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Event Calendar or Agenda list, combine multiple ics files, handles recurring events. Very customisable.

  1. Download and activate as per usual in wordpress
  2. Create some events in your calendar application in a public calendar (eg: google calendar, facebook, ical.me.com ).
  3. Find the public ics url for the calendar. NB The url MUST be publicly accessible when not logged in - check by pasting the url into another browsers url field. If you cannot access it in a browser without being logged in, then the plugin will not be able to access it either.
  4. Create a page for your calendar or agenda and enter one of the shortcodes (preferably using the html view of the wp editor) . EG:

[iCal yoururl.ics] [largecalendar yoururl.ics]
[smallcalendar yoururl.ics]
[weekscalendar yoururl.ics]

NB (Enter the Ics url NOT As a hyperlink - it must be plain text. Enter it in the html view, not the visual view of the editor.)


[expandall] - if using collapsing groups. Enter this shortcode BEFORE the [events] or [ical] shortcodes. Remember to tick 'use js to collapse groups' in the listing events styling settings and of course define a grouping for your list type. See http://icalevents.com/4447-groupings-of-events-expanding-and-collapsing-the-groupings/

That's it!

For the widgets (calendar and list)

  1. Drag one of the events widgets to the chosen sidebar
  2. Enter http://yoururl.ics in the widgets input area, Save

Some calendar applications delay a bit before updating the ics file. If you think the plugin is 'missing' a new event, please open your ics link in a text editor like notepad. Check that the event is actually in the ics file.

There are many shortcode parameters and some highly configurable list types. Please read:

http://icalevents.com/documentation/getting-started/ http://icalevents.com/documentation/shortcodes/ http://icalevents.com/documentation/list-types/

Note that some information may apply to the paid version amr-events - this is usually indicated. amr-events has much additional functionality, including a taxonomy widget.

Requires: 2.8 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.4
Last Updated: 2 days ago
Active Installs: 3,000+


5 out of 5 stars


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