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Alpine PhotoTile for Flickr

Stylish and compact plugin for displaying Flickr images in a sidebar, post, or page.

I'm getting the message "Flickr feed was successfully retrieved, but no photos found". What does that mean?

This message simply means that while no distinguishable errors occurred, the plugin found your Flickr feed to be empty. This might occur if you set the plugin source to Favorites, but you have not actually "favorited" any of your photos.

I'm getting the message "Flickr feed not found. Please recheck your ID". What does that mean?

This message can mean two things. First, it can indicate that the Flickr user ID, group ID, or set ID were input incorrectly, causing the Flickr feed to fail. In this case, you should try to correct and re-save your IDs. Second, this message can also mean that the server your WordPress site is being hosted on has prevented the feed from being retrieved. While it is rare, we have encountered web-hosts that disable the feed fetching functions used in the PhotoTile for Flickr plugin. If this is the case, there is nothing we can do to override or work around the settings on your host server.

Can I insert the Flickr plugin in posts or pages? Is there a shortcode function?

Yes, rather than explaining how to setup the shortcode, I've created a method of generating the shortcode. Check out the Shortcode Generator on the plugin's settings page ( Settings->AlpineTile: Flickr->Shortcode Generator).

Why doesn't the widget show my most recent photos?

The plugin caches or stores the Flickr photo feed for three hours or the time set on the Settings->AlpineTile: Flickr->Plugin Settings page (see Caching above). If the new photos have still not appeared after this time, it is possible that Flickr is responsible for the delay. While Flickr is fairly prompt about updating photo feeds, periods of high traffic (especially on weekdays between 10am and 4pm) can cause a delay in feed updates.

Can I put captions below the photos?

No, I have not yet found a good way to add captions to the images, but I am working on it.

Why does it take so long for the Flickr plugin to load?

The Apline PhotoTile for Flickr plugin actually takes less than a second to load. The reason you may see the loading icon for several seconds is because the plugin is programmed to wait until all the images and the rest of the webpage are done loading before displaying anything. The intent is for the plugin to avoid slowing down your website by waiting patiently for everything else to finish loading. If you are still looking to speed up your website's loading time, selecting smaller photo sizes should always help.

The Flickr plugin works in display mode but when I put the shortcode in my page, nothing happens and there is no error message. What's wrong?

A number of users have reported this problem and unfortunately I am not sure exactly what is going wrong. However, one simple fix has been to go to the Flickr plugin's settings page (Settings->AlpineTile: Flickr->Plugin Settings) and put a check next to the option "Always Load Styles and Scripts in Header".

**What is an API Key and why do I need one?*

Photo sharing websites like Flickr want to protect their users and to prevent abuses by keeping track of how their services are being used. Two of the ways that Flickr does this is by assigning API Keys to plugins, like the Alpine PhotoTile, to keep track of who is who and by limiting the number of times a plugin can talk to the Flickr network. While several hundred websites could share an API Key without reaching this limit, the Alpine PhotoTile for Flickr plugin has become popular enough that users now need API Keys of their own. A Flickr API Key is free and easy to get. Because the Flickr plugin uses multiple methods of talking with the Flickr network, signing up for a Flickr API Key is optional. However, users without a Flickr API Key will experience the following limitations: * Flickr image size options limited to 75px, 240px, 500px, and 800px. * "Photo Offset" option will not work. * "Shuffle/Randomize Photos" option will not work. * Lack of helpful error messages if something does not work. * Possibly slower plugin loading time (It is hard to tell). * Future options added to the plugin will likely require a Flickr API Key.

If you have any more questions, please leave a message at the Alpine Press. I am a one-man development team and I distribute these plugins for free, so please be patient with me.

Requires: 2.8 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.8.18
Last Updated: 1 year ago
Active Installs: 2,000+


4.2 out of 5 stars


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