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Another WordPress Classifieds Plugin

AWPCP Classifieds: Great for increasing retention to your site, adding revenue for your business, and creating customer interaction.


  • Minor updates to support WP 4.3

Version 3.5.3

  • Remove restriction that prevents Moderators from using Bulk delete.
  • Update message shown when there are missing pages.
  • Add setting to allow users to overwrite contact name and email.
  • Remove usage of AWPCP_TABLE_PAGES table.
  • Add setting to overwrite the currency symbol.
  • Fix errors in French translation.
  • Fix spelling error in Spanish translation
  • Fix problems with Listing Awaiting Approval notification.
  • Fix flush-rewrite-rules error.
  • Fix Restore Pages feature.
  • Fix function that generated media thumbnails URLs.
  • Send both Awaiting Approval and Posted notifications.
  • Print regular whitespace instead of nbsp; in get_formmatted_amount.
  • Fix functions that generate Media URLs.
  • Add plugin integration for Facebook All.
  • Add RUB and TRY as supported PayPal currencies
  • Add purchases credit right after a real payment is made.
  • Make sure plugin pages info is imported once only.
  • Remove view-categories from pluing pages info.
  • Fix problem trying to compare page ids of.
  • Avoid fatal error trying to render an object as the value of a hidden field.
  • Enable localization for strings shown in UI Datepicker.

Version 3.5.2

  • Load translations from wp-content/languages/$domain-$locale.{po,mo} for better upgrade behavior
  • Improve error messages shown when there are missing pages
  • Always show a notice when the category filter is active in Manage Listings
  • Fix issue in RolesAndCapabilities::user_is_administrator().
  • Fix User Search problem in Listings Table
  • ListingsFinder Fix error in title condition
  • Fix error saving Facebook configuration
  • Avoid posting listings to User profile when no page or group is selected

Version 3.5.1

  • Use mb_strtoupper if available in _get_currency_code
  • Fix function that finds media thumbnails for sites not under single site directory structure
  • Make button's tooltip translatable in Delete Form.

Version 3.5

  • NEW: Allow users to remove the title of the entry from the listing URL
  • NEW: Add settings to allow users to remove listing information from URL
  • NEW: Asynchronous uploads for listing images and attachments.
  • NEW: Allow registered users to edit their own Ads without entering Ad key
  • NEW: Add plugin integration for Add Meta Tags plugin
  • NEW: Add setting to control whether payment terms are shown when no category is selected
  • Add is_awpcp_page() function.
  • Use lowercase filenames for newly uploaded files
  • Move Window Title settings to Ad/Listings section.
  • Do not overwrite a page's post name if it is not the default one
  • Flush Rewrite Rules if the post name of an AWPCP page changes
  • Include URL to edit listing in the message sent when a listing is succesfully posted
  • Add link to return to main AWPCP page to the Delete Ad confirmation screen
  • Use GET, instead of POST, to send information from the Search Ads widget
  • Use GET method instead of POST in Search Ads form
  • Add functions to detect if a page including an AWPCP shortcode is being displayed
  • Move URL and AWPCP pages related functions to a new file
  • Added French translation
  • Add awpcp_is_email_address_allowed() function
  • Add plugin integration for WooCommerce to avoid wp-admin lockdown
  • Remove code to initialize session from AWPCP's main class
  • Load translation files from an external directory
  • Add support for reCAPTCHA v2
  • Fix PHP Warning in Manage Categories admin screen
  • Allow currency symbol to be removed from display
  • Add missing translations
  • Improve perfomance of main plugin handling a large amount of categories
  • Update method to retrieve title separator in Yoast WordPress SEO integration
  • Add support for reCAPTCHA v2
  • Do not consider bot requests to calculate a listing's view count
  • Allow WordPress Shortcodes in Single Ad page layout
  • Add setings to control positioning of currency symbol
  • Use site name as Sender name in Listing is about to expire email notification
  • Update Facebook helper class to use version 2.3 of the Graph API
  • Add option to send notification to administrators when a listing is flagged
  • Add notifiction for images awaiting approval uploaded from Manage Images section
  • Allow URLs without http:// and https:// in Form Fields
  • Show Individual Listing's images as a gallery
  • Fix shortcodes and widgets to show listings in user selected order
  • Fix translation issue in Ad Detals step template
  • Add 'status' attribute to ajax response for Delete Comment action
  • Add function to generate unique file name for uploaded images
  • Use date_i18n to generate localized dates
  • Make 'Search' string translatable in Search Ads Widget
  • Fix conflict with Private Message plugin
  • Fix Place Ad form validation in frontend screens
  • Fix typo in messages shown when images are pending approval.
  • Fix spelling error in admin area
  • Fix typo in Payments API.
  • CSS fixes for File Manager component
  • Fix PHP Notice in code used to upload files.
  • Fix conflict with imagesLoaded jQuery plugin
  • Fix Random Ads Widget
  • Fix MainMenu JS code to avoid mark up issues
  • Show View Categories menu item when viewing the list of listings
  • Fix appearance of responsive tables in mobile devices
  • Show listing excerpt in widgets, even if show-images is not enabled
  • Fix function to generate Listing Verifiation URL
  • Fix email validation code in Place Ad page
  • Further improvements to appearance of responsive tables in mobile devices
  • Remove PHP Notice caused trying to access a property of a non-object.
  • Avoid scheduling more than one job for clearing a listing's Facebook Cache
  • Avoid PHP Warnings triggered when the setting for Secure URLs is enabled
  • Schedule Clear Ad Facebook Cache events to be executed 5 minutes after the current time
  • Fix typo in Extra Fields module.
  • Always try to find region options for regions dropdowns
  • Fix slow query trying to filter listings by region
  • Rename CSS class clearboth to awpcp-clearboth
  • Use activate_plugins intead of install_plugins as the admin capability
  • Fix bug handling item price in Listing Importer
  • Clear categories list cache after listings are imported
  • Add awpcp-updated CSS class to avoid collisions with theme's styles
  • Prevent configuration conflict in Payment Settings
  • Remove incorrect use of ARRAY_A in PaymentTransaction::query
  • Update awpcp_pagination function to avoid printing too many page links
  • Fix PHP Warning in Manage Categories admin screen
  • Fix broken Search Listings form when permalinks are disabled
  • Fix broken form in Search Listings Widget when permalinks are disabled
  • Do not show a dropdown of regions when Region Control is not installed
  • Fix unexpected "amount of credit in your account is not enough" error
  • Fix translation error for 'Terms of Service:'
  • Fix bug in Listings Finder causing listings to disappear from admin and frontend
  • Define undefined variables in WP List Table sub-classes and AWPCP_Page
  • Do not pre-select a user in the Ad Owner listing when editing a listing
  • Make Listing Owner field optional if User Registration is off
  • Fix bug in Import Listing screens affecting non-english websites
  • Fix broken navigation in pagination links and category selector
  • Fix bug in Categories Dropdown
  • Fix bug in Settings Validator code
  • Fix error presentation in Buy Credits page
  • Use a relative URL for the Manage Credit menu item
  • Namespace rules for messages in plugin's stylesheet

Version 3.3.3

  • Fix problem with image uploads that allowed for non-image files to be uploaded instead. Strict extension checking enabled. Security problem if left unpatched.

Version 3.3.2

  • Allow users to choose thumbnail position in Latest Ads and other widgets
  • Do not set names for the select and text fields used as helpers in the Multiple Region Selector
  • Include total amount paid and total credits spent in the email sent when a listing is successfully posted
  • Add Automatic Upgrade routine to fix media entries that were stored with an empty mime type
  • Fix query to get images when a single mime_type is used as condition
  • Configure Free Payment Term to use one of the accepted payment types
  • Execute awpcp_handle_admin_requests on admin_init
  • Fix several translation issues
  • Verify category cache keys before rendering
  • Add setting for currency code to 2Checkout
  • Make created/updated dates on Show Ad match ad's
  • Better handle www/no-www redirect on the front page

Version 3.3.1

  • Improve rewrite rule for View Categories.
  • Fix conflict with BBPress.
  • Avoid sending verification email when payment is cancelled or fails.
  • Fix ajax handler for Delete File action.
  • Fix conflict with WordPress SEO plugin.
  • Avoid sending verification emails if Email Verification is off.
  • Add support for the appsecret_proof field doing requests to Facebook API.
  • Fix Search Widget: Allow specific region fields to be hidden again
  • Do not send verification emails for Unpaid listings
  • Fix PHP notice in Facebook Cache Helper.

Version 3.3

  • Allow admins to mark price field as private
  • Add Users Autocomplete field
  • Add plugin integration for Content Aware Sidebars
  • Add support for posting Ads to Facebook Groups
  • Add support for posting Ads to Facebook automatically
  • Add option to hide price if it is empty or was set to zero
  • Allow listings to be filtered by category in Classifieds > Listings screen
  • Make sure Facebook reads basic Ad information when asking it to scrape an Ads page
  • Use version 2.0 of Facebook Graph API and Facebook Login Dialog
  • Improve name and description of "Verify Email Address"
  • Remove Region Selector from Search Ads screen
  • Show detailed error message when there is a problem trying to renew a Listing
  • Force categories list to display a single column in mobile devices
  • Disable Force Secure URLs feature if website does not support secure URLs
  • Add $categories placeholder
  • Add function to render list of categories with cache support
  • Better Edit Image/Files frontend screens
  • Design improvements for the Listings and Search Ads widgets
  • Do not include AWPCP's Javascript in all frontend pages
  • Do not show No Image default thumbnail if AWPCP is configured to not allow images.
  • Rename page-search-ads.js to page-search-listings.js
  • Overwrite Sender Name and Sender Email using current user's information
  • Do not load Payment Term Fee categories when Fee Per Category module is not activated
  • Add core modifications to control premium modules using EDD licenses
  • Remove Latest News section from admin dashboard
  • Remove Fatal error caused by trying to read information from an inexistent Payment Term
  • Fix Renew Ad bulk operation in Ad Management panel
  • Fix Credit Plan issue
  • Make sure PaymentTransactionHelper always assigns an user to the transaction.
  • Do not show configuration admin notices to regular users.
  • Fix integration with Yoast WordPress SEO plugin.
  • Remove PHP warning due to missing argument
  • Improve calculation of the date a listing should be marked as expired
  • Improve description about number of days left before Listing expires
  • Handle WP_Error in Facebook Cache Helper
  • Fix Ad Expired notification behavior
  • Fix Missing argument PHP Warning
  • Add District of Columbia (Washington, D.C) as a valid state option for Authorize.Net
  • Fix function to count number of Ads in a specific category
  • Use decoded version of the listing's URL in emails
  • Fix syntax error in Ad Enabled email template.
  • Add parenthesis to control scope of OR operand in SQL query
  • Fix PHP Warning in Search Widget.
  • Fix problems with region listings count
  • Make sure setImageOrientation method exists in Imagick class
  • Mark pages in trash as missing
  • Fix error handling uploaded files with utf-8 characters in their names
  • Fix error in Facebook Settings when trying to select None as page or group
  • Fix formatting issue when editing a listing
  • Fix responsive main menu in Show Ad and Browse Ads pages
  • Add verification for edge case of duplicate page title
  • Fix: fallback image is not being shown

Version 3.2.2

  • NEW: Add quick link to Mark an Ad as verified from Classifieds > Listings screen.
  • Allow administrators to see Ad with images pending approval.
  • Make sure Ads appear in Awaiting Approval section after they are edited or renewed.
  • Widgets now show "There are currently no Ads to show" if there are no Ads available to show.
  • Slightly improved appearance of AWPCP messages in WP 3.8+ admin dashboard.
  • Users no longer need to return to website after making a payment to complete the post Ad process.
  • Added $twitter_button_url placeholder.
  • Added $facebook_button_url placeholder.
  • Add modifications necessary to fix for running plugin in WP 3.9.
  • Update cron jobs configuration and instantiation time.
  • Disable "Send to Facebook" action for disabled Ads.
  • Add optimized version of main plugin's images.
  • Ask Facebook to scrape an Ad every time it is updated, created or enabled.
  • Fix SQL errors encountered when Traditional mode is added.
  • Fix duplicate title error in Meta class.
  • Fix error displaying credit balance in Place Ad page.
  • Add helper functions to handle multi-byte strings.
  • Make default Ad image bigger to avoid random images problem with Facebook.
  • Make sure installed modules are properly shown in the admin sidebar.
  • Do not show Category field in Edit Ad form to regular users.

Versions 3.0.2, 3.2, 3.2.1

  • NEW: Attachments module
  • NEW: Add support for email verification to post Ads
  • NEW: Add 'Send to Facebook' action to ad management (beta).
  • NEW: Add a preview step to the Place Ad workflow
  • Change "Select Category" to "All Categories" in Category dropdown in search contexts
  • Change "Select Option" to "All Users" in Users dropdown in search context
  • Globally change parameter 'awpcp-txn' name to 'transaction_id'
  • Add functions to fix rotation of uploaded images
  • Change Admin Categories query parameter to avoid conflict with WP Security
  • Add CSS media queries for elements in Place Ad * Order Step
  • Add setting to control word count in Ad excerpt
  • Sort users in user dropdown by display_name.
  • Add asterisk in front of required fields in Place Ad/Edit Ad form
  • Verify $attachments placeholder has been properly installed
  • Use bold font for subtitles in Single Ad view
  • Store selected number of results in Manage Categories section
  • Premium modules now perform compatibility checks at initialization.
  • Replace awpcp_time with awpcp_datetime.
  • Do not overwrite Ad info with Profile info on Edit.
  • Add setting to control the order of the Region Fields.
  • Add setting to show/hide the Ad Access Key in email notifications
  • Allow users to make phone, contact name and website private.
  • Fix Upload Image/Files step styles in admin screens.
  • Add support for posting Ads in multiple regions (with Subscriptions module only)
  • Add 'allow-regions-modification' setting for Multiple Reigons feature available with Subscriptions module.
  • Add JavaScript validation to warn user about duplicated regions
  • Add integration for WP Affiliate Platform plugin
  • Remove 'caticons' images from main plugin.
  • Use WP DB to insert new category rows
  • Add security hash to Renew Ad URL
  • Add compatibility with All In One SEO Pack
  • Make Categories list collapsible and add multiple dropdowns to choose a category
  • Add setting to control whether categories list are collapsible or not.
  • Send email to admin user when images are awaiting approval
  • Allow admin to decide which payment types (currency, credit) are accepted
  • Allow admin to control the file permissions of the uploads directory
  • Improved code to unzip image files in CSV Import
  • Allow search by category field to be hidden in Search Ads widget
  • Add support for GET extra field parameters in search form.
  • Improve Ad's layout in widgets.
  • Credits should be debited from the user account at the end of the transaction
  • Use WP functions to access database from get_total_imagesuploaded
  • Delete disabled Ads after 7 days (instead of 30).
  • Use plugin_dir_url and plugin_dir_path functions to get plugins path and urls.
  • Run clean up function daily. Ads are still deleted after they have been disabled for a full month.
  • Add verification to warn about duplicate page names
  • Add search by payer email on the Listings admin section
  • Fix hardcoded table name in Basic Regions API methods.
  • Add first version of unit test suite for AWPCP.
  • Add shortcode for a frontend Buy Credits page
  • Update plugin templates and CSS style to make it more responsive
  • Load jQuery Smoothness Theme using a protocol relative URL.
  • Add end_date, last_updated_date, renewed_date placholders
  • Add $parent_category_url and $parent_category_name placeholders
  • Update translation files.
  • Add links to View Ad and Return to Listings to media manager screen
  • Improve appearance of admin sections in WP 3.8.
  • Add setting to force secure URLs on payment pages
  • Add OpenGrap integration with Facebook Official Plugin
  • Generate proper canonical URLs when Yoast WordPress SEO is installed
  • Allow users to use wildcards in domains whitelist definitions.
  • Fix Unpaid filter in admin Listings section.
  • Update text in settings.
  • Multiple fixes in Categories admin section.
  • Improve Akismet configuration error message.
  • Clicking the name of category redirects the user to the Edit Category section.
  • Update CSV Importer screen texts.
  • Rename "Non Verified" filter in admin listing to "Unverified".
  • Add items_per_page parameter to AWPCPSHOWCAT shortcode
  • Move premium modules translations into their own files
  • Remove spaces around region names before saving them
  • Strip slashes from form data in Search Ads form
  • Use MySQL LIKE operator for searching Ads
  • Do not show upgrade notices to non admin users.
  • Fix Fatal error in hosts that do not have PHP EXIF extension.
  • Fix PHP error in showad function
  • Prevent Show Ad shortcode from being executed twice, or more times
  • Fix Manage Attachments link
  • Do not print HTML markup for the Multiple Region Selector if no fields are enabled
  • Remove unused css styles that caused conflicts with Easy Bootstrap Shortcode plugin
  • Fix translation problem in email messages
  • Fix users dropdown in Place Ad page to use less memory loading users info
  • Fix Fatal error in Comments & Ratings module
  • Preserve creation time when editing Ads
  • Mark images/attachments as enabled by default when image approve is off
  • Fix: Parent category was not being properly updated on Edit Ad
  • Remove theme conflict: Update JS code used to handle Delete Ad button
  • Fix: Show sub-categories in proper order
  • Fix path to loading gif used in admin forms.
  • Remove Knockout JS HTML comments from Multiple Region selector template
  • Add missing string to translations files and update spanish translations
  • Fix Knockout JS parse error and other JS errors in IE.
  • Do not execute Edit Ad shortcode multiple times during the request
  • Fix: Update coupon redemption count
  • Fix placehoder to display Ad images
  • Fix Ad URL and page title in Show Ad page
  • Fix Ads Widgets to show images again
  • Fix fatal error when trying to access an Ad that doesn't exists.
  • Fix error parsing Ad price
  • Fix Search Ads widget
  • Fix validation errors in PayPal Payments Standard gateway
  • Fix Categories Dropdown to notify other widgets when a category is selected
  • Do not require price field when not marked as required.
  • Show prices below 1.00
  • Add missing translation domain to translatable string
  • Fix spelling errors in admin URLs
  • Run custom_column handler later to avoid conflict with Simplr Registration Form Plus+ plugin
  • Fix has_expired() method of Ad
  • Improve cron job routine to send Renew Ad emails
  • Change name of hash parameter in Edit Ad page
  • Escape quotes and double quotes in mailbox name
  • Fix workaround for ThemeForest's theme_formatter function
  • Fix Buy Subscription option in User Panel for non-administrators users.
  • Fix Add credit/Remove Credit operations (were failing if WP_DEBUG was defined).
  • Fix Payment Transaction: functions to verify transitions between payment status.
  • Fix fatal error in Authorize.Net module and problem uploading images
  • Fix fatal error on Renew Ad page
  • Make manual upgrade for 3.0.2 mandatory only if there are pending transactions in wp_options table
  • Fix Renew Ad link and Renew Ad calculations
  • Minor fixes for Credit System screens.
  • Fix: Remove legacy number images allowed filter that caused problems to uploaded images
  • Fix admin menu error for non-adminastrator users.
  • Fix: Search pagination breaks when going to second page
  • strip_html_tags renamed to awpcp_strip_html_tags.
  • Fix MySQL strict mode issues with new columns in Ads table
  • Add option to show 500 listings per page
  • Fix MySQL strict mode issues when saving images
  • Fix fatal error caused by missing file.
  • Fix image size issue in Latest Ads widget
  • Fix Registration URL setting
  • Fix hardcoded database table name.
  • Fix function that retrieves Ad information for Facebook Share button
  • Fix CSV import problems
  • Do not enforce region data, when payment term does not allow regions
  • Do not show Fee Categories warning to regular users
  • Improve upgrade screen to run all upgrade routines with one click
  • Fix: Pre-fill region fields with Profile data.
  • Fix conflict with bbPress and Facebook Share Button
  • Fix conflict with All In One SEO Pack OpenGraph tags
  • Use currency symbol defined in settings in payment page
  • Fix spelling error
  • Do not show menu markup when there are no menu items enabled
  • Use display name as user's contact name in Place Ad
  • Fix upgrade issue from older versions

Version 3.0.1

  • Made regions control fields optional on search (new settings)
  • Fixed reCAPTCHA conflict with other plugins
  • Fixed Place Ad JavaScript bug affecting some users
  • Fixed 414 error generated on bulk operations for admin Listings screen
  • Fixed contact name/email display issue for non-admin users
  • Fixed Category icon module display issue for 3.0 upgrade

Version 3.0

  • NEW: PayPal Pro (Express Checkout and Direct Payment integrations)
  • NEW: Comments and Ratings
  • NEW: Authorize.Net Payment Gateway support
  • NEW: New Credit System.
  • NEW: New Payment System.
  • NEW: Two Place Ad workflows: Pay First-Post Later; Post-First, Pay-Later.
  • NEW: Add settings to control currency and date formats.
  • NEW: Make category link clickable.
  • NEW: New Listings section.
  • NEW: Add bulk action to mark Ads as featured or non-featured.
  • NEW: Add bulk action to renew Ads.
  • NEW: Add bulk action to mark Ads as SPAM.
  • NEW: Add bulk action to Flag/Unflag Ads.
  • NEW: Add Unpaid Ads section in Admin Listings, to see unpublished Ads.
  • NEW: Allow Admin to re-send Access Key from Listings section.
  • NEW: Allow admin to edit Ad's start and end dates.
  • NEW: Allow admin users to change the category of an Ad.
  • NEW: Include a link to full version of Ad in the Ad Posted Email sent to admin.
  • NEW: New Fees section.
  • NEW: Allow Fee plans to be marked as private.
  • NEW: Add setting to hide decimals in price.
  • NEW: Add setting to control Fees order.
  • NEW: Allow admin users to control the number of characters in title per Fee plan.
  • NEW: Add new sort options and allow Search Results to have a different order.
  • NEW: Allow administrators to be notified when an Ad gets a response.
  • NEW: Allow for an email to be sent to the Ad owner when an Ad is approved.
  • NEW: Allow for an email to be sent to the admin when an Ad is pending approval.
  • NEW: Allow admin notifications to be send to a configurable email address.
  • NEW: Show category ID in Categories Admin listings for easy access.
  • NEW: Allow empty categories to be hidden.
  • NEW: New Widgets: Random Ad widget, Categories widget.
  • NEW: New shortcode: [AWPCPLATESTLISTINGS].
  • NEW: New shortcode: [AWPCPRANDOMLISTINGS].
  • NEW: New shortcode: [AWPCPFEATUREDLISYINGS] (with Featured Ads module only).
  • NEW: Add support for reCAPTCHA in Place Ad and Reply to Ad pages.
  • NEW: Add new content placeholders to be used in Single and Listings layout.
  • NEW: Replace Max and Min price search dropdown fields with textfields.
  • NEW: Improved login form with register and lost password links.
  • NEW: Increase maximum file size per image to 1MB.
  • NEW: Use WordPress Thickbox.
  • NEW: Use jQuery Form included in WordPress.
  • Fix: Numerous missing translations added.
  • Fix: Email doesn't go to user when the Ad is pending approval.
  • Fix: Ad are posted prematurely.
  • Fix: Remove Payment Transactions objects from wp_options table.
  • Fix: Admin cannot Unflag Ads from the Ad Management panel.
  • Fix: Make keyword optional in Search form if other fields have values.
  • Fix: Consider Ad's renewed date when showing Ads Listings.
  • Fix: Search by ID in Admin Listings section.
  • Fix: PayPal payment gateway verification and validation functions.
  • Fix: Create Transactions objects only when there is a clear intention of posting an Ad.
  • Fix: Allow users to search by category from Search Widget.
  • Fix: Conflict with Events Manager.
  • Fix: Allow for partial searches on deafult region fields (without Region Control module).
  • Fix: Conflict with JetPack OpenGraph meta tags.
  • Fix: (PayPal) Consider Taxes to decide if paid amount matches order amount.
  • Fix: Uninstall function.
  • Fix: Minor fix to AWPCP Admin home screen layout.
  • Fix: Include styles and scripts using wp_enqueue_style and wp_enqueue_script.
  • Fix: Auto-populate region fields from Regions data available in existing Ads (without Region Control module).
  • Fix: Conflict with jQuery UI.
  • Fix: AWPCP styles overrides loginform CSS style.
  • Fix: Compatibility problem with CryptX.
  • Fix: Remove sevearl XSS and SQL Injection vulnerabilities.
  • Fix: Redirect users to current page after they register a new account.
  • Fix: Show categories hierarchy in the admin screen.
  • Fix: Improved compatibility with AdBlock add-on for Google Chrome.
  • Fix: Compatibility issue iwth SEO Ultimate plugin.
  • Fix: Use HTML labels in AWPCP forms.
  • Fix: Add CSS style to fix widgets format in IE8.
  • Fix: Replace "AWPCP Transaction" with "{blogname} Transaction".
  • Fix: Load CSS after all premium modules styles.
  • Fix: Use same URL for View Categories link and AWPCP Main page if "Show Ad listings on main page" is unchecked.
  • Fix: Show users dropdown list sorted alphabetically.
  • Fix: Allow for IPv6 addresses in posterip field.
  • Fix: Thumbnails files were being saved with the wrong name.
  • Fix: Better email address validation.
  • Fix: Ad Posted email was begin sent multiple times for the same Ad.
  • Fix: Move session_Start to the init hook.
  • Fix: Conflict with W3 Total Cache in Place Ad workflow.
  • Allow Extra Fields to be assigned to multiple categories.
  • Add ranged serach for numeric Extra Fields.
  • Add CSS classes to Extra Fields form fields and rendered values.
  • Render links fro Extra Fields with URL and Email validators.
  • Fix: Extra Fields not always showing up in Search Page.
  • Fix: Extra Fields search not working in some cases.
  • Fix: Allow Extra Fields with validators to be optional.
  • Allow admin users to control the number of characters in title per Subscription plan.
  • Allow image count and character count control in Subscription Plans.
  • Add setting to control Subscription Plans order.
  • RSS module is now a stand alone plugin.
  • Add RSS feeds per category.
  • Include Extra Fields in RSS feed.
  • Add options to show larger images in RSS feed.
  • Add Autocomplete field to choose Region Parent in Region Control admin screens.
  • Improved region Ad count implementation to reduce processing time.
  • Allow Region Selector to be collapsible.
  • Fix: Support for different regions hierarchy in Region Control (Country->County->State vs Country->State->City).
  • Fix: Show Regions in Sidelist in alphabetical order.
  • Fix: Conflcit between Region Control and Theme My Login.
  • Google Checkout module is now a stand alone plugin.
  • Fix: Featured Ads become non-Featured Ad when edited.

Version 2.2.1

  • Updated translation files for missing strings
  • Removed bogus file from plugin root directory causing problems on Windows
  • Added support for IPv6 addresses on posterip column
  • Fixed problem deleting images so all derived images are removed, not just the main one
  • Fixed image upload problem where image filenames were dropping the first character of the name
  • Changed session_start to launch from an init hook to reduce conflicts with other plugins

Version 2.2

  • NEW: Official Spanish translation added to AWPCP
  • NEW: Added jQuery to plugin for formal regions support
  • NEW: Allow Sidelist to show Regions from any level.
  • Fixed PHP warning for WP 3.5 about wpdb::prepare
  • Fixed Renew Ad link trailing slash problem
  • Fixed payment table headers for Place Ad payment page
  • Moved session_start to an init hook to reduce plugin conflicts
  • Image upload bug where filename was being improperly truncated for thumbnails
  • Added defensive code to handle conflict with Themeforest-based themes that use wpautop improperly, causing double-break output on AWPCP pages
  • Fixed Regions Ajax conflict.
  • Fixed cache problem that caused sidelisted regions not to appear.
  • Store regions ad count in database to improve module performance.
  • Move Regions CSS and JS to external files.
  • Replace region parent dropdown fields with autocomplete fields.


  • Fixed problem with category links where a 404 error would appear when AWPCP pages are used on the front of a site

Version 2.1.3

  • NEW: Added shortcode for display of single categories of ads: [AWPCPSHOWCAT id=4 children=true] where id is the category, children says whether to display child categories of this category or not (allowed values: true, false, yes, no, 0, 1)
  • NEW: Send email when Ad is successfully renewed.
  • NEW: Store and display the most recent date when an Ad has been renewed.
  • NEW: Enable Ad Images if the renewed Ad is enabled.
  • NEW: Allow users to enable/disable images from frontend Edit Images screen.
  • NEW: Add disable/enable operations in the Ad Management panel.
  • Fixed JavaScript error in Admin Dashboard
  • Fixed to not show primary image if the image is disabled.
  • Fixed CSV Importer to consider default dates.
  • Show accurate remaining character count when editing an Ad.
  • Fixed SQL error when adding new Fee plan.
  • Fixed ad counts not working with child regions (parent count inaccurate)
  • Fixed problems with Renew Ads from dashboard
  • Fixed issue with subscriptions not paginating on admin dashboard
  • Fixed SEO Friendly URL issue when Browse Cats was main page
  • Fixed widget registration issue when widget was translated (caused widget to disappear)
  • Fixed compatibility with Simple Lightbox Plugin
  • Fixed imported ads to have access keys generated for them during import
  • Fixed missing translation strings in PO file

Version 2.1.2

  • NEW: Allow for regions control region box to be collapsible
  • NEW: Make Region Control Sidelist collapsible
  • NEW: Redesign region selector widget to use less space
  • Regions Module selector is not working on all sites
  • wpautop and wptexturize break AWPCP's inline JavaScript
  • PayPal certificate verification issues
  • CSV Importer does not show useful error messages when upload fails.
  • Add radio fields to choose which Roles have AWPCP admin access.
  • Conflict between Region Sidelist and Region Selector
  • awpcp_ajaxurl is returning the wrong URL
  • Show images/icons (instead of just text) to identify the supported payment methods.
  • Use cURL both with and without bundled CA to solve certificate verification issues.
  • Fix Fatal error in 2Checkout validation function.
  • Avoid creating Extra Fields named with WP Reserved Words
  • Fix Google Checkout validation and verification module.

Version 2.1.1

  • NEW: Display characters allowed in Payment Step screen
  • NEW: Make Featured Ads widget take into account current selected Region
  • MySQL Strict mode error when editing an Ad.
  • Setting a location to a Region clears all sub-locations
  • template errors. Move split tags to the same line
  • Renew Ad template.
  • JS error related to missing fields in Ad Details form.
  • "Call Time Pass By Reference" PHP error in Ad class.
  • provide a fallback for esc_textarea function.
  • Remove extra HTML table tag.
  • redirection problem in Region Control selector.
  • SQL error in Region Control module.
  • MySQL Strict mode when installing Region Control module.
  • Fixed CSV import error with certain date formats.

Version 2.1.0

  • NEW: Allow users to download Debug info as an HTML file.
  • NEW: Add "Click to Enlarge Link" below primary image.
  • NEW: Allow Extra Fields to be showen in two or three columns.
  • NEW: Use primary image wherever a thumbnail would be shown.
  • NEW: Add a template for Reply to Ad email
  • NEW: Include Extra Field settings in Extra Fields section.
  • NEW: Migrate Extra Fields to be a standalone plugin.
  • NEW: Migrate Regions Control to be a standalone plugin.
  • NEW: Allow Extra Field to have custom order.
  • NEW: Add options to Featured Ads widget to show/hide Ad Title and Excerpt.
  • Fixed Facebook share link so it's not picket up by thickbox function
  • Fixed bug that removed umlauts from URLs
  • Fixed twitter share button to include Ad's title.
  • Fixed JS error in Search form.
  • Fixed Extra Fields display error in Select elements.
  • Fixed content type for RSS feed.
  • Fixed remove empty separators from Show Ad page title.
  • Fixed compatibility problem with YOAST SEO WordPress plugin.
  • Fixed preserve original information when editing an Ad.
  • Fixed Editing Ads as admin causes admin's info to be used in the Ad.
  • Fixed Removed backslashes from Ad Title, Reply To Ad email, and Ad Details form, when there were erros in the information submitted.
  • Fixed Avoid showing validation errors when PayPal transaction is successfully verified.
  • Fixed Updated POT file with several missing strings.
  • Fixed pagination when a category has been selected.
  • Fixed several MySQL strict-mode related problems.
  • Fixed Calculate new Ad expiration date base on current expiration date
  • Fixed Calculate Ad's end date from the moment admin approves Ad
  • Fixed thumbnail image src in Latest Ads widget.
  • Fixed Allow editors to access AWPCP admin panel if they are allowed to in AWPCP settings.
  • Fixed Use correct URL for home URL in emails.
  • Fixed integration with Subscription and Coupons modules.
  • Fixed Use blog language to set RSS Feed language
  • Fixed Terms of Service should not be required when editing an Ad
  • Use a password field for the SMTP Password setting
  • Include "Return to Listings" link in Renew Ad screen
  • Update button style in Fees admin screen
  • Update Add/Update Fee for appearances
  • Show Category name in Admin Ad View screen
  • Improve appearance of Admin Ad View screen
  • Add options to Latest Ads widget to show/hide Ad Title and Excerpt.
  • Allow to set character limit on a per Fee basis.
  • Remove website URL, passwords and email address from Debug info
  • Include field in Debug info to check PayPal connection status.
  • Include Renew Ad URL in Expired Ad email notification
  • Include a file of trusted CA authorities to prevent SSL verification issues with cURL, when validating a PayPal transaction.
  • Add settings to control width/height/crop settings of primary and thumbnail images.
  • Allow users to choose a primary image for the Ad.
  • Change CSS class for Ad Title from 'adtitle' to 'awpcp-title' to avoid problems with Ad blocking software.
  • Include site name (not AWPCP) in Ad Management panel's page title.
  • Renamed AWPCP Profile to Classifieds Profile.
  • Auto populate phone number field field using user's profile information
  • Removed Warning in Featured Ads module.
  • Open documentation link in a new tab
  • Fixed COLLATE and CHARSET in all premium modules.
  • Fixed do not show empty Extra Fields setting.
  • Fixed remove thickbox class from Featured Ad widget items.
  • Put "Featured Ad Pricing" label in front of the checkbox
  • Fixed Regions jQuery JavaScript error.
  • Include a "No Parent" option when adding or editing Regions.
  • Fixed Increase current_ad_count when an Ad is placed using a Subscription.

Version 2.0.6

  • Extra fields rendered with .esc_attr
  • Windows MySQL error when inserting new ad
  • Featured ad widget missing in latest code
  • Image upload issue
  • Featured ads not getting set as featured upon submit
  • Featured ad column not inserting proper data
  • Region selector submitting to wrong URL
  • Pagination links in Browse Ads point to Browse Categories page
  • View categories link broken in some cases
  • Sidebar getting pushed down
  • Facebook share button not working correctly
  • HTML issue with payment grid
  • Ad pagination issue
  • Category display problem
  • Unable to delete fee plan
  • NEW: Added TOUR dialog to AWPCP for new installations
  • Latest ads widget doesn't honor background or title for theme
  • Payment term display issue
  • Ad visibility problem in Ad management
  • Edit ads doesn't show state/city in ad mgmt panel
  • Payment template page cleanup
  • PayPal payment issue status problem
  • View categories doesn't work as expected
  • CSV import issue
  • Image upload problem from

Version 2.0.5

  • Place Ad page upgrade issue (added Restore Pages button)
  • PayPal issue for blogs that use GET instead of POST
  • Extra Fields display issue
  • 2.0.1 Place Ad shows HTML code issue
  • Featured ads widget broken in 2.0.x
  • Upgrade to caused the board to go into uninitialized mode
  • has editing problems with ads
  • Editing ads causes fields to disappear in
  • Editing ads as User from Ad Mgmt Panel causes ads to disappear
  • Sites with non-Latin character sets are displaying badly in 2.0
  • Show message after a setting is automatically changed
  • Place Ad fails when the payment status is not completed
  • RSS feeds image URLs are broken in 2.0.4
  • Latest ads widget not responding to parameters for ad display
  • Ad expiration failing in
  • Widget is missing title (Latest Ads) in


  • Fixed install problem with AWPCP on new sites
  • Updated PO and POT files

Version 2.0.4

  • Fixed PayPal issue when cURL wasn't available to process reply
  • Placing ad as admin for other user didn't pull profile data properly
  • Placed fees before subscriptions in Place Ad first step for paid boards
  • Fixed extra fields display problem (category specific fields showed in all categories)
  • RSS admin options restored
  • Auto approval for ads with images and no payments fixed
  • Used default thumbnail height (150/150) when image settings are at 0
  • Category handling for CSV import uses drop down for options instead of checkbox now
  • Fixed HTML template problem for Place Ad with mismatched tags
  • Removed "You need to complete your setup" as this is no longer needed

Version 2.0.3

  • PayPal issue with payments returning for mismatched emails
  • Category Icons module failed to display images correctly
  • Various PHP warnings fixed
  • Fixed expiration date problem with free ads
  • Fixed RSS feeds module issue (no ads displayed)
  • Fixed ad editing problem from admin Listings link
  • Changed workflow text that used "Step X of Y" to the actual step names to reduce confusion

Version 2.0.2

  • NEW: Added Debug panel in admin screen, to allow for users to copy/paste current info about site
  • AWPCP page creation on upgrade fixed
  • Problem with coupon module fixed
  • Warnings about AWPCP::append_title arguments, awpcp_admin_sidebar, call-user-func fixed
  • Payment amount matching fixed

Version 2.0.1

  • Warnings about AWPCP::init suppressed
  • Problem with table update for options fixed
  • WP 3.0 lacked import file present in 3.1, fixed

Version 2.0

  • NEW: Ad Management Panel
  • NEW: CSV ad importer
  • NEW: Support for embedded videos in ads
  • NEW: Full Ad Renewal Support: emails sent X days before expiration, email customization, renewal links in email
  • NEW: Feature to require registration for ad reply (reduces spam)
  • NEW: Workflow text made clearer
  • NEW: Ad Profile User meta fields are now auto-populated for ad creation (requires registration)
  • NEW: Admin Panel look and feel upgraded to WP 3.0 standards
  • NEW: Major back-end code revamp to split files for faster loading, easier maintenance
  • Security issue for image uploads patched
  • Minor cleanup of unused links in Admin Panel
  • Fixed payment gateway selection bug (where a selected payment plan required you to "reselect" it on submission)
  • Fixed email problem with ads and images
  • Fixed page renaming bug


  • Disabled Facebook meta fix, caused problems on some themes
  • Changed CSS to support category display on IE correctly


  • Fixed Facebook sharing metadata page injection
  • Fixed install page renaming crash bug for some webhosts (Bluehost, GoDaddy)


  • Fixed pagination issue with category pages.
  • Fixed critical bug where install caused WSOD with conflicting page names.
  • Fixed layout issue with categories not aligning correctly.
  • Fixed Extra Fields category problem for root fields
  • Fixed so city/state are displayable in the listing AND details of ads


  • Fixed extra fields category problem in main plugin.

Version 1.8.9

  • Fixed SEO mode, simplified usage in admin, corrected numerous bugs from SEO glitches.


  • Fixed function name for old Extra Fields module validation.

Version 1.8.8

  • NEW: Integrated changes for Extra Fields to support ad listing display, search field hiding, category-specific fields
  • NEW: Added support to auto-resize regular images (instead of just thumbnails) on upload
  • NEW: Added support for category editing (admin only)
  • Fixed pagination problems with browse ads
  • Fixed issue with disabled ads being reachable via URL directly
  • Fixed ad email issue (editing caused email resend)
  • Fixed category delete SQL error
  • Fixed Akismet integration to catch more spam
  • Fixed image editing for admin, improved admin panel functionality for images
  • Fixed SMTP to support port designation, fixed SMTP usage
  • Fixed Akismet integration to detect if it's missing (prevents the "setting save" problem when Akismet not active)
  • Fixed ad editing with images in top level categories
  • Fixed place ad/display ad form spacing (reduced white space)


  • Fixed unclosed ul and li items for empty categories
  • Fixed CSS spacing issues with certain themes that put huge margins in the categories
  • Fixed CSS spacing issues with Place Ad/Search Ad form (cut down on spacing between fields)


  • NEW: Support for Fee Per Category plugin added
  • Fixed PayPal bogus error message on successful payment issue
  • Fixed Place Ad issue where the first fee plan isn't selected
  • Fixed website link to open in a new page
  • Fixed Windows bugs for uninitialized variables

Version 1.8.7

  • Fixed category problem when editing ads
  • Fixed problem with error on deleting ad images
  • Fixed pagination issues
  • Fixed field escaping for category names
  • Fixed Notify admin of Ads textbox problem
  • Fixed issue where disabled ads could be accessed via URL directly
  • Fixed problem with 1-character domain emails (e.g. q.com)


  • Fixed column issue for fee plans
  • Updated license terms for all files according to WP terms of service requirements


  • Fixed ad edit for admin panel (category error)
  • Fixed free ad end date bug (Jan 1, 1970), added mechanism to update end date in free mode


  • Fixed bad column names in functions_awpcp.php


  • Fixed install problems with categories tables, flagged column, etc.
  • Fixed sort order of ads for all types
  • Fixed Facebook share button title to use actual ad title

Version 1.8.6

  • NEW: Facebook share button for individual ad pages. To use it, make sure you have $sharebtn in your single ad template
  • NEW: Added field codes for single ad display: $ad_postdate, $ad_startdate, $ad_categoryurl
  • NEW: Added ability to hide/show "Posted By" on search form
  • NEW: Flag Ad link for individual ad pages. To use it, make sure you have $flagad in your single ad template
  • NEW: Terms of Service displayed for ads (optionally), if displayed, user must select accept.
  • NEW: Admin can be notified of ads that expire (optionally).
  • NEW: Admin panel now displays start/end date for ads, payment plan (if applicable)
  • NEW: Admin panel has separate category for notification email templates (subject and body)
  • NEW: Added IP address tracking for ad posters to improve Akismet spam detection when spam is marked later
  • Fixed search form to hide private extra fields
  • Fixed conflicting function name display_ads to be awpcp_display_ads
  • Fixed ad expiration bug
  • Fixed expired ads did not delete automatically (30 day delay now)

Version 1.8.5

  • NEW: Tweet button for individual ad pages. To use it make sure you have $tweetbtn in your single ad template
  • NEW: Ability to use your own custom stylesheet ( found under wp-content/plugins/awpcp_custom_stylesheet.css ), which isn't overwritten on upgrade.
  • NEW: Support added for Featured Ads premium module
  • NEW: Added field code $ad_categoryname for ad display listing
  • Fixed latest ads to display intra-day postings in descending order of ID after date
  • Fixed display of UI Welcome message (backslash problem)
  • Fixed city display in URL and page title (was missing even if city was valid)
  • Fixed failing ad expirations
  • Made the latest ads display consistent with the ad listing layout (thickbox around image)

Version 1.8.1

  • Display went crazy with Latest Classifieds widget on upgrade. Removed unnecessary div.

Version 1.8.0

  • NEW: Normalized version numbering to remove superfluous 0 ( is now 1.8.0)
  • NEW: Search widget
  • NEW: Search works with Extra Fields
  • NEW: Sitemap integration with Google Sitemap Generator (as separate plugin)
  • NEW: Admin panel upgrades
  • Fixed renewing ads failing to re-enable images
  • Fixed workflow issue with free ads that don't have images (missing Next button)
  • Changed showad id for div to showawpcpadpage to stop AdBlockPro/Plus from interfering with classifieds
  • String extraction for ad terms
  • Fixed widget backslash issue
  • Fixed checked='checked' for XHTML compliance
  • Fixed admin email spam for expiring ads, updated text for expiring ad emails

Version 1.0.7

  • NEW: Added full Akismet integration for spam control
  • NEW: Added ad multiple spam submit in admin panel
  • Fixed ad expiration to go against the ad expire setting, instead of end date
  • Registered user name cleanup, added email hack for plugins that override get_currentuserinfo
  • Backslash addition removed for all admin-level settings fields (unnecessary)
  • Backslash encoding for single quotes added back for WP page inserts (required)
  • Fixed unclose

Requires: 3.9 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.3.1
Last Updated: 3 months ago
Active Installs: 10,000+


4.6 out of 5 stars


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