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Use the power of WordPress to transform your content into a book.


  • Fixed broken Date Range query
  • Fixed broken drop-and-drop for multiple posts
  • Improved appearance in WP 4.4+
  • Cleaned up PHP and JS deprecation notices


  • Fixed bug that could cause fatal error when exporting to epub on some setups
  • Improved output escaping, for better security
  • Fixed bug that caused non-public post types to show on Project Organizer dropdown
  • Cleared some PHP notices


  • Better checks for the availability of remote images during export
  • Compatibility with latest jQuery UI


  • Fix improperly concatenated Project Details URL


  • Fix a bug in TCPDF temp image file path creation on some server setups
  • Only load Anthologize scripts and styles on the proper pages, to avoid conflicts


  • Fix a bug in TCPDF image paths on some server setups
  • Fix a bug that gave access to Anthologize settings to non-admins
  • Fix a bug that caused SSL errors for JS, CSS, and img assets in some cases


  • WP 3.6 support
  • Update jQuery BlockUI
  • Preview Project fix
  • Set utf-8 encoding on HTML export for improved character handling
  • Minor style tweak
  • Fix bug that prevented more than 5 projects from showing on My Projects screen


  • Refactored loading process for better performance in various hosting situations
  • Fixes validation issues with epub exports
  • Fixes permissions issues with PDF export by moving TCPDF cache location to WP upload directory
  • Localization fixes
  • Added Spanish translalation
  • Improvements to HTML export format
  • PHP 5.4+ compatibility
  • Improved adherence to WordPress coding standards
  • Added a Credits section


  • Improved compatibility with WP 3.3


  • Removed WordPress filter call that may have caused whitescreens on exports on some installations
  • Added some unit tests


  • Code name "Wide Wale"
  • many optimizations to PDF export
  • improved CJK handling in PDF export
  • added part- and item- page break options for PDF
  • added anthologize logo and part-item breadcrumbs to PDF output
  • partially OOified epub export
  • added part-item nesting to epub ToC
  • added cover image option to epub output (might not work in all readers. standards-schmandards)
  • added link-localization to epub output (internal links in your site are internal links in the epub)
  • regularized code style throughout
  • added role control; admins can choose which user roles can Anthologize projects
  • added Multisite awareness; super admins can choose which users can Anthologize across the network
  • added a Preview feature for in-browser previews of projects, parts, and items
  • fixed a bug that may have caused items to dissociate from projects when autosaving
  • added automatic support for custom post types in filters
  • fixed issues with quote double-escaping in exports
  • added full compatibility with latest WP
  • added real (but experimental) RTF export format


  • Code name "Gabardine"
  • anthologize_register_format() API allows third-party developers to register their output-format plugins and options
  • Newly added theming functions allow plugin developers to use familiar WordPress loops for creating new output formats
  • Improved character encoding all-around
  • Increased support for Korean, Japanese, Chinese text
  • RTF export format discontinued in favor of a more stable HTML output (RTF facilities will likely reappear in a future version).
  • New post filters on the project organizer screen: filter by date, filter by post type
  • Minimize/maximize parts to make project editing easier
  • Add multiple items to parts by dragging the Posts header on the project organizer screen
  • Linked Table of Contents and better pagination in PDF
  • Improved support for Gravatars in exports
  • Methods added to the TEI class that allow for some automated indexing
  • Many bugfixes and stability enhancements


  • Better PHP error handling for increased export reliability
  • Better character encoding in output formats
  • Better image handling in PHP export
  • Required compression libraries for ePub are now bundled with Anthologize
  • Project organizer screen improvements: Anthologize remembers your last used filter when you return to the page; a bug related to item ordering was fixed; "Are you sure?" message added to the Delete Project button; better handling of item names with colons and other characters
  • Export screen improvements: project metadata (such as copyright information) is saved; selecting projects from the dropdown automatically pulls in saved metadata
  • Namespaced WordPress post type names to ensure compatibility with other plugins
  • Anthologize content is now set to 'draft' by default, keeping it out of WordPress searches and reducing conflict with plugins hooking to publish_post
  • Frontmatter added to PDF export
  • Improved TEI output


  • Initial public release

Requires: 3.3 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.6.2
Last Updated: 5 months ago
Active Installs: 2,000+


2.8 out of 5 stars


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