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What is Aklamator ?

Aklamator is free web service that enables you to start selling digital PR space and cross-promote your websites using your RSS feeds in just a few minutes

Each position on your website is called Aklamator widget. Each widget can contain several media releases. If you did not add any media release to your website, aklamator will populate media releases from your chosen RSS feed. This will enable you to retain visitors on your website and optionally cross promote your websites.

Need help with Aklamator? Check Walkthrough video tutorial:

What Aklamator do not do?

Aklamator will not push you media releases from other websites. Aklamator is not traffic exchange service or ad exchange network.

Make you own ad network
Your creativity is the limit. Feel free to choose any RSS to feed your widget positions. You can use our service to populate your website and make your blog more interesting for visitors thus reducing effective bounce rate.

Our service enables you to track statistics of views and clicks for each widget that you place. Inform your visitors and offer new services to your clients.

See recommendations how to make successful media releases

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  • Aklamator plugin configuration
  • How to get Application ID
  • Aklamator Dashboard where you can analyze and setup widgets.
  • Add or edit your aklamator widgets
  • How the aklamator widget looks like?


Step by step instructions >>

How to activate and use Aklamator on your wordpress website

If already have registered Aklamator account and own website that is using WordPress please skip to step 2

1. step : Sign Up Aklamator and get free Aklamator account and Aklamator Application ID.

Fill your information and click “Create new account” You will get verification email with activation link (please check SPAM folder if it is missing). After activating your account proceed to login to Aklamator.

2. step : Sign in and get your Aklamator Application ID

After logging in, go to your profile and copy Application ID

After pasting Application ID to your wordpress plugin, it will automatically create first plugin for your blog and populate it with your RSS feed. It becomes visible in plugin settings (list below). Widget is 4×1 150x150px. If you want to change widget dimensions you can do that by logging to Aklamator web

3. step : Download Aklamator wordpress plugin and paste your Aklamator Application ID

  • Upload and unzip plugin aklamator_widget.zip to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  • Activate the Aklamator plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress

Go to your WordPress administration panel and paste the Aklamator Application ID

WELL DONE! Aklamator is now active on your WordPress website and you should be able to see available aklamator widgets in the bottom half of the screen.

  • Go to Appearance then Widgets and drag and drop Aklamator Digital PR field and choose desired widget

Now you can Log in to the Aklamator and create more widgets and add RSS feed to populate them with media releases. Later you could add paid media releases and their target number of clicks.

To track statistics and for get additional configuration, please login to Aklamator website.

Questions? Contact us!

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I have pasted Aklamator Application ID but do not see any widgets

Is Application ID correct? When you save changes, does the list of your widgets appear below? If it is empty, please login to Aklamator.com and create first widget.

Aklamator widget is not showing below posts (single page post) or wrong widget is shown.

Go to plugin configuration and check if the widget for single page post is set or change as you wish.

Where can I add my RSS feed

login to aklamator and add or edit your widget. There you can add your RSS feed URL to your widget. Aklamator supports multiple RSS feeds per widget.

Can I serve multiple aklamator widgets on same page

Yes you can! But one widget can only be placed once per page, so use multiple widgets.

Contributors & Developers

“Aklamator – Digital PR” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



  • Performance improved
  • Minor bug fix


  • Tested up to 4.6.1 (newest wp version)
  • Added new tutorial videos


  • Tested up to 4.5.3 (newest wp version)
  • BugFix: if there is no appID or widget is selected not to show, we do not insert call script


  • Added notification that user can enable or disable feeds without images


  • Edited all URL’s to have https prefix


  • Added Benefits & Cross promotion tool video tutorial


  • Added Walkthrough video tutorial


  • Tested up to 4.3 (newest wp version)


  • Added option for easy change of image dimensions and widget dimensions


  • Added please “rate and review” link in plugin section
  • Tested up to 4.2.3 (newest wp version)


  • Patch for existing users


  • Option to add featured images to your site’s RSS feed output and show them on Aklamator widget


  • Better preview window


  • Added additional information in preview window
  • Minor bug fix


  • Initial widget for wordpress users created with account creation


  • Promotion – Added discount on premium accounts and tested up to 4.2.2.


  • New feature – Widget preview functionality


  • Bug fix – Plugin delete


  • Minor bug fix – AppID change standard version


  • Added feature – info message in widget table
  • Minor bug fix – AppID change


  • Added feature – after installation and paste AppID plugin now auto creates first widget and populate it with your blog RSS feed items (for your convenience)
  • Minor bug fix
  • Tested for newer version of WP 4.2.1


  • Added Help image


  • Added steps for explanation how to get Aklamator ID code


  • Minor Bug fix


  • Added new feature – Widget can be placed on Single page (static page). New plugin icon.


  • First version of Aklamator plugin widget