This plugin hasn’t been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

All in One Gallery


Display and browse all the images on your wordpress website in one place using the [gallery] shortcode.

I wanted to have all the pictures that have been uploaded on my website to be displayed and browsable in one place, without having to create my own gallery logic. So the plugin is simply looking at all the categories and pages, then check if there are images in all the category’s posts (or pages) and, if there are, use the [ gallery ] shortcode to display the images.

The plugin should work and fit with every themes as it’s using the original wordpress gallery markup. Every themes normally have style this feature as you use the gallery shortcode in pages or posts.

There is a ‘exclude images’ features that let you select images that should be display in the Gallery page. But do to a wordpress bug in 2.9.1 with the include/exclude feature, this feature as been disable. It’s shame as the feature is pretty cool and easy to use. Maybe with the 2.9.2.

All-in-One-Gallery plugin work with the new [ gallery ] shortcode and therefor will only work with wordpress version older then 2.5. Also, I created this plugin for Anna Chocola and myself, you can try it on my website by clicking Image Gallery in the sidebar or on Anna Chocola’s website by also clicking on Image Gallery in the sidebar.

I use it with 2 other plugins: cleaner-gallery that is just a plugin that clean the wordpress gallery XHTML, works exactly the same way but with cleaner XHTML. And light-box-2 that does the lightbox effect/system. But you don’t have to.

A massive thanks to Karl Rixon aka the php Oracle for the pagination function and teaching me php.


  1. Pagination and number of posts per page
  2. Fit into your theme as it’s using the same gallery that you use in pages or posts.
  3. Five style for the gallery menu (blue, green, grey, pink) plus a ‘no style’ to let you manage it yourself.
  4. Possibility to exlude categories without images.
  5. Welcome message or default category.
  6. Implement all features of the wordpress gallery (like number of images per row or order).
  7. Easy to use and set. Author, Editor and Admin can update the gallery options.

WARNING BEFORE UPDATING FROM 1.0 TO 2.1: MAKE A COPY OF YOUR STYLE SHEET IF YOU CREATED A MODIFICATION OF ONE OF THE STYLE FROM THE THEME FOLDER AND MAKE A COPY OF YOUR WELCOME MESSAGE IF YOU MODIFIED IT. The plugin has been updated on all names in the code to be more efficient, but that mean it looks like a new plugin for your site even if it’s just a update

To Do

  1. More options: -link to the post with the thumb on/off
  2. Don’t overwrite user css style on update.
  3. Add all [gallery] options: orderby, captiontag, itemtag, icontag, link

View online examples

Here’s a link to Anna Chocola’s All in one Gallery and one to the gallery on my website.
Titles are optional, naturally.


  • Setting pannel for All in one Gallery plugin.


Please tell me if something isn’t working or if you have suggestions. Some people requested some features trough my website, like pagination, exlude images or don’t display categories without images and they did end up being implemented in the version 2.1. So any comments are welcomed.

The [ gallery ] shortcode only works with images you have uploaded with wordpress (starting with version 2.6 maybe 2.5). So if the gallery doesn’t display images from older posts the problem seems to come from wordpress.

Adding your Own Style:

There is two way to do this, the easiest and recommended way is to use the ‘no style’ option and manage that in your main stylesheet. If for some reason you don’t want to do this:
1. Copy one of the folder in the themes folder ( plugins->all-in-one-gallery->all_in_one_gallery_themes )
2. Rename the folder and rename the css file inside with exactly the same name. ex: If the folder name is ‘my-design-is-better’, the css file name has to be ‘my-design-is-better.css’
3. Edit the css file like you want to.
4. Upload your folder on your website in plugins->all-in-one-gallery->themes
5. Go to Pages->All in One Gallery in your Dashboard and select your design from the the dropdown menu.
note: the style in the themes folder only affect the ‘all in one gallery’ menu, the [gallery] design is up to your website Theme.
warning: make a copy of your style before updating the plugin



  • Move the options to the Pages menu with capabilities set to Author, Editor and Admin.
  • Little changes in the CSS ( navigation and h3).


  • Disable “Exclude Images from gallery” until wordpress’ exlude/include gallery feature is fixed.


  • Exclude Images from gallery (only works with 2.9 and higher)
  • Pagination (thanks Karl).
  • Updated functions, var, names, etc to be unique to All-in-one-gallery.
  • Options: Don’t display categories without images in the gallery.
  • Options: Added a ‘no-style’ stylesheet to make it easier if you want to manage style from your theme css file.
  • Jquery for instant update of the tick boxes


  • Multiple style for the menu ( green, blue, grey and pink )
  • Possibility to add user’s own style ( see faqs )
  • Welcome message on/off, if OFF display user’s category choice


  • Now the All-in-one-Gallery also display images from Pages.
  • Pages are treated in a group like if ‘Pages’ was a Category


  • Minors fixed.


  • Fixed css and php minor problems.


  • Added possibility to change the welcome message.


  • first released.

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