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Ajax Load More

A simple solution for lazy loading your WordPress posts and pages with Ajax.

  • FIX - Fixed bug with Preloaded + SEO and scrolling to current page in core Ajax Load More JS.
  • UPDATE - Moved SEO and Cache add-on settings and controls from ALM core to SEO core.
  • NEW - Added Google Analytics Pageview support to SEO add-on.
  • UPDATE - Various admin UI improvements.

  • FIX - Fixed/updated error handling of repeater templates. Errors are now being reported in the browser console and do not interfere with the WP admin.
  • FIX - Fixed javascript issue with shorthand if statements and script concatenation.
  • REMOVED - Legacy code for creating 'alias' table columns.


  • NEW - Added new shortcode parameter 'custom_args' which will let users pass custom query params. e.g. custom_args="order:custom_meta_key, tag_slug__and:array(design,development)"
  • NEW - Added setting for implementing WP nonce for added security of Ajax functionality.
  • Update - Removed WP nonce for ALM query as this was causing issues with various caching plugins.
  • Update - Various UI improvements and enhancements


  • NEW - Adding new ALM setting to move user to top of page on window load.
  • FIX - Fixed issue with Cache + SEO where initial user might end up caching multiple pages in a single query if the page requested was greater than 1.
  • FIX - Fix for scrolling to load posts when max_pages = 0 - issue was introduced in release 2.6.1


  • NEW - Public function, almFilter(type, speed, data) function which will allow for filtering/resetting of a ajax load more object.
  • NEW - Callback function, almFilterComplete() function which is dispatched after a successful almFilter() event.
  • NEW - Adding 'post__in' parameter. You can now curate queries based on a comma separated list of post ids.
  • UPDATE - Updating data() variables in ajax-load-more.js to allow for manipulation via JS.
  • FIX - Fix for cache parameter always true in ajax-load-more.js.


  • NEW - Adding scroll_distance parameter - easily adjust the distance from the bottom of the page that will trigger loading of posts.
  • NEW - Adding required functionality for Caching Add-on.
  • NEW - Adding new almEmpty function triggered if zero results were returned.
  • FIX - Disabled in previous versions, Preloaded and SEO can now work together to produce SEO URLs.
  • UPDATE - Performance updates, various UI improvements.


  • FIX - Dynamic population of category, tag and author content within Shortcode Builder - now this actually works as requested and no database queries happen if this setting is true.
  • FIX - Small issue with new destory_after parameter in core js.
  • UPDATE - Updated language .pot file.
  • UPDATE - Small admin interface tweaks.


  • NEW - Adding query by multiple categories and tags.
  • NEW - Adding required functionality for new Preloaded add-on - preload posts before any ajax queries kick in.
  • NEW - Adding 'destroy_after' parameter to completely remove Ajax Load More functionality after 'n' number of pages.
  • NEW - Adding setting to disable dynamic population of category, tag and author content within shortcode builder.
  • NEW - Adding functionality to exclude categories('category__not_in').
  • NEW - Adding functionality to exclude tags('tag__not_in').
  • NEW - Adding option to copy repeater content and update templates from database directly on the Repeater Template settings page.
  • NEW - Query by multiple meta query values e.g "cat, dog, fish".
  • FIX - Issue with simultaneous query by category and custom taxonomy.
  • Fix - Issue for SEO add-on when pause = "true". ALM will now set pause to false if page > 1 when using the SEO add-on.


  • Adding date query parameters - users can now query by day, month and year.
  • Admin UX improvements including sticky navigation in shortcode builder.
  • Updated ALM examples page with date query and improved archive.php.
  • Fixed PHP warning related to hiding Ajax Load More button in editor and Custom Repeaters v1.
  • Added language support for Polylang and qTranslate plugins.


  • Urgent fix for array_push error


  • Adding required functionality for ALM SEO add-on (http://connekthq.com/plugins/ajax-load-more/seo/)
  • Adding variables for counting items within the ALM query - $alm_page & $alm_item are now accessible within repeater templates.
  • Remove plugin activation notification due to error fetching column names.
  • Fixed issue with orderby = "rand", ALM now excludes all previously queried post ids.
  • fixed JS error on ALM setting pages.
  • Fixed issue with hiding TinyMCE button that was affecting other plugins.
  • General plugin improvements and enhancements.


  • Adding required functionality for the NEW Ajax Load More Custom Repeaters v2 add-on - http://connekthq.com/plugins/ajax-load-more/custom-repeaters/
  • Improved debug messaging for Ajax Load More and Add-Ons.
  • Adding fix for ordering by meta value.
  • Admin stying updates.
  • Updated FAQs
  • Fix meta_query query and orderby meta value


  • Fix for query by Standard post format.
  • Fix for Shortcode Builder where Custom Taxonomies were not building correctly.


  • Bug fix for meta_query parameters.
  • Further improvements to WordPress query arguments from 2.2.4.
  • Update plugin .pot file.


  • Urgent fix for category queries.


  • Improving WordPress query arguments.
  • Removing empty query parameters which were conflicting with various hooks and filters reported by ALM users.
  • Updated admin notifications.
  • Added plugin action links to plugin listing.


  • Adding query by Custom Field value(Meta Query).
  • Improved error handling for easier debugging.
  • Fixed issue with pause = "true" and scroll = "true". Pause should always take precendence over scroll.
  • Code clean up, improving overall quality for easier merges and updates.


  • Adding callback function that is dispatched once a successful ajax call is made. $.fn.almComplete(alm).
  • Adding WPML support for ICL_LANGUAGE_CODE - A 'lang' atributed is added dynamically if WPML is installed.
  • Making JS variables and functions publically accessible.


  • Fixed php notice/warning that would trigger if WP_DEBUG was enabled.
  • Adding minified core JS.
  • Adding global option to disable shortcode button in the content editor.
  • Adding touchmove js event for faster scroll detection on mobile devices.
  • Code clean up, removing unused functions.


  • Adding Post Format query.
  • Adding syntax highlighting for Repeater Templates with CodeMirror (http://codemirror.net/).
  • Adding custom alias integration for Repeater Templates (Only for the custom repeater add-on).
  • Adding button preview on settings page.
  • Adding 'White' button style.
  • Updated .pot language file.


  • Fixed issue causing the Ajax Load More menu to not show on some admin screen do to location conflict with another plugin.
  • Adding column 'alias' to wp_alm table to allow for repeater alias (Only for the custom repeater add-on).
  • Remove legacy column 'test' from wp_alm table.
  • Updating styles in admin.css.


  • Adding ability to have multiple instances of script on a single page
  • Adding global class name('.ajax-load-more-wrap') to Ajax Load More container. I plan to remove the #ajax-load-more naming convention in upcoming releases, but need time for users to update their code.
  • Small styling enhancements to admin panel.
  • Updated .pot language file.


  • Adding Order and Orderby query parameters, you can now set these values within the Shortcode Builder
  • Updating core javascript code
  • Fixed bug with taxonomy query selectors


  • Adding custom taxonomy query - select from a list of custom taxonomies then select terms and operator
  • Fixed path to repeater file in admin functions


  • Fixed issue with loading of admin javascript and css on pages other than Ajax Load More


  • Fixed issue with author query


  • Fixed issue where loading button was not turning off when posts remaining were zero


  • Adding add_filter('widget_text', 'do_shortcode');


  • Removed 2 filters for widget_text which were casuing issues in sidebars


  • Updating default repeater template to include the_permalink()


  • Fixing issue with duplicate column names in database.


  • removed upgrader_process_complete as it was unreliable. Replaced with admin_init to check whether plugin has been updated.


  • Fixed jQuery conflict javascript error


  • Fixing issue with scrolling of posts


  • Updating db table structure
  • Adding upgrader_process_complete checker


  • Adding plugin version to wpdb table.
  • Removed legacy repeater code.


  • Fixed issue with WP auto updates overriding the default repeater. Please deactivate and then activate your plugin.


  • Fixed issue with tinymce conflict


  • Ajax Load More

Requires: 3.6 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.2.2
Last Updated: 2015-5-22
Active Installs: 8,000+


5 out of 5 stars


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