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ALO EasyMail Newsletter

To send newsletters. Features: collect subscribers on registration or with an ajax widget, mailing lists, cron batch sending, multilanguage, bounces.


  • Updated: refactoring of php files to clean and organize the code in a better way, including several minor fixes
  • Updated: the widget constructor in PHP5 style
  • Updated: the tracking script does not load WP theme but only environment
  • Updated: some improvement in dashboard css of plugin screens
  • Updated: the [LATEST-POSTS] placeholder now has loaded by default
  • Added: the checkbox type in custom field
  • Added: filter 'alo_easymail_clean_no_activated_after'
  • Fixed: the custom field validation in user profile
  • Fixed: the size in recipient list modal
  • Fixed: a bug of the inline edit buttons in subscriber table
  • Removed: the "predomain" language file


  • Added: the Name field now can be disabled in subscription form.


  • Added: an option to enable/disable tracking pixel in newsletters
  • Fixed: wp_create_user() now does not add email to unsubscribed table
  • Added: compatibility with qTranslate-forks plugins: zTranslate, qTranslate Plus, qTranslate X
  • Added: email recipients now have the 'name ' format in TO field in newsletters and activation emails


  • Fixed: on database table creation now the plugin follows the guidelines for the character set and collation - thanks to cfinnberg
  • Updated: ads banners in plugin admin pages


  • Added: a multilingual hook filter: 'alo_easymail_multilang_translate_text'


  • Fixed: a bug about Close button in recipient list modal


  • Fixed: now subscriber ip address is not always null
  • Fixed: a missing alt attribute in an img tag


  • Added: a /mu-plugins folder containing custom hooks, the alo-easymail_custom-hooks.php is now deprecated
  • Added: a hook: 'alo_easymail_bounce_email_unsubscribed'
  • Fixed: some missing alt attribute in image tags
  • Some fixes and improvements by Wojtek Szałkiewicz
  • New post placeholders by Wojtek Szałkiewicz: /mu-plugins/alo-easymail_multiple-posts-placeholder.php


  • Added: bounce management (thanks to: https://github.com/cfortune/PHP-Bounce-Handler)
  • Added: compatibility with Polylang (multilingual plugin)
  • Updated: the script that creates the newsletter plain text (thanks to Thomas Heinen)
  • Updated: the priority of cron schedule filter now is very low so it could works also if other plugins break the schedule array
  • Updated: some javascript code to be compatible with jquery 1.9
  • Fixed: the ajax admin url used in frontend should work if FORCE_SSL_ADMIN is enabled and admin side is not https


  • Fixed: now the "send a test newsletter" email goes out properly.


  • Updated: jQuery.noConflict() in backend javascript, to decrease opportunity of issues and conflicts


  • Added: preview in newsletter theme
  • Updated: the recipient list now is loaded in a jquery modal, not in a thickbox (no more hack to load javascript into thickbox, so a lot of javascript issues with other plugins should be avoided)
  • Added: some hook filters: 'alo_easymail_get_userid_by_subscriber'


  • Fixed: newsletters were sent only to one mailing list though more lists were chosen, now send to all selected lists
  • Updated: some limits in batch sending settings
  • Added: yes/no texts in report
  • Added: some hook filters: 'alo_easymail_widget_ok_class', 'alo_easymail_widget_error_class', 'alo_easymail_placeholders_title_easymail_post_vars'


  • Added: new capabilities for newsletter post type and new permission settings
  • Added: [USER-EMAIL] placeholder
  • Added: now recipient object has subscriber custom fields as properties
  • Added: there is automatically a placehoolder for each custom field (e.g. 'cf_country' => [USER-CF_COUNTRY])
  • Added: some filters ('alo_easymail_recipient_in_queue', 'alo_easymail_ip_address')
  • Fixed: a divide-by-0 warning in a rate calculation


  • Updated: the sending engine in cron batch, so maybe reduced the opportunity of multiple emails to same recipients
  • Added: new [CUSTOM-LINK] placeholder
  • Added: filter to add attachments in newsletter ('alo_easymail_newsletter_attachments')
  • Added: in subscriber list screen now avatars are shown/hidden as set up in main WP option
  • Added: in subscriber list screen now you can delete subscribers and unsubscribe their emails
  • Added: you can export the list of emails of who unsubscribed the newsletter
  • Fixed: the include link for PHP Simple HTML DOM (optional and deprecated)
  • Fixed: edit button text in unsubscription page is under plugin textdomain


  • Fixed: PHP Simple HTML DOM Parser (added in 2.4.10) is now disabled because it causes some issues in newsletter content: so now all links in newsletters now are not trackable (instead the links generated by placeholdes like [POST-TITLE] or [SITE-LINK] are always trackable)
  • Added: the 'alo_easymail_ajaxloop_recipient_limit' filter to customise limit of recipients per time during ajax list generation


  • Added: role filter for registered user recipients
  • Added: some debug info about wp cron in batch sending settings
  • Added: the 'alo_easymail_newsletter_headers' filter to customise newsletter headers
  • Added: check for newsletter themes also in 'wp-content/alo-easymail-themes'
  • Fixed: a potential issue on definition of batch interval
  • Fixed: now all links in newsletters now really made trackable (using PHP Simple HTML DOM Parser)


  • Added: option to append campaign vars to newsletter links (e.g. Google Analytics)
  • Added: all links in newsletters now are made trackable
  • Added: the IP address of subscribers now is stored on subscription
  • Added: when a new subscriber submits the widget form with success, the form fields will be cleaned
  • Added: in case of empty excerpt, the [POST-EXCERPT] placeholder uses the beginning of post content (only WP 3.3+)
  • Added: new action hook on subscriber activation ('alo_easymail_subscriber_activated')
  • Added: in report now the list of clicked links is shown
  • Updated: all the .MO language files from http://code.google.com/p/alo-easymail/
  • Fixed: in subscriber list screen now the pagination is set up using WP screen options (top right menu)
  • Fixed: the issue with a big number of subscribers, in newsletter screen the countings are cached (faster loading of page)
  • Fixed: plugin url and path now use the correct functions, useful for ssl enabled sites (thanks to Hansjörg Schwarz)
  • Fixed: a bug in mailing list dropdown in subscriber list screen
  • Fixed: now the plugin css file in child theme is properly loaded (thanks to obiweb)


  • Fixed: XSS vulnerabilities
  • Fixed: name "unikey" in activation email
  • Fixed: some php warnings
  • Added: some help pointers in admin (WP 3.3)


  • Updated: now the batch interval is 5 minutes and the maximum number of emails per batch is 30
  • Fixed: activation link is properly encoded when email address has "+" char
  • Fixed: [USER-UNSUBSCRIBE] now is properly replaced in English
  • Added: some more help info in cron batch tab in settings page
  • Added: category filter in [LATEST-POSTS] in custom hooks file


  • Fixed: a bug that causes an infinite loop of the mail engine on the same recipient if the email is not correct (thanks to david of dot4all.it)


  • Fixed: XSS vulnerabilities
  • Added: _nonce fields in subcription form and unsubscription page


  • Fixed: XSS vulnerabilities
  • Fixed: submitted email addresses with "+" char is properly encoded


  • Fixed: files now formatted with \n as the line ending (Unix line endings)
  • Fixed: on plugin uninstallation now the unsubscribed table is deleted
  • Updated: the [DATE] placeholder now is based on get_option('date_format')
  • Updated: mb_detect_encoding no more used so mbstring module is not required


  • Fixed: when an admin edits a subscriber inline, the "last activity" is not updated
  • Fixed: if newsletters are not published on blog, there is not the "preview" link in edit screen messages
  • Fixed: on registration, if a new user does not subscribe, the email is now added to unsubscribed db table


  • Fixed: a serious bug in db table installation/upgrade so errors on subscriptions
  • Added: a list of placeholders in newsletter content editor


  • Added: a new db table to store unsubscribed emails
  • Added: last_activity column in subscriber db table
  • Added: custom fields (thanks to eqhes!)
  • Added: clickable palceholders (post url, read online, site url) in newsletters are now tracked
  • Updated: smartupdater.js v.3.2
  • Updated: help screens and toolbar now use WP 3.3 API
  • Fixed: newsletter themes are now utf-8
  • Fixed: when on blog 'alo_easymail_newsletter_content' filter now is applied only to newsletters


  • Added: support for newsletter themes in .php (thanks to eqhes!)
  • Added: recipients of previous newsletters can be archived, for best query performances
  • Added: KEY indexes in plugin database tables, for best query performances
  • Added: [USER-NAME] and [USER-FIRST-NAME] work in newsletter title
  • Added: pagination of recipients in report screen
  • Added: an option to publish or not newsletters online
  • Added: auto-deletion of post meta when Duplicate Post plugin copies newsletters
  • Updated: glob() function for list theme files
  • Updated: not using GLOB_BRACE param in glob(), for compatibilty
  • Fixed: permission settings properly maintained when plugin de/re-activated
  • Fixed: add a default text when auto-generated alternative plain text is empty


  • Fixed: now query that gets recipients in queue should be very faster


  • Added: compatibility with WPML (WordPress Multilingual Plugin)
  • Fixed: now html theme loaded also when recipient is a registered user
  • Fixed: now translation of text in html theme file
  • Added: 'updates from plugin developer' in dashboard only for administrators
  • Fixed: alo_easymail_print_archive() and [ALO-EASYMAIL-ARCHIVE] print newsletter properly localised


  • Fixed: now the list of recipients is properly created when including registered users
  • Fixed: unwanted redirect to dashboard using IE when saving subscriber in inline edit
  • Fixed: the theme dropdown select in newsletter edit screen now saves properly
  • Fixed: a better replacement in theme files about theme folder url from relative to absolute
  • Fixed: improvements in newsletter text-plain version (thanks to sanderbontje!)
  • Fixed: missing escape of form button text
  • Added: when importing csv the exiting emails can be assigned to other lists
  • Added: sender email is customisable in activation mail too (thanks to Matthias!)


  • Added: option for alternative js library for recipient list (PeriodicalUpdater.js)
  • Added: an admin notice if plugin db tables are missing
  • Added: new filters for thumb and gallery placeholders (thanks to iwan!)
  • Added: "enter" key disabled on edit-inline subscriber fields
  • Added: a filter for args of 'register_post_type' newsletter


  • Added: inline-edit in admin list of subscribers
  • Added: script checks to avoid fatal error if post thumbnail is not supported
  • Fixed: alo_em_get_recipients_in_queue() should work better


  • Added: newsletter themes using html files in plugin or theme folder (thanks to iwan, again!)
  • Added: placeholders for newsletter content
  • Added: an option to create list or recipients without ajax
  • Added: 'Newsletter' settings tab
  • Updated: smartupdater.js v.3.1


  • Fixed: now loading "registration.php", it solves a bug about creation of recipients' list and batch sending
  • Fixed: "load_plugin_textdomain" now runs properly before "register_post_type"
  • New css in Settings screen, more like WP style (thanks to iwan!)


  • Added: option to load only plugin js on creation list of recipients thickbox
  • Fixed: some bugs


  • Fixed: some bugs


  • Re-written the code about creation, editing and sending of newsletters
  • Now Newsletter is custom post type
  • Ajax long polling engine to create list of recipients
  • New database plugin tables to decrease memory usage
  • Solved the bug about sending to a large numeber or recipients (multiple/missing sendings)
  • Added action and filter hooks, useful for developers


  • Added: some css samples in alo-easymail.css
  • Added: a couple of options to use or not text filters and shortcodes in newsletter text
  • Added: when a user changes email or name, the subscription is updated too
  • Added: css classes in form for registered and not-registered users
  • Fixed: add-link thickbox in editor on WP 3.1
  • Fixed: when plugin re-activated, no update of subscription page's texts
  • Fixed: users with only "send_easymail_newsletter" capability view properly the sending page
  • Fixed: now admin-bar works and newsletter submenu depends on user role
  • Fixed: deleted size attributes from form inputs


  • Added: Direct subscription without activation e-mail now available
  • Added: Time interval between emails of same batch
  • Added: Debug newsletters: send all emails to author or write them into a log file
  • Fixed: ALO_em_get_recipients_registered() gets properly members (definitely, I hope)
  • Fixed: checkboxes properly work in Settings
  • Added: "open in a new window" button in report thickbox
  • Added: alert and help about timeout to increase


  • Added: Customisation of available languages
  • Added: New options on importation: lists, languages
  • Added: Policy claim at widget/page bottom
  • Added: newsletter menu in Admin bar (WP 3.1)
  • Added: [POST-TITLE] shows the post title in reports
  • Added: css classes and ids in forms
  • Added: contextual help and credit banners in back-end
  • Fixed: now compatible with WP_CONTENT_URL and WP_PLUGIN_DIR
  • Fixed: ALO_em_get_recipients_registered() gets properly members
  • Fixed: custom English texts should work when English is the only available language


  • Added: Native multilanguage functionality in back-end and front-end
  • Added: Full integration with qTranslate multilanguage plugin
  • Added: "post-title" tag now works in newsletter subject
  • Added: sender's name option
  • Added: activation edit bulk action in subscriber manage page
  • Updated: no file extension check on csv importation
  • Updated: the subscription page is deleted only if complete uninstall is required
  • Fixed: registered user importation on multisite (thanks to RavanH)
  • FIxed: "user-name" and "user-first-name" tags now should work properly


  • Fixed: the newsletter content-type
  • Fixed: some escape/stripslashes


  • Added: newsletter templates
  • Added: embed css file for styling plugin
  • Added: subscribers exportation
  • Added: an option about max sendings per batch
  • Added: an option to choose the subscription page
  • Fixed: newsletter datetimes now use GMT blog datetime
  • Fixed: alert on subscription if email address is already subscribed
  • Fixed: remove -br- in content when rendering an html table
  • Fixed: all plugin paths and urls
  • Updated: now newsletter transfer encoding is 8bit
  • Updated: send multipart newsletters (html and text) to make them less spamish
  • Updated: new tab layout on sending page


  • Fixed: the "updating..." msg should not get stuck anymore
  • Fixed: in subscription page the list form appears only if there is at least a list
  • Fixed: the csv importation system should work better
  • The subscription page generated on installation now is titled simply "Newsletter"


  • Added: mailing lists
  • Added: subscription choice on registration form
  • Added: tracking system when subscribers open newsletter
  • Added: subscribers importation from existing members or from a csv file
  • Added: use capabilities and not user_level, so better permission managing
  • Added: an option to show subscription page
  • Added: dashboard widget and favorite menu link
  • Updated: a better formatting in admin side
  • Fixed: now admin can modify subscription on user profile page
  • Fixed: now easymail page and its option are properly deleted on deactivation
  • Fixed: encode entities in newsletter header and subject
  • Fixed: a lot of php warnings and wp notices


  • Added: internationalization (with .mo and .po files)
  • Added: tabs navigation in options page
  • Fixed: forced collation on db tables installation
  • Fixed: optin/optout texts move from widget options to main option page


  • Fixed: now unsubscribe link is printed
  • Added: the mail charset is not UTF-8 but the same of the blog


  • Added: a configurable cron batch to send newsletter in scheduled sendings
  • Added: a report with delivery summary for each newsletter
  • Added: a bit of ajax in the widget
  • Added: the subscription form in the newsletter page
  • Added: an option to choose sender email address
  • Added: css classes to format texts, to be specified in theme css
  • Added: a link to the post in the [POST-TITLE] tag
  • Added: address list and tamplate are now usermeta and not blog option
  • Fixed: WP is_email() function instead of ereg()
  • Fixed: the unsubscribe link now uses 'home' option instead of 'siteurl' option


  • Added: not-registered visitors can subscribe the newsletter
  • Updated: Greg's widget (see 0.9.3 Reloaded) to collect pubblic subscriptions
  • Added: a admin page to manage subscribers
  • Added: the result page opens in a popup with report of each recipients
  • Added: a [POST-CONTENT] tag

0.9.3 Reloaded by GREG LAMBERT

  • THANKS to Greg for the following important features:
  • Added: widget to manage user subscription
  • Added: optin/out option to the user's profile
  • Added an option to allow editors to send email
  • Added: a [USER-FIRST-NAME] tag
  • Fixed: a couple of warning messages where indexes were not defined
  • Tested on WP 2.9.1


  • Fixed: delete line breaks in tag POST-EXCERPT
  • Tested with WP 2.9


  • Added: using wp_mail() function instead of mail()
  • Added: saving emails' list for next sending


  • Updated: tinymce's media buttons compatible with WP v.2.8.4
  • Fixed: correct stripslashing when updating content in option page


  • First release

Requires: 3.6 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.3
Last Updated: 2015-7-26
Active Installs: 20,000+


3.9 out of 5 stars


3 of 17 support threads in the last two months have been resolved.

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