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Altos Toolbar

Description: Easily insert Altos Charts, Regional Charts, Flash Charts and Stat Tables into your blog posts using the Visual Editor for WordPress®.


  • Fix data table character parsing bug


  • Remove extra files


  • Allow for more charts


  • Redo toolbar plugin to agree with TinyMCE version 4.x


  • Updated icons and confirmed working with 3.6


  • Fixed a TinyMCE error that caused our charts not to be loaded into posts while editing/adding.


  • Spelling mistake for wide stat tables


  • Added new chart theme to list of options


  • Version number bump to trigger auto-updates


  • Fixed problem with stats tables using data from 2011-10-07 instead of most recent data.


  • Added support for WordPress® 3.0 wp_loaded.
  • Fully tested in WordPress® 3.0, including with MULTISITE ( i.e. networking ) enabled. Everything looks good.
  • Added support for 2-year/3-year chart timespans.


  • Bug fix. Narrow Stat Tables were not properly implemented. This has been resolved in v1.4.3.


  • Bug fixed in validate_pai() method. This function now returns null on failure.
  • Support for both file_get_contents(), and a fallback on cURL has been established through a new method, fetch_url_contents(). This makes the plugin compatible with GoDaddy, Dreamhost, and other hosts that disable allow_url_fopen by default.
  • A new administrative notice is displayed on the Plugins Panel whenever pai authentication is non-existent or invalid.


  • The Altos Toolbar v1.4.1 now works in Google Chrome. Adjusted tinyMCE commands to fix a bug in WebKit browsers with respect to tinyMCE.activeEditor.selection range restoration.


  • No more Shortcodes. We've added "UI Elements" for all Altos Research Tables & Charts ( including Flash Charts ). You will now have ( instant previews! ) inside the Visual Editor for WordPress®.
  • Editing panels have also been integrated into the Visual Editor for WordPress®. After you've inserted an Altos Research Chart or Table, use the Visual Editor inside WordPress® to select it ( just click on it ). You'll now see an Altos Research Icon appear on top of your existing Chart/Table. If you click this special Icon, a window will pop open. You can make all sorts of quick adjustments without having to re-insert anything new.
  • With these improvements, the Altos Toolbar no longer relies on WordPress® Shortcodes. However, backwards compatibility for Shortcode processing remains unaffected. Existing Shortcodes will continue to work just as they always have :-)


  • The four toolbar buttons have condensed into a single Altos Research pull-down menu.
  • Added a new All-In-One option to the Visual Editor for WordPress.
  • The new All-In-One option remembers your settings.
  • Code cleanup, minor re-organization.


  • Initial release on WordPress.org.

Requires: 3.9 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.1.11
Last Updated: 1 year ago
Active Installs: 200+


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