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Alpine PhotoTile for Instagram

Simple, stylish, and compact plugin for displaying Instagram photos in a sidebar, post, or page.


  • Rebuilt Alpine PhotoTile series to work with Instagram
  • Rebuilt plugin structure into OBJECT
  • Combined all Alpine Photo Tiles scripts and styles into identical files
  • Improved IE 7 compatibility
  • Added custom image link options
  • Added Fancybox jQuery option
  • Fixed galleryHeight bug
  • Implemented fetch with wp_remote_get()


  • Rebuilt admin div structure
  • Fixed admin css issues


  • Added aspect ratio options for gallery style
  • Add key generator function
  • Add get_image_url() functions
  • Object oriented id, options, results, and output storage
  • Object oriented display generation


  • Add FancyboxForAlpine (Fancybox Safemode)
  • Add choice between Fancybox, prettyBox, and ColorBox
  • Add hidden options, including custom rel for lightbox

  • Fixed cache retrieval
  • Removed several style options because all images are squares


  • Restructured plugin objects and reassinged functions
  • Object oriented message, hidden, etc.
  • Added option to disable right-clicking on images
  • Added updateGlobalOptions and removed individual option calls
  • Added donate button
  • Fixed lightbox param option


  • Added fallback to dynamic style and script loading using jQuery
  • Various small fixes
  • Moved cache location
  • Updated ColorBox plugin
  • Set Object params to private and implemeted set, check, and get function
  • Implemeted do_alpine_method call
  • Created active options and results functions
  • Improved dynamic script loading


  • Fixed jQuery bug (Removed all <> tags from inline scripts)
  • Change json_decode from object to array return
  • Added json_decoder function
  • Added additional error reporting
  • Fixed false "feed successfully retrieved" message
  • Added manual_cURL function and edited relevant admin and display functions
  • Add stripslashes text sanitization
  • Changed lightbox parameters option from CSS to stripslashes sanitization
  • Filter out videos
  • Block users

  • Check compatibility with WP 3.8
  • Small CSS changes
  • Replaced deprecated jQuery APIs ( .load() and .browser )
  • Updated prettyPhoto and colorbox

  • Change to option functions ( added isset() )
  • Rewrote AddUser() function
  • Add Emoji filter to "Add User" page. Because feed is in JSON, filter must remove all unicode characters written as strings (\u0000 to \uffff)

  • Reorganized "Add User" page
  • Add Emoji filter and <, >, &, " and ' encoding (esc_attr function) to photo titles

  • Added wp_strip_all_tags and strip_tags functions to titles
  • jQuery backwards compatibility ( .bind() function for jQuery v1.6.3 and less )
  • Rewrote js functions

  • Add <![CDATA[//><!-- to JavaScript
  • Reduced ReadMe
  • Add addEventListener and attachEvent calls to JS loading (for jQuery in footer)
  • Add SSL option


  • Replaced local JSON decoder (with slower but more reliable library).
  • Add Transient and cacheid
  • Add echo_point function
  • Add Plugin Tools page with plugin loading speed test.
  • Disabled Delete Cache button (will not work with transient)
  • Updated manual_cURL function

  • Small change to endpoints
  • Set limit on number of repeated calls

  • Illegal string offset fix.
  • Small change to retrieve_from_cache.

  • Load files before APTFINbyTAP_widget_register()

  • Small bug fixes

  • Pretty Photo Update

  • Fixed Admin Tabs

  • End of development notice


  • Move JS to separate file
  • Change to FancyBox 2
  • Add caption to display
  • Rebuild jQuery display
  • Check with Contact Form 7

Requires: 3.2 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.8.17
Last Updated: 1 year ago
Active Installs: 30,000+


4.3 out of 5 stars


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