointment purchase is registered, then the problem is that you server has some additional configuration requirements to send emails from PHP. The Appointment Booking Calendar plugin uses the settings specified into the WordPress website to deliver the emails, if your hosting has some specific requirements like a fixed "from" address or a custom "SMTP" server those settings must be configured into the WordPress website.

  • If the appointment purchase isn't registered, first check if you are testing the appointment booking form on a local website or in an online website. Note you should test this feature into an online website (local websites cannot receive PayPal IPN connections).

  • If the appointment purchase isn't registered and you are testing it on an online website, then check if the payment appears as "completed" at the PayPal seller account (no red flags, no pending mark). Check also if your PayPal account is setup to automatically accept payments in the selected currency. The payment must be "accepted" and "completed" in the PayPal seller account.

Q: How to make the appointment calendar 100% width?

A: Add this CSS rule at the end of the file "wp-content/plugins/appointment-booking-calendar/css/stylepublic.css":


Requires: 3.0.5 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.7.1
Last Updated: 8 hours ago
Active Installs: 6,000+


3.7 out of 5 stars


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