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The most flexible plugin for WordPress Amazon affiliates. Create your own templates, embed products by use of [asa]ASIN[/asa] shortcodes and more.


  • Changed: Added "nofollow" attribute to all links in the included default templates


  • Changed: Removed dependence on PHP function set_include_path
  • Fixed: Multiple implementations of the same product on one page did only show the first one in AJAX mode
  • Fixed: Improved compatibility with WooZone (sections Setup and Options were hidden)


  • Added: Announcement of ASA 2 (Read more)
  • Improved user interface (mainly collections admin)
  • Fixed: PHP deprecated message about iconv_set_encoding()


  • New: Placeholder {$Features}


  • Added support for: Brazil, Mexico
  • Placeholder {$AmazonPrice} now respects the sale price correctly
  • Minor fixes and improvements


  • Tweak: Main price handling improved
  • Improvement: Security updates
  • Improvement: Prepared for WP 4.3


  • Bugfix: Due to changes in the structure of the API's XML result, the second product image was used.
  • Added: French translation


  • New feature: Export / import collections
  • Added language file: Serbian. Thanks to Ogi Djuraskovic (http://firstsiteguide.com/)
  • Added update notice for template backup (Please also read: http://www.wp-amazon-plugin.com/2015/13280/keeping-your-custom-templates-update-safe/)
  • New placeholder: {$OffersMainPriceAmount} Always keeps the main Amazon price. You can set the text it should show if the price is empty.
  • New placeholder: {$OffersMainPriceCurrencyCode} The main price currency code.
  • New placeholder: {$OffersMainPriceFormattedPrice} Always keeps the main Amazon formatted price (with currency code). You can set the text it should show if the price is empty.


  • New feature: Test section. Test a ASIN with your template or check if the ratings can be retrieved.
  • Improved error handling options
  • New placeholder: {$Class}. You can use it like {$Comment} e.g. to put a custom CSS class in it. [asa demo, class="my_css_class"]B00AKHKTVI[/asa]
  • Improvement: On some servers the rating images could not be loaded. This has been improved.


  • New feature: Added support for indian country store. You can now advertise with Amazon India.
  • New feature: ASA is ready for translation. It supports english and german so far.
  • Layout adjustments for the new WordPress 3.8 backend.
  • Minor bug fixes


  • New feature: New cache option: Do not use cache when logged in as admin
  • New feature: Now you can place your template files in your theme directory in a subdirectory called "wp-content/themes/[your-theme]/asa". Supported file extensions are ".htm" and ".html". This is optional, the subdirectory "tpl" of the plugin directory will work as usual.
  • New placeholder: {$TrackingId}
  • New placeholder: {$AmazonShopURL}
  • New placeholder: {$ProductReviewsURL}
  • Improvement: Added collection name filtering
  • Improvement: Collections are tested successfully in WordPress Multisite environment
  • Bugfix: asa / asa_collection shortcode regex fix
  • Bugfix: Collection browse select will keep the selected item
  • Fix: Removed PHP notices
  • Fix: PHP Notice: has_cap was called with an argument that is deprecated since version 2.0! on menu creation

  • Bugfix: Ajax mode did not work for not logged-in users
  • Bugfix: Removed double usage of Amazon price formatting function
  • Added: Placeholders {$Prime}, {$PrimePic}

  • Bugfix: Functions asa_item und asa_get_item resulted in an error when used with custom templates (file_get_contents warning)
  • Bugfix: Placeholder {$PercentageSaved} should show 0 if nothing is saved instead of it being blank
  • Added: Custom CSS class for Ajax container called "asa_async_container_" + template name. So you can add a custom Ajax loading image per template.


  • Added: AJAX mode for asynchronous loading to improve page load speed
  • Added: HTML tag support for $Comment placeholder
  • Added: Shortcode handler for better integration with other plugins / widgets
  • Added: Options panel
  • Added: FAQ panel
  • Fixed: Behavious of {$AmazonPrice}
  • Fixed: On adding items to collections, the collection name stays selected

  • Added: Option for using shorter Amazon links (as they were in previous versions)
  • Added: Debugging mode (you can activate it on the setup panel)
  • Added: Better error handling/reporting on connection/setup errors
  • Fix: Removing whitespace on updating Amazon credentials (trim)
  • Fix: Minor bugfixes

  • Fix: Fixed error: Class 'Asa' not found in .../AsaCore.php on line 384


  • Fix: Update to API version 2011-08-01. The associate tag is now mandatory!
  • New: Support of Amazon Italy, Spain and China
  • New: With this version comes a backup mechanism for your custom templates. Further updates should keep your custom files.
  • Fix: Fixed a bug in rendering placeholder $AmountSaved->FormattedPrice

  • hotfix: Solves a problem when accessing the Amazon customer rating page for parsing the results I will check this in detail and provide some more options on this in the admin panel later on

  • Fixed: issue with currency and price not displaying properly
  • Added: Widget for displaying collections in sidebar
  • New placeholder: {$LowestNewOfferFormattedPrice}
  • New placeholder: {$LowestUsedOfferFormattedPrice}
  • New placeholder: {$AmazonPriceFormatted}
  • New placeholder: {$ListPriceFormatted}
  • Keeps user templates after update and does not overwrite custom templates. The built-in templates are now place in directory "tpl/built-in". Do not change these build-in template as I could change them for future updates. For your own template copy a build-in into the directory "tpl" and change it there. If templates with same names exist, always the one in "tpl" will be used.
  • New feature: Personal comment [asa comment="Hello world"]ASIN[/asa] The comment can be displayed with placeholder {$Comment}
  • Added: New build in template: mp3
  • Improved default / built-in templates: default, book, dvd, mp3
  • Added: When browsing a collection in the backend, the price of an item is listed
  • New plugin homepage: http://www.wp-amazon-plugin.com/

  • Added: Support for the excerpt
  • Added: 2 new parameters for [asa_collection]: "items" and "type". "items=2" for example lets you limit the collection items to be displayed. type supports "random", so "type=random" shows randomly selected collection items. By default the latest added item will be displayed first. You may combine the two parameters, separated by comma: [asa_collection items=2, type=random]Products01[/asa_collection] If you want to use a template: [asa_collection book, items=2, type=random]Products01[/asa_collection]
  • Added: Support for placeholders: Languages, Subtitles (for DVDs), Model, ListPrice->FormattedPrice, ListPrice->CurrencyCode, AmountSaved->FormattedPrice, AmountSaved->CurrencyCode


  • Bugfixes


  • Fixed: Customer reviews. Due to amazon api changes in November 2010 the customer reviews did not work any more. The api now provides a url to an iframe where the reviews are generated for 24 hours. I implemented a way to grab the 5-stars image and the total reviews so the old placeholders are still supported. I hope this way works. If you have any problems please let me know.
  • Added: News placeholders: LowestOfferFormattedPrice, RatingStarsSrc (the url to the image file)


  • Added: Compatible with request authentification
  • Added: Parsing [asa] tags in user comments (optional) (feature request from Sebastian, thanks)
  • Bugfix: Browsing a collection list which contained an item without an image caused an error (bug report by Lingus, thanks)
  • Bugfix: Product with multiple artists caused an error (bug report by Aaron, thanks)


  • Added: Caching
  • Added new placeholders: ProductDescription, AmazonDescription, Artist
  • Bugfix: Template parsing bug fixed

  • Fixed: Installation of collections (form for installation was not displayed)
  • Added function asa_item for use in PHP code everywhere eg sidebar:
  • (User request) Added placeholder "CustomRating" which can be used like this [asa custom_rating=3.5]0316015849[/asa]


  • Adapated to wordpress version 2.5
  • Added some new DVD related placehoders (Director, Actors, RunningTime, Format, Studio)
  • Added an exemplary dvd template

  • Bugfix: Fixed error in deleting collection items


  • Bugfixes
  • Added new placeholders: AverageRating, TotalReviews, RatingStars


  • Added new placeholders: ASIN, ISBN, EAN, NumberOfPages, ReleaseDate, Binding, Author, Creator, Edition
  • Added template book.htm
  • Fixed: Delete collection items with qutations in title


  • Added a PHP Version checker. If plugin gets activated under PHP 4 it will be reversed.

Requires: 2.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.7.1
Last Updated: 2 days ago
Active Installs: 7,000+


4.7 out of 5 stars


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