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amr ical events lists

Event Calendar or Agenda list, combine multiple ics files, handles recurring events. Very customisable.

= Version 4.35= * Fixed way that the allowance for CR LF HTAB unfolding of lines was implemented as previous method broke some ics files.

Version 4.34

  • Allowed for CR LF HTAB unfolding of lines, as outlook exports lines that way.
  • Fixed month_year_dropdown recently broken with change from chceking $_REQUEST to $_GET. Some folks systems were not setting up the $_REQUEST variable appropriately (should have both $_GET and $_POST, but some installs did not have that.) [month_year_dropdown] will now using method=get, not method=post - similar to bottom navigation.
  • Tested on wp 4.4

Version 4.33

  • Change: removal of forum feed: moving to email support.
  • Fix: Default css was now 'hiding' the current day details because it ended up being white text on a white background. Fixed.
  • Tested: on wp 4.3 beta

Version 4.32

Fix: organiser temporarily got lost - they're back! Fix: some tweaks to functions to improve last date calculations those with events coming from the database.

Version 4.31

Add: added some debugs to highlight possible problems with old data.

Version 4.30

Fix: added urlencode to add-to-google formating to ensure wider variety of ics links will work Fix: changes to improve/reduce meta and taxonomy calls for those using amr-events

Version 4.25

  • Fix: calls to get clean url started returning a pagename query parameter on top of the permalink. THis was causes navigation using that function to fail. clean url function fixed to avoid that.
  • Update: of Danish Translation from Georg Adamsen from wpbureauet.dk

Version 4.24

  • Fix: excessive splitting by colon after impovements for attendee parsing. DESCRIPTIONS etc can have unescaped colons (eg in http://

Version 4.23

  • Fix: little glitch was introduced when a bracket was slightly misplaced. Affected navigation at bottom of page and showed a error message if anyone navigated back/forth.
  • Change: used to change webcal (unofficial protocol) to http. Now will only do that for validation, will keep the webcal prefix for echoing at top of calendar (Some sites not sending ics correctly for http)

Version 4.22

  • Fix: changed code for recently (wp 4.3) deprecated widget calling
  • Fix: better handling of dodgy ics files with dodgy contact fields
  • Add: basic attendee handling and attendee stats - addons possible for greater functionality
  • Add: A settings page to choose the fields you want to work with. This will reduce the list you see in the list configuration.

Version 4.21

  • Add: automatically exclude events with a CLASS:PRIVATE
  • Add: handle events with no summary, title or description as though they were still valid events (eg: like a FreeBusy)
  • Mod: cleaned up some debug statements in very stable areas
  • Mod: adjusted default css for multi small calendar

Version 4.20

  • Add: ability to use show_in_events_timezone=1 as shortcode parameter
  • Add: info on addons and for add-on users, added code for auto updates
  • Add: added norwegain language file - thanks to John Enebak

Version 4.18

  • Fix: A weird bug in weekday weekly recurrences - events in partial weeks at start of recurrence within viewing period were being ignored. This varied by the start of week setting, so was a tad confusing to debug. Thanks to allenconquest for flushing this out.
  • Fix: Add to google for non all day events of ics files was not passing time. Is now.

Version 4.17

  • Add: class to calendar properties so one can style the ics files properties as well as the events. Use class cal0, cal1, cal2 etc
  • Add: cope with google labs experimental calendar attachements having encoded urls (RFC 5545 does not)
  • Change: if no event attachment title (eg: from ics file, not internal event, then use 'Event attachment as link text, not link url - too ugly)
  • Change: minor css tweaks to the html5 html option

Version 4.16

  • Fix: re VFREEBUST - Changes to the freebusy text were not saving, kept reverting to blank or the red cross. It will now update. If blanked out then the text found in the ics file will be used 'Busy' and translated if translation text is available.
  • Fix: a situation that most of you will never ever use - the pretty printing of the WKST ina recurrence rule (eg in the testing list type 10)

Version 4.15

  • Better Checking for empty data sets in calendar formats, before trying to do array multi sort

Version 4.14

  • Slight problem with some sites timezones due to the previous code changes and small bug in application of the new windows zone filter. Have tested on a set of zones I have, but there is always weird data out there. Please let me know asap if you find anything strange. Thanks.

Version 4.13

  • For sites on php versions < 5.3. Removed use of anonymous function for error handler on line 499 on amr-import-ical.php

Version 4.12

  • Added ability to map windows zones in ics files to real timezones (IANA, php and Ohlson)
  • Added a timezone filter to facilitate any other mappings that may be required. apply_filters('amr-timezoneid-filter',$icstzid);
  • File included to update the mapping from the unicode.org xml file should it ever change. See timezones folder. rename the .txt to .php, execute.
  • Changed default timezone if a timezone id cannot be parsed (maybe because some other application is doing ity's own weird thing). Will now be your wordpress php timezone, not php or UTC.
  • Cleaned up translation loading a little

Version 4.11

  • Fixed a bug in the calendar properties section. Column 1 was never showing - whoops. If you are now seeing your ics calendar name and you didn't want to. Go to list type settings, calendar properties and assign a column of '0' to the X-WR-CALNAME. Note not all ics files have a X-WR-CALNAME, so you may not see anything anyway.

Version 4.10

  • event titles in small calendar daylinks will now be sorted by time with all day events first.
  • daylinks in small and large calendar had lost the listype and/or ability to use an agenda list type passed in the shortcode. This is fixed. Note: links from the day of month will pass an agenda listype and day parameters back to same page to show just events for that day in agenda format. If you want to use another page, then configure another calendar page and enter that url in the shortcode [largecalendar more_url=yourotherurl]

Version 4.9

  • fixed a typo bug hopefully only recently introduced. It affected recurring events with modified instances.

Version 4.8

  • added more trapping of datetime exceptions to avoid fatal errors in some installs
  • fixed bug when recurring weekly with some days of week.
  • ensured that rdates (specific recurring dates) are properly sorted if displayed in a wp event

Version 4.7

  • removed use of php's date_default_timezone_set() as wordpress wants everything to stay in UTC (despite having timezone in settings). Checked and updated all DateTime create calls to ensure that they either cloned existing dates & ths their zones, or explicitly used a global timezone got from the saved wordspress timezone.
  • fix: small bug where if rdates (specific recurrence dates not due to rules) existed, then DTSTART was not propoerly included.
  • cope a bit better with ics files that seem ok but have junk in them - ignore junk events with empty dates.
  • improved formatting of some attachments
  • tested with version 3.1 of amr-events

Version 4.6

  • made nl2br2 a pluggable function so folks can add =0D-0A replacement checks.
  • cleaned up how custom language files were accessed. You can still store them in WP_LANG_DIR / languages / plugindomain.locale.mo. They will be loaded first, then any files in the plugin lang folder.
  • cleaned up some strings and their text domain assignment
  • fixed a language bug where saved text strings were overwriting translated strings.

Version 4.5

  • removed a filter line that should NOT have been in that update and was not picked up in testing due to cacheing

Version 4.4

  • Fix: 20131002 - fix to the single event 'add to google calendar' for one day events. Google used to accept events without end dates in the link. It now wants an enddate, so this has been added. Thanks to Kevin for identifying this.

Version 4.3

  • Fix: 20130922 - minor fix for multisite users. Removed a debug function.

Version 4.2

  • Fix: fixed a weekly calendar header bug that somehow got introduced recently
  • Fix: some minor notices that occured in php 5.4.3 up to do with use of array_diff

Version 4.1

  • Add: as per request, added ability to parse custom fields such as Trumba's. Filters etc added. An example add on created to demonstrate. See icalevents.com in a day or so for info.
  • Fix: A minor styling bug occured if your ics file had categories on some events but not others. Fixed.
  • Add: As part of the fix, ability to filter ics events by category was added.
  • Change: some minor tweaks made to default css to make default event list widget look a little better in twentytwelve default theme without breaking the look in twentyeleven.
  • Add: added css tweak to remove underlining of abbr (microformat markup) classes.
  • Fix: Change wp_remote_get to use filter to change http timeout instead of passing args. If args passed, then ALL must be passed. Rather let wordpress determine the best default settings ad filter as needed. Thanks to ob1chewy for pointing out.
  • Tested on wp 3.5.2 - alpha

Version 4.0.30

  • Add: as per request, can now use as shortcode parameter: sort_later_events_first=1 to change the default sort. By default listings start with events closest to start date and proceed into the future. These will reverse sort. They may be useful for past event listings - why does one want to show old events ? Well they just do want to!
  • Add: as per request, can now use as shortcode parameter: exclude_in_progress=1 to exclude events that may be in progress across chose start date ie: they started before chosen startdate. By default these show as their end date is after the chosen start date.
  • Fix: for those few of you on php 5.4 - fix deprecated pass by reference.

Version 4.0.29

  • Fix: Minor bug if one created a new listtype without copying and pasting from an existing listtype. Fixed.
  • Update: French lang update from fxbenard.com, also a dutch update was added a few months back - thanks!
  • Fix: Thanks to tubtenkunga.org, a very specfic little bug when using monthly recurring 'nth' day of week.
  • Fix: Cleaned up attendee parsing and default listing in case anyone using it!
  • Add: Added ability to define what shows for VFREEBUSY components instead of the 'Busy'. See listing events in settings.

Version 4.0.28

  • Fix: Google at some point changed event publisher practice for all day end dates (but not yet documentation) to follow ics all day end date practice. Event ends on the 'next' day. Function 'add to google' updated accordingly.
  • Fix: The html5 'styles' were a bit too clean. The html markup required for rich snippets gets missed. Other htmlstyles were fine. Html markup using spans added back so that rich snippets would be available.

Version 4.0.27

  • Fix: for sites with events list on home page AND somehow have another post on home page too (global $post ends up with post data, not homepage data (id) )
  • Fix: day of week text showing in calendar on empty cells after end month from last update - removed

Version 4.0.26

  • Fix: slight admin screen html tweak so 'internal description will go to next line on wide screens
  • Change: some error messages when you realy haven't set up your settings correctly, when now only be shown to the administrator
  • Change: added rel="next" and rel="prev" where appropriate to the various date navigation

Version 4.0.25

  • Fix: some code changes caused some problems with unset objects - particularly in calendar
  • Fix: Widget or ungrouped list could have missing 'ul' if no grouping s in thelist and an "html list style" of "lists for rows" was used (This was old default for widgets). Now fixed - ul will be issued even if there is no grouping. Alternatively you may prefer to use "html5" html list style instead - see 'other' under configure listtype.
  • Change: Deprecated the "lists for rows" html style option (still works, just discouraging use of it)
  • Change: Removed ''s that wrapped 'cell' content in the "lists for rows" html style. Since html text could conceivably end up inside the "cell", this would result in invalid html - cannot have paragraph tag inside a span. Overall this should be low impact; particularly as other html styles are more 'attractive' - html5 etc.
  • Tested with amr-events 3.0.9

Version 4.0.24

  • Add: added ability to set http timeout for those whose ics file fetches are timing out with default wp setting. See advanced settings.
  • Fix: Some notices in debug mode
  • Fix: allowed for possibility that filemtime doesn't always return a value even if cached file exists. was used in error message when problme refreshing external ics file
  • Change: changed some default html choices to use html5 options rather (eg: widget, and eventinfo). If youhaev saved options, they will be unaffacted. You can choose html5 options by goingto list type settings, scroll to "other", open and choose HTML5Table or HTML5

Version 4.0.23

  • Fix: Widget title had a hyperlink to calendar url - latest wp does not like that - weird results. Link removed.
  • Fix: with recent update for weekly horizontal, the boxcalendar padding at end of month got slightly broken - fixed.
  • Add: some debug options to measure any timing issues (already can check memory etc), so can tell if it this plugin or some other plugin/theme

Version 4.0.22

  • Fix: Weekly horizontal calendar was STILL not working correctly . around a month end it behaved like a monthly calendar instead of a weekly schedule.
  • Fix: If you saved the listype 11, it 'lost' the weeks calendar setting and you couldn't get it back without resetting. Could set to others, but not to weekscalendar - very weird one to debug and as is often the case it was a stupid typo.
  • Update: a belorussian translation update was added.

Version 4.0.21

  • Fix: Decode entities (like  ) in content
  • Fix: Weekly horizontal calendar was not working correctly
  • Change: If Event urls in ics files are external to the site, they will have rel="external" and target="_blank" added via a pluggable function amr_format_url($url).
  • Change: updated danish files from Team Blogos (GeorgWP)
  • Add: can now choose to add js to collapse and expand groupings.
  • Add: Two level of groupings of events possible and can group by categories and tags etc if using amr-events

Version 4.0.20

  • Fix: if DTEND matches DTSTART, it is not necessarily an error, or an all day.
  • Fix: Pluggables loaded too late for other plugins that want to apply filters to content. Pluggable file will now load with priority 99 on 'plugins_loaded'. So please load any pluggable functions with earlier priority.

Version 4.0.19

  • Fix: switching views and then doing month navigation did not keep final view, will now.
  • Fix: to German translation file for the goto titles on month year navigation.
  • Add: can now specify own text for 'reset' message on the 'look for more events' and a new option 'look for previous'. Blanking out the text will hide that link options for previous and reset. 'Previous' and 'Reset' show when one has done at least 1 look more.
  • Add: 'human time' ie the midday, midnight is now controllable via the Listing settings.
  • Add: word-wrap to default css to stop very long words breaking out of boxes.
  • Change: Default large calendar - moved start date time etc to details hover box.

Version 4.0.18

  • Fix: own css got lost somewhere due to change in options loading - sorry, back now
  • Add: Lithuanina translation now available.
  • Add: ics files can now use excerpts like internal events. Plugin will now check for empty excerpts and apply the filter: excerpt length. So ics excerpts will look similar as internal events excerpts. Cannot do the "excerpt more" filter as that often generates a link which would be incoirrect for an ics file event.

Version 4.0.17

  • Fix: 'allday' was not detected quite correctly for multi days in ics files - fixed
  • Fix: when months were used, pagination had the same increment for more and much more - fixed.
  • Changes: some minor tweaks to admin screens.

Version 4.0.16

  • Fix: categories with spaces in the name are not liked by css classes. Need the names not the slugs for wordpress queries, so names are now 'sluggified' when used as a css class. Note: you can also use t## where ## is the categrory or taxonomy id (css classes do not like numbers either).
  • Update: French translation from fxbenard
  • Please also see amr-events upgrade to 3.0.6

Version 4.0.15

  • Fix: categories in imported ics files were not handled properly - effected the css classes. they are now. Thanks to chicagoave for flagging it.
  • Add: you can now do in the shortcode, add ignore_query=all to make a totally static widget or list, will not event respond any query parameters - use carefully.

Version 4.0.14

  • Fix: If your ics file is imported okay, no update required. This fix is for dusty's ruby rails method of listing DATETIME with timezones and also to accomodate custom x-modifications to a property (ie: ignore them more cleanly!)

Version 4.0.13

  • Fixed: it was possible to generate a fatal error when there was no end date / time on an event.

Version 4.0.12

  • Fixed: when there are no events, the old pagination was showing and ignoring what had been specified in the shortcode. Also an error due to no 'last event date' being available.
  • Fix: adding new list type and pasting a predefined list type at same time caused a minor glitch. Now add, then paste in the list type code.
  • Change: for people using amr-events. It was possible to use DTEND (the technical 'ics' end date).in the display of event information single view. For all day events, this looks like one day more. Humans need the end of the previous day (not the start of the next). The template now offers the human friend end date rather to use. THis facilitates this, however you will need soon to be released amr-events 3.0.4.
  • Add: for advanced users - more of the functions are now pluggable, especially the ones with icons. see pluggables
  • Change: move pluggable functions definition later in the wordpress actions so can be more easily overwritten
  • Change: tweaked the default box calendar css to stop very wide content (like links) from breaking out of the hover box.
  • Change: if system tries to use a list type that has been deleted, will now look for an available one to use. Will give message, but better than dieing.

Version 4.0.11

  • Change: A cleanup of the import ics url code - .ics urls that had ampersands in their urls were being handled well when the import function was called. On older php versions they were being encoded with esc_url and not decoded. Now using esc_url_raw which is not supposed to encode html entities. Somehow a decode still seems to be required!
  • It has also come to my attention that the php filter_var with FILTER_VALIDATE_URL will not handle internationalised domain names. If this affects anyone, please contact me.
  • Fix: A filter function that cleared the large calendar caption was left in when it should not have been. The ability to use the filter 'amr_events_table_caption' is still there should you want to do your own caption text, or not have the caption html.
  • Reversal: the month dropdown navigation default got temporarily changed. All was fine either way if you were using show_month_nav in your shortcode. But if you weren't the dropdown as a default for the large calendar got lost between versions. Apologies.

Version 4.0.10

  • Fix: In some date time output, the date time localisation calls were not called so some months/day of weeks were not translating.
  • Fix: multi day events with partial days will now show on the partial days too.
  • Fix: upcoming widget was not responding to listtype change in advanced input field - will now

Version 4.0.9

  • Fix: Changed one line of code made some events look like allday and so appear to lose end time. !

Version 4.0.8

  • Fix: Delete one line of debug code which showed when there were no events.
  • Change: the sanitisation around the admin list types before / after - to use wp functions rather than neat php.

Version 4.0.7

Version 4.0.6

  • Add: a simpler google style "look for more" events type link that can be used instead of the complex semi pagination. add show_look_more=1 to the shortcode.
  • Add: option to switch off day_of_month_links in the largecalendar. use day_links=0 in the shortcode.
  • Update: Updated Italian translation.
  • Fix: all day was not being picked up correctly (showed up in multi day all day events) - this applies actually to amr-events too.
  • Fix: small calendar days link was not picking up agenda parameter. Also the input form calendar page url was being overwritten by blank default more_url, so only entering more_url would work. Form field should work.

Version 4.0.5

  • Add: Italian translation.
  • Fix: some translations strings and function calls.
  • Add: added filters for 'row html' ie html per event and 'column html' - html per group of event. This allows you to add own fields to all 'columns' - previously could add to content or excerpt using wordpress filters
  • Add: added filter 'amr_events_table_caption' for box calendar table caption
  • Add: added logic for box calendar caption - if month year drop down navigation shown, then clear the caption as it is redundant (uses the filter mentioned above).
  • Add: a weekly horizontal option, and a sample weekly vertical
  • Add: a filter 'amr_human_time', removable and pluggable to convert 12:00 am to midnight and 12:00 pm to midday, translateable.
  • Change: to default css - add a max image size in event tables, so a big image does not force table too wide.
  • Change: to default css - if larger images chosen, try to clear them so they line up else looks funny if text not as tall as large icon.
  • Change: to boxcalendar - if no content for pseudo 2nd column, the hover details, then the wrap html is not generated - no empty hover box.

Version 4.0.4

  • Fix: large calendar sorting within a day (supposed to be fixed in 4.0.2) was not properly uploaded before.
  • Change: only admin can run uninstall, and only from listing screen
  • Fix: non-english installs can now also delete list types

Version 4.0.3

  • Change: added some more 'text' to the admin area to highlight how to configure a list type. Also added a preview link to the configure screens.

Version 4.0.2

  • Fix: the sorting of events within a day in the large calendar got a bit messed by the new sorting for the multi day. Now it sorts as follows: multidays to the top in order of earliest start date. Then all days, then any other events in order of start time.
  • Change: little default css tweak for anyone using large images - they are greater than the default theme line height which made the floats in the eventinfo go a bit wonky - cleared now

Version 4.0.1

  • Fix: put the upcoming events list widget title back - should not have been messed with.

Version 4

  • Add: can now have multi-month calendar listings - like a year view. use months=n in the calendar shortcodes
  • Add: better support for multi day in box calendar. Multiday (ie where duration is > 1 day) will now appear on each day box. Css tags are offered so that you can style them creatively (firstday, middledays, lastday). The default css in 2010 based themes shows a solid bar of the events. Please check your theme for padding if you wish a similar effect.
  • Add: Import and Export of List types, delete, copy
  • Change: NB: some html tweaks and a major css cleanup - PLEASE check all your output after updating, especially if you were using your own css.
  • Change: NB: Default settings have also changed. If you did not have your settings saved and were just using defaults, the listings will be a bit different.
  • Change: change to way fields are listed for including in the listing templates - they will now be sorted by the column and the order.
  • Change: categories from a ics file in an event listing now have links to query the page with the events for just those categories of events
  • Fix: Bigger images option will work now
  • Fix: if you want your main calendar on the home page, the linking will now use the pageid to tell wordpress to stay on the home page and just pass the other query parameters on so the plugin can use them - else wordpress starts trying to figure out what kind of archive you want!

Version 3.10.4

  • Fix: Additional check added to prevent additional instances in recurring logic. There has to be an initially 1 extra iteration to cope with negative bydays (like -2MO in a month). However a double check is required to ensure that an extra instance is not inadvertently let through.

Version 3.10.3

  • Fix: Remove esc-textarea from admin fields - was preventing display of saved option

Version 3.10.2

  • Fix: Plugin was catering for multiple EXDATES or RDATES where these occurred on same declaration. It was not catering for multiple EXDATE declarations. It does both now. Thank you to Wilmington Guitars for having the data that helped flush this out and for taking the time to report it well enough for me to fix it quickly.

Version 3.10.1

  • Change: If NOT in a widget, then href title on event summary hyperlink will now have excerpt if using amr-events and if excerpt is availble else the word "more info". It used to hover the whole post content.
  • Fix: remove htmlspecial chars from output of event summary - mucks up special chars now in latest wp
  • Update: French translation files update from fxbenard for both amr-events and amr-ical-events-list

Version 3.10

  • Add: A choice of icon sizes 16x16 or 32x32 and many useful additional icons courest of famfam and fatcow. Css sprites and suggested css code is provided for css experts who wish to make their site more efficient and include the css in their theme css. At a later stage thsi will be integrated for less expert users.
  • Add: Attachments in ics files are now parsed a bit better. If a url is found, it will be made "clickable". A pluggable function added to allow you to override html produced for your partcular files. Note there can be multiple ATTACH in an ics file.
  • Add: made more of the admin text translateable
  • Add: allowed for translation of ics file name and description so that you can change them, not just trnslate them
  • Add: Added css classes to the box calendar events as per the list events
  • Change: exchange WP_SITEURL for get_option('siteurl') - better
  • Change: changed translation text domain to plugin name to avoid confusion. Tried to clean up language files, had some problems and do hope I have not lost any translations. With every upgrade there are usually some new strings.
  • Fix: the date number was in the sameplace in the html if there were no events.
  • Add: the large calendar date number will offer a link to a list view for the day's events if there are events

Version 3.9.6

  • Add: made some functions pluggable to allow greater customisation - see plugin website.
  • Add: polish translation

Version 3.9.5

  • Add: html list style options for html5 on process of being added - more changes to come.
  • Change: grouped events will now NEST within a group - they used to just be a kind of heading. HTML and css tweaked so it looks the same.
  • Add: aded some html5 styles as a experiment and especially for one of you - ability to have your listHTMLstyle - please be careful. See the example included in the plugin.
  • Add: a check for no saved settings. If defaults change from one upgrade to the next and the settingshad not been saved, this could be confusing - people should save their settings.
  • Add: added filters to the code to allow folks with very advanced requirements to do very advanced things. New filters so far are: amr_events_after_sort (after sorting but before limits applied) Passes array of events and must receive one back, amr_events_after_sort_and_constrain (after sorting but before limits applied) Passes array of events and must receive one back, amr_event_repeats ( can be used to only generate 'x' number of repeats for an event despite what is in the VEVENT COUNT field) - passes the current count value, must receive an integer back. amr-ical-feed-events (after extracting events for ics feed, but before producing feed). Note a wp-query pre-getposts-filter could also be used. Passes array of events and must receive one back. amr-ical-event-url - passes current url and post id, must receive back a url
    • Add: added nonbreakingspaces into day and time default formats to help prevent browers wrapping them in the table.
    • Delete: Got rid of the # bookmark feature which was cumbersome, cluttered up the html, and I do not think anyone really cared about or even knew it was there.

Version 3.9.3

  • Change: per barikso's request, messages output when there is a problem with the external ics file have changed. They are more subtle now (!) with the message on hover, and have a class of error. The class is so that you may choose to hide the messages if you wish. The plugin will deliver cached content if possible so your site will not just look bad should the ics file fail. (I elected to go with a fake hyperlink as depending on the problem with your ics file there may be one or more messages.)
  • Change: defaults have been slightly tweaked, so if you had NOT saved your settings, you may see small changes (eg: timezone and refresh now do NOT show by default)
  • Change: settings pages restructured and some changes to make it look more like standard wordpress, not a separate look. I dislike plugins that have their own adminlook and style different from wp.
  • Fix: replaced some functions deprecated in wp 3.1.
  • Fix: grouping logic had an error introduced in last version where last event of a group went into next group rather than previous - fixed.

Version 3.9.2

  • Fix: the shortcut of just entering urls without having to say "ics=your url" was lost in a recent update. Sorry! It's back.

Version 3.9.1

  • Fix: removed a debug statemennt that displayed in free version
  • Fix: default event url should not be mandatory
  • Fix: for list type using "lists" not table, and when useses a grouping, the html validation failed due to a missing html tag. This highlighted some minor things in the html that could be cleaned up - and so they have been.

Version 3.9

  • Change: Table body and row html slightly re-organised to more sensible structure
  • Fix: Cleaned up some hcalendar markup to make it totally valid microformat markup
  • Fix: Fixed spacing on new ++ -- pagination options
  • Fix: Fixed very specific bug when using numeric bydays (eg: last sunday ) and wanting the small calendar to link to the calendar page, with the 1 day listing. The logic was cutting off the dates generated before the "contract" to the last x.
  • Fix: Fixed the ignore_query logic so it ignores what it should and responds to what it should (eg: for calendars, it must still respond to 'start' at least.

Version 3.8.1

  • Special interim update for arkanto. Adds a parameter "ignore_query=1" to the widgets or shortcodes parameters. This tells the plugin to NOT respond to any parameters passed via the query string. Please use this only after due consideration and understanding and probably only in the "upcoming events list". This will force the list to be "static" and appear the same no matter whether in a category/tag/author archive or not. If you are using the box calendar or taxonomy widget to link through to a agenda/calendar page, do NOT use this in the calendar page shortcode.

Version 3.8

  • Added shortcode parameter "pagination". By default the pagination at the bottom of the calendar list is on. If you add "pagination=0", the pseudo pagination at the bottom of the calendar/list will be switched off.
  • Removed unnecessary "pretty print" of the recurring rule. It will not say "Daily every day", it will say Daily. Also it will not say "Daily every 2nd day", it will say "Every second day" - translateable.
  • The COUNT limit was being applied too early, most of the time okay, but could give incorrect result in certain circumstances.
  • DTSTART (hardly ever displayed - the original start of a recurring series) was being updated by most recent event date. It should always stay as the original DTSTART, distinct from the event date.
  • The ical spec oddity where DTEND is one day more than the human thinks it should, cropped up again - fixed.
  • Slight change to pagination so that if one has clicked through from a single day in a box calendar, it is easier to "show more days". Please note that using basic html it is entirely possible for you to add your own pagination before or after the calendar or agenda shortcode.
  • Fixed a small calendar problem with ics files that had recurring events defined in a timezone (UTC) where the main timezone was something else. Now if you ensure that you consistently use the same timezone in your website, the day links should link to the 'correct' day as the human would expect.

Version 3.7

  • Added CURL option to "follow redirection" to not "break" the calendar if your ics host decides to redirect the file. Note: Your ics fetch may be slow if it is following a redirection.
  • Timed certain day repeating dates (RDATES) will now show the correct time
  • Timed events with excluded dates will now have events on the excluded days excluded. Note: excluded days overwrite RDATES above if the dates and times are the same. This is because it is possible according to the spec to have RRULES and RDATES in same event and one may wish to have an excluded date for the RRULE. So it is possible to have the 3 co-existing, and thus a priority must be assigned.
  • The paid version now allows use of featured images / post thumbnails

Version 3.6

  • Added code to cope with the php date_modify problem when adding months - it does funny things near the end of month, particularly around months like Feb. Dates like last day of month, last sunday of month, etc should now repeat correctly without skipping February.
  • Added additional code in attempt to cope with people whose ics file urls have been "moved" - eg: the ical.me.com files. At the least a message will display to let you know the the ical server has not send the ical file, but a "moved" message.
  • Rdates were not parsing if passed in an array - fixed
  • Day for calendar was being assigned based on original day and timezone. The day of week can be different if the display timezone is different from the events timezone. Moved the conversion to the display timezone before the day assignment. Do not move too soon as all recurring etc calcs must be done in original timezone, not display timezone.
  • all day pretty printing improved - thanks to ben for the suggestions. If the allday field is requested to be displayed, it will show a translated "all day" - you can add your own brackets if you want. If not all day, nothing will be shown.
  • added update of danish translation files for the free version. Thank You Georg.

Version 3.5

  • Fixed bug in pretty printing of recurrence rule
  • Corrected recent bug that prevented correct parsing of recurrence rule
  • Removed htmlentities from google map link as google does not want it encoded.

Version 3.4

  • Fixed link bug if you clicked back and forth between agenda and calendar enough, it lost the page_id
  • Fixed bug that happened if your server had to have a CURL call (http request did not work). Bug was introduced in 3.3 - Apologies.
  • Fixed version numbers around the place

Version 3.3

  • Fixed link bug in small calendar widget - missing global variable
  • Added links to new support forum
  • Reworked some of the remote file fetching logic. It was not working well with some hosts. One could browse to the ics file, but not fetch it remotely. It seemed to work for more hosts now (including facebook), but please let me know asap if you ahve any funnies.

Version 3.2

  • Added French translation files
  • Minor bug fix for css file copying error (from plugin css to a uploads location for custom css so that it did not get overwritten) - only occurrs on some systems
  • Added option to include the 'box calendar' month year navigation in the agenda view. Add show_month_nav=1 (or true) in the shortcode parameters. To avoid unrequested changes for existing users, in agenda view, the month navigation will not show unless you add the parameter. It will show in the calendar view.
  • More inline help in the configuration area
  • Download link for standard css file to make it quicker for you to edit it.
  • Added to css file to attempt to make default css apply to more themes. Since some themes are quiet different this may not always succeed. The css is quite verbose as a result to cater for those who are not so css competent. If you are pedantic about this, please create a custom css and thin it down.

Version 3.1.1

  • Some changes to the "add to google" link required for amr-events plugin where there may be html content.
  • Also added some additional inline help in the configuration area

Version 3.1

  • Feature to switch off title text on event link in upcoming events widget was briefly lost when the small calendar widget was introduced. This fixes that.

Version 3.0.9

  • very minor update for people who want greater than one month in agenda view, but still have calendar view (one month). The agenda view in initial mode, still show future dates only (unless modified with offset parameter), calendar view will however show all dates for the current month. IE: calendar view will now perform the same whether you use a [largecalendar] shortcode, or the [events] shortcode

Version 3.0.8

  • tweaked default css and month navigation html a bit to accommodate websites with smaller content width for table.
  • forced initial large calendar load to months=1, despite shortcode entry. This then allows you to have an 'agenda' view with multiple months but have correct functioning in the calendar box
  • fixed generation of ics url. It was not removing page and other parameters from the query string of the url page. We do need to allow for parameters so we can handle ANY taxonomy, category, tag, author view etc and generate corresponding ics feed, but we cannot leave inappropriate ones in as they will mess up the gathering of events for the feed.

Version 3.0.7

  • large and small box calendar formats available, and a calendar widget, as well as tab views to integrate with the list view. Default css provided.
  • minor bug fix where some query parameters (eg: taxonomies) were not being passed through so taxonomy widget use failed
  • update of the Danish translation

Version 3.0.6

  • Change to the widget for the amr-events plugin that calls this code. Does not affect free version.
  • Fixed some html validation errors in the admin side
  • Added some more explanatory text to admin screens to make things clearer I hope

Version 3.0.5

  • List type name and internal memo description will now update. Not necessary for front end anyway - purely for admin info. But it was an inexcusable error - the old upercase/lowercase problem!
  • Copes with Zimbra Timezones that Zimbra does not say it issues! Will also not fail now it it cannot make sense of the timezone - it will use the sites timezone with comment.
  • Also allowed for lowercase mailto (found in Zimbra file) when uppercase was expected

Version 3.0.4

  • Fixed css file handling. It will now copy the standard css file to a special css folder in the uploads folder, and then offer you the choice of which css file to use (or of course just use your theme's css). The custom ccs file can be customised without risk of being overwritten by a plugin upgrade. This also means that you can switch back to the default css to see if that works better for your site.
  • Some tweaks to the html code generated and to the css
  • Some tweaks to the default list type settings - you would have to 'reset' to see these. SAVE your current settings first (ie print the page or screen dump first).
  • Allowed for php version with url validation bug. If you have that version or earlier it will NOT validate your urls for you when you enter them.

Version 3.0.3

  • Fixed bug in the trim_url function

Version 3.0.2

  • Tweaked the list style options a bit to improve the look when there is no css
  • Tweaked the css
  • Fixed a bug that had crept in - it is now possible to add some html tags before and after fields
  • The link text for very long urls is now trimmed if it begins with http:// . This should help if you find your theme css cannot cope with long urls.

Version 3.0.1

  • Fixed the version numbers - need to be same in 3 places
  • Admin page html/css went a bit wonky - actually the wordpress admin navigation css - the subsubsub usually requires careful handling for the next piece of html.
  • The widget was overenthusiatically thinking it needed to get events from posts too. fixed.
  • Applied clean url function to the widget event urls - it will now validate
  • Removed opacity css for now (invalid css). Better css control will be coming later

Version 3.0

  • Fixed a minor bug with dates that did have an end date,but duration was 0. Some php datetime installations did not take kindly to being told to add 0 anything.
  • Almost Totally rewrote the recurrence engine - it will now cater for ALL valid recurrence rules
  • Woo hoo - hopefully a big improvement in listing options - the start of many more! Please note - they will change again - they need to be 'cleaner' in their html - will be along the same lines though, so have aplay if you wish.
  • Caters for all kinds of weird and wonderful timezone ids (in response to lespaul. See also [this note] (http://icalevents.com/2613-what-every-developer-ought-to-know-about-timezones-wrt-calendar-files/)

Version 2.9.5

  • Will now cope with ics files that have their dates TZID's enclosed in quotes.
  • Offers options other than a table for the styling - this will help with themes that do not like tables in their widgets
  • Does not issue tabel header html if there is no heading
  • Adds a list type (increase your number of list types to 7 to see it) for eventinfo of plugin amr-events
  • Finally fixed the extra slashes that kep appearing in the week format string (use wordpress stripslashes_deep). Now you can have Week x ! (use "\W\e\e\k W')

Version 2.9.4

  • Some php installs have a datemodify function that issues a warning when passed a 0 (Not on my site, so sorry I did not pick it up!). Calls to the php function, now check first modified to prevent this warning.

Version 2.9.3

  • Fixed a very small bug that crept in after hoursoffset was added I think. Offset were not working correctly.
  • Last refresh time (displayed on hover of refresh icon was being repeated - fixed.
  • Tweaked the summary event url business a bit. If no url and no default event url either, then no link!

Version 2.9.2

  • Offers event styling by event categories. IE: if there are categories in the ics file, these will be echoed as classes on the event row. See (styling of events) [http://icalevents.com/2382-styling-of-ical-events/]
  • Fix for display bug noticed by [shanafourder] (http://wordpress.org/support/topic/426964?replies=3#post-1610258) where if the ics event spanned 2 days in it's original timezone. (since some ical generators reduce all events to the UTC timezone, since this very possible). In this instance the end date would still be shown even if on conversion to display timezone it was the same day as the start date (normally suppressed). Behaviour has been adjusted so that decision not to show end date is made in the display timezone.
  • Update of Danish translation from GeorgWP

Version 2.9.1

  • Removed debug statements relating to unreleased new features - should NOT have been in 2.9.1. If you have 2.9, please update to 2.9.1 asap.
  • Simplified the css a bit, to let theme styling take more effect - removed the box around "today's" events and removed the alt styling on the rows. If you liked these, then create a custom css in the plugin folder, copy the css from one of the older files.

Version 2.9

  • Prompted by Jillian's request, the widget's event summary hyperlink with description text is now optional. Untick the widget's option and it will give you a leaner widget, with no further information on the event, unless of course you add additional fields via the list type settings.
  • Fixed a new bug (introduced in last version update - sorry) that shows up with exceptions and modifications. Thanks to Georg for advising.
  • Added the hours parameter similar to months in prior version. This is an alternative to days, and months and will override those settings. The startdatetime of the listing will be set to the beginning of the hour for consistency with the other parameters.
  • With hours added, the days parameter has been changed to start with time 00:00:00 (days used to be 24 hours starting from now). They will now be clean days, and so the events from earlier in the day will show as history. If you wish to stay with only current or future events, then enter the appropriate number of hours (ie: days*24). This allows polyfade and Jaguwar to have their one day calendars (use days=1).

Version 2.8

  • Fixed warning html (missing a closing tag) when the url is unavailable and there is still a cached file available.
  • Tweaked the code in the cacheing area to handle upload folder specs better (I hope).
  • Added a months parameter. Number of months requested will override number of days and the start will be set to the beginning of the month.
  • Added monthsoffset parameter. This allows you to go back in time by months instead of days. Useful for pagination which is coming soon.
  • Changed the html around the calendar property images so that it worked better when no images are displayed. Changed the css file too. Previous is still there as icallist271.css
  • Made some criteria code changes anticipating integration with custom event post type plugin coming soon.
  • Added option to not use the little icon images and just have plain link text. THis would allow you to use custom css and text / image replacement techniques for your own images.

Version 2.7.1

  • Added some exception handling to cope slightly more gracefully with any "bad" dates in the ics file.
  • At [Alec's request] (http://icalevents.com/troubleshooting/comment-page-1/#comment-581) titles have been added to the little images. There were already titles on the hyperlinks and alt on the images. Html has been revalidated.
  • Fixed a bug that occurred if you had one timezone in your wp and another in the ics file events and had recurring entries that went over a daylight saving change in the files. Recurring events will now have their repeats generated in the original timezone and then converted to the display timezone, not the other way around.
  • Updated the default css, so that text will align at the top of the table cells in the new twentyten default theme.

Version 2.7

  • A bug fix for all day recurring events that have had a instance modified. On the day of the modified instance, the plugin was showing original details, not the modified details, It will now include the modified instance and thus reject the old instance.
  • Revised Admin interface - the old interface was getting very slooooow. So it has been broken into multiple pages and some javascript hide/show logic to reduce the volume of data on the screen. It may need a bit more tweaking later. It still stores everything in the same one large option to avoid upgrade issues.
  • Moved admin styling to an enqueued file rather than in code.
  • Use of debug parameter will switch on all warnings and notices - this may show up warnings and notices for other plugins and/or wordpress too - Do not panic!
  • Default number of days increased - affects new install only.

Version 2.6.12

  • A bug fix for yearly anniversaries at end of year. On php versions less than 5.2.5 the date_modify function does not cope as well as later versions with a blank duration. An error in the duration calc caused a blank duration for events repeating at end of year.

Version 2.6.11

  • A bug fix for those who experienced date_modify unexpected character errors when using negative date or hour offsets. The problem was not occuring on my site, so hard to verify that these changes will fix it, however I did find some code that although behaving itself on my sites, could conceivable cause a problem elsewhere. Also cleaned up a few minor 'notices' that appeared when all levels of php messages were switched on.

Version 2.6.10

  • Allowed for recurring event rules with numeric "BYDAYS" positive and negative. See examples
  • Removed css styling for feeds as this was breaking some feeds and is not necessary for most people. I tried many other ways (filtser and rss actions), but have not yet found an acceptable way to include the stylesheet for those few who may have calendars in your posts.
  • changed the bookmark name anchors to id's for html 5 validation
  • changed specific group id's to classes since if you have multiple calendars on one page with same grouping, this would fail html validation
  • ensure that whitespace was properly handled for the "add to google calendar" option for HTML5 Conformance.

Version 2.6.9

  • Fixed Bug where new install need not get the default options for the widget. Plugin had anticipated upgrades to a certain extent, but not a totally clean install.
  • Also did quick check through on wordpress 3.0 beta on shortcode and wigget - all seems fine. Also checked it out on the new default wordpress theme twentyten - no problems there either (eg: in old default we had css problems due to li styling)

Version 2.6.8

  • Fixed floating time creation problem recently introduced - it was creating in UTC timezone (and then converted to wordpress install timezone), when they should be created directly in the wordpress or plugin requested timezone. See floating times for commentary.
  • Fixed bug where multiple changes to single instances within a recurring entry where not always handled correctly
  • Changed widget handling to use the multi instance widget API. This means that you must at least be using wordpress 2.8.
  • Widget option setting is now simplified and follows the shortcode syntax. So now anything you can do in the page or post with a shortcode, you can now also do in a widget. I have attempted to convert your prior settings to the new setup. PLEASE check your widget is doing what you expect it to after the upgrade if you had made any special changes. Note the widget defaults are still events=5, days=30, and listtype=4. These do not have to be specified if you are happy with them. See the shortcode usage section on the plugin webste front page.
  • Because of the change to allow multi-instance widgets, the provided css example now uses classes instead of id's to allow generic css for multiple widget instances. You can still isolate individual event lists if you wish as the unique id's are still provided in the code. The previous css file is still there if you wish to use that rather.

Version 2.6.7

  • Fixed end time on non repeating events that did not have dura

Requires: 2.8 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.4.7
Last Updated: 1 year ago
Active Installs: 3,000+


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