Appmaker, turn your WooCommerce store into a Native mobile app instantly


  • Grow your Ecommerce business through Mobile app.
  • Position your brand with beautifully designed mobile app.
  • Re-engage customers with Mobile app notifications(10 times more open rate than Emails).
  • Checkout faster and reduce friction.
  • Easy to integrate plugin for your WooCommerce store.

Appmaker is used by over 400+ brands to launch m-commerce experience saving amount and time by a factor of 50. Recently featured on Product Hunt, Business Bloomer, LifeHacker.

Read our M-commerce helpful insights blog here- Appmaker Blog.

Popular apps created Appmaker for WooCommerce-

Health XP (Android/iOS) ★★★★★ 400+ Ratings, 50K+ Downloads
Carvil online store(Android) ★★★★★ 350+ Ratings, 10K+ Downloads
Ente Book(Android/ iOS) ★★★★★ 200+ Ratings, 10K+ Downloads
Underground reptiles (Android) ★★★★★ 150+ Ratings, 10K+ Downloads
Groot Gadgets( Android/iOS) ★★★★★ 100+ Ratings, 10K+ Downloads

Honourable Mentions

Order Cookies
Funky Tradition

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Now Big question: Why M-commerce is the Future for your Business?

  • When was last time you clicked on a Promotional Email? Push Notifications from Mobile app have shown 10 times more open rate than Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Building a loyal customer is crucial for success of your E-commerce business. Mobile app provide a direct channel between you and your customers.
  • Never lose customers via cart abandonment. Notify them through App notification with discount code to make immediate purchases. 80 percent lesser cart abandonment on mobile app compared to webstore.
  • Reduce checkout time and thereby reducing friction for your users. Mobile app checkout only takes 26 seconds or lesser. This has increased growth of many E-commerce businesses.

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Why Mobile app using Appmaker?

Now that you know why Mobile app is crucial for your WooCommerce store, why choose us? Our primary goal is help ecommerce businesses grow through mobile apps. We have been in this industry (Read our Ebook) and know what’s necessary to reap success in m-commerce. You handle your business, We handle mobile app and all the complexity involved in it.

What customers say about us?

“Appmaker offers a powerful App that every e-commerce website must have and if you get stuck, their support team will help out. After using their service our sales have grown dramatically that majority of our sales are now via mobile app”.Funky Tradition

“At Order Cookies we were easily able to port our current web store to an iOS and android app which has help keep up with the latest technology of the on the go customer!”​Order Cookies

“The Groot Gadgets App has received over 2,000 downloads till now. Push Notification system allows us to send our offers in real time to our customers and helps us to achieve increased purchase targets.”Groot Gadgets

“Convenient and cost effective method to deliver to our customers. Great support.”​Avaskart

What are you waiting for? Convert your WooCommerce store to Native mobile app now

Features of WooCommerce Native App

  • Pure Native App

  • Android and iOS apps for Playstore and Appstore.

  • All Payment gateway supported and easy integration.

  • Shipping products with ease.

  • Unlimited Push notifications in from Dashboard.

  • Real-time App UI customization.

  • Bundle, Cross-Sell and Up-Sell.

  • Multi-Language support

  • All WordPress Plugins supported( See list)

  • Request for any Plugin Support

  • Live Chat Integration

See all features here.


Got any questions or need any help? Email us at

Our Public Trello Board for Updates-


  • Convert your WooCommerce Store to Native Android and iOS App
  • Style your beautiful Native Mobile App from WooCommerce App Dashboard
  • Update WooCommerce App in Realtime, And add Banners, sliders and other widgets
  • Send push notifications to notify new products and offers using Appmaker Dashboard
  • Seamlessly upload and update WooCommerce Apps on the go


  1. Install and activate ‘Appmaker, turn your WooCommerce store into a Native mobile app instantly’ plugin from your wordpress plugin page.
  2. Create app for your woocommerce store from
  3. Copy API KEY & API SECRET from appmaker dashboard and paste them in appmaker plugin settings.
  4. Now your app is ready to use.You can download/manage from

WooCommerce Android Demo App

WooCommerce iOS Demo App


How to Publish my Woocommerce App?
  • You can easily publish and update WooCommerce Android App from Google Play Store. Watch the video to learn how.

  • You can easily publish and update WooCommerce iOS App from iTunes App Store.Watch the video to learn how.

What if I am facing an issue(bug) in Woocommerce App ?

You can always reach out to us through intercom or create a ticket at

Can I change the layout of the app?

Yes. When you create the app, you could style the app. From the plugin, you can change the content of the app such home widgets, navigation menu etc.

How many Woocommerce apps can be created?

The pricing is for a single app. However, if you need to create multiple apps, we could provide bundle pricing. To get a quote of this, mail to

Can I stop subscription anytime?

Yes. You can stop subscription anytime and delete app from the dashboard itself.

What version of WooCommerce does Appmaker support?

Appmaker supports every WooCommerce versions and fully compatible with the latest version(Always up to date)


Good product, great support, will be using it often

In short: this is a good, solid App that is easy to build and the Appmaker team offers great customer support.

Longer story:
I spent months researching App plugins for WooCommece and always got turned off by bad reviews. The Appmaker offered 14 day free trial, during which they adjusted the app to work with one of our custom plugins and offered customization of another custom plugin we use(at extra charge, which is fair). Building the app is pretty straightforward and easy. The App pulls the content and categories from WordPress and WooCommerce and all you have to do is create menu links to display them. Creating the home page and other pages is a simple drag-and-drop. So, depending on how big is your website, building the app itself is not technically difficult, but it can be time-consuming. We had a few questions (relating to our custom plugins) and the Appmaker team always responded by next day. I can honestly say, that the customer support is outstanding.

While the App is not difficult to build, uploading it to the Apple Store can be confusing for someone who does not do this every day. You will not be able to upload to Apple Store if you don’t have an Apple Developer ID (and pay $99 US/year). And, you can’t have an Apple Developer ID if you don’t own your own Mac or iPad as the Apple Developer ID requires two-factor-authorization (which ties your ID to your device). The actual process of generating and uploading certificates is a bit lengthy.
HOWEVER, all of this has nothing to do with the app itself – it is the Apple’s process of publishing an app Just make sure you have enough wine in the fridge and you’ll be fine 🙂
Uploading the Google Play is pretty straightforward. You need a Google Developer ID which is $25US/year.

Overall, this is a solid product at a good price and the team behind it works tirelessly to help you when you run into an issue. We wish them all the best!

Reduced Cart Abandonment and Push Notifications are what Impressed me the most!

I planned on single sentence review. But these guys deserve a bit more. I was able to get my branded WooCommerce Native Apps( I opted for Android and iOS) in matter of days and publish it on Playstore. I didn’t have Mac to upload iOS App. They helped me to upload them as well.

And now its been 5 months since app is live and I should tell you having Mobile App(Native one) was the best decision I made. Normally I had lot of users adding to cart and abandoning it. The Instant push notification from the Appmaker dashboard helped our store to immediately bring back cart abandoned users and turn to instant customers by providing small discount( Personalised Push Notification). This also helps me to alert my loyal customers when there is new products, stocks and offers(Previously had no other channels to do this).

I would recommend this tool for any store out there to build more loyal and engaging users; This perhaps will be the best tool out there for WooCommerce Mobile App making(Had not so good experience with other App builders and Agencies).

Yet, they can improve and add more features that enhance User experience in the App.

Fast App for my users

I’ve been using Woocommerce app for last 3 months. Nice UI and UX. I can choose all styles myself. It was so simple to make my app and the pricing so much affordable too. The support team is also very friendly.

Read all 10 reviews

Contributors & Developers

“Appmaker, turn your WooCommerce store into a Native mobile app instantly” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


= 1.7.1=
* Cancel order bug fix

= 1.7.0=
* Minor bug fixes

= 1.6.9=
* Minor bug fixes

= 1.6.8=
* Option to show out of stock at bottom
* Minor bug fixes
* Optimised over all performance

= 1.6.7=
* Show/hide related products
* Minor bug fixes
* Optimised over all performance

= 1.6.6=
* Minor bug fixes
* Optimised over all performance

= 1.6.5=
* Deeplinking fix
* Minor bug fixes

= 1.6.4=
* Minor bug fixes

= 1.6.3=
* Extended review limit of products
* Minor bug fixes

= 1.6.2=
* Minor bug fixes
* Optimised over all performance

= 1.6.1=
* Minor bug fixes
* Optimised over all performance

= 1.6.0=
* Minor bug fixes
* Added hide price filter

= 1.5.9=
* Minor bug fixes

= 1.5.8=
* Minor bug fixes

= 1.5.7=
* Doken lite sign up issue fix
* Jetpack issue fix

= 1.5.6=
* Minor bug fixes

= 1.5.5=
* Minor bug fixes

= 1.5.4=
* Minor bug fixes
* Optimised over all performance

= 1.5.3=
* Minor bug fixes
* Optimised over all performance

= 1.5.2=
* Minor bug fixes
* Optimised over all performance

= 1.5.1=
* Added support for wc cancel order
* Minor bug fixes
* Optimised over all performance

= 1.5.0=
* Added option to add meta fields to in-app page fields
* Minor bug fixes
* Optimised over all performance

= 1.4.3=
* Minor bug fixes
* Optimised over all performance

= 1.4.2=
* Minor bug fixes
* Optimised over all performance


  • Minor bug fixes
  • Added option add image by searching from media


  • Minor bug fixes
  • Plugin supports


  • Minor bug fixes


  • Minor bug fixes


  • Minor bug fixes
  • Fixed checkout issue on WooCommerce 3.4.x


  • Minor bug fix
  • Optimised over all performance


  • Fix in order delivery date pro plugin
  • Fix in WooCommerce delivery date and time plugin
  • Fix in price display including tax


  • Added support for WooCommerce bookings plugin
  • Added support for WooCommerce delivery date and time plugin
  • Excluded product bundle category
  • RazorPay issue fix
  • Added points in account page
  • Added support for order delivery date pro plugin


  • Added support for PayPal pro
  • Optimised over all performance


  • Added support for PayPal pro
  • Optimised over all performance


  • Fix Cart quantity issue
  • Optimised over all performance


  • Fix in guest check out
  • Optimised over all performance


  • Added WooCommerce version check support
  • General bug fixes


  • Fix in product description
  • Optimised API performance


  • Minor bug fix
  • Added new Preference in manage dashboard


  • Minor bug fix
  • Order API optimised


  • Minor bug fix
  • API Performance Optimised


  • Razorpay Checkout issue fixed
  • Optimised checkout review


  • Deep linking support
  • Minor bug fixes


  • Minor bug fixes


  • Fixed compatibility issues with JetPack ( Log out on API details saving )


  • Minor bug fixes


  • Minor bug fixes
  • Support for Upsell


  • Only cache in-app page if enabled in settings


  • In-App page product scroller fetch products on api request instead of in-app page save


  • Minor bug fixes
  • Fixed sms verify plugin conflict


  • Added support for latest WooCommerce version
  • Added Category Pre-defined scroller
  • Added Tags Pre-defined scroller


  • Fixed Billing and Shipping address conflict


  • Added translations for plugin strings


  • Added support for JetPack minimum order in cart
  • Brands filter support
  • Fixed Compatibility issues in previous WooCommerce versions
  • Added language support for Plugin strings
  • Fixed Out of stock and Draft products visibility


  • Language String fixes
  • RazorPay SDK support


  • WooCommerce Product Add-Ons support ( Excluding File upload )
  • Minor bug fix
  • WooCommerce 3.0 Support


  • Added WC Vendors support
  • PinCode Check Plugin Support
  • Product GiftWarp plugin support


  • Added Multi Language support for in-app pages
  • Advanced customizations for product tabs, filters etc
  • Order status update push notification


  • Added Support Stripe,Square,Payfort payment gateways
  • Fixed variation issues in arabic language
  • Added support for visual composer


  • Added Support for App only Coupon
  • Polylang Plugin support
  • Fixed Default Sorting Issue
  • Added Cart Header Message Option
  • Fixed Checkout not marking as app order


  • Added EPEKEN plugin support
  • Added JNE Shipping
  • Added Best Selling, Recent Products and top Rated support for product scroller


  • Optimized image loading


  • Added My Account Page
  • Added Downloads


  • Fixed sale price display issue


  • Added password reset api


  • Beta Release