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Event Calendar

An easy-to-use community calendar and event list that allows authorized users to visually manage events into custom categories.


  • #427: fixed unable to create new events with latest version of wp
  • #424: fixed WP-Aec with Php 5.4, Events Dont Appear
  • #307: fixed events not showing when backend is running SSL
  • #318: fixed Paypal issue with IE9 when using additional text fields
  • #186: fixed Event Detail Info Popup Window hides behind WP header image & menu
  • #280: fixed Event Address Display


  • #366: fixed fullcalendar javascript error
  • #299: fixed Missing May shortcut for translation


  • #264: fixed critical IE button locking issue
  • added inline widget message to alert users not aware of notifications on plugin homepage
  • added chinese


  • fixed drag-n-drop functionality (updated fullcalendar.js)
  • #246: fixed mousewheel scrolling (updated mousescroll.js)
  • replaced dynamically generated cat-colors.css file with inline css to eliminate permission failures
  • updated simplemodal.js
  • fixed modal overlay caused by theme header images css


  • added support repeating events
  • added copy event functionality
  • added option to toggle mousescroll in administrative calendar
  • added month and year dropdown selectors for fast navigation
  • added option to modify calendar time slot intervals
  • added [eventlist] shortcode to replace upcoming events widget
  • added eventlist shortcode parameter to display events from specified category(ies)
  • added eventlist shortcode parameter to exclude categories listed in the categories parameter
  • added eventlist shortcode parameter to display events starting on or after the specified date
  • added eventlist shortcode parameter to display events ending on or before the specified date
  • added eventlist shortcode parameter to limit events displayed to the specified quantity
  • added eventlist shortcode parameter to render events without category colors
  • added eventlist shortcode parameter to display a customized message when no events are returned
  • added calendar shortcode parameter to render the calendar with a minimum pixel height
  • added calendar shortcode parameter to render a minicalendar
  • added repeating event icon indicator
  • fixed compatability conflict with easy fancybox plugin (Hat Tip: Raven)
  • fixed month calendar shortcode option when set to current month
  • fixed rtl localization admin menu position bug
  • fixed mousescroll for week and day view
  • fixed show event detail address layout
  • fixed critical IE bug
  • optimized loading of javascript and css files
  • updated plugin options page layout and text
  • updated filter css hover state
  • moved options page position into calendar menu
  • moved help text into options page sidebar
  • removed menu position to avoid plugin collisions
  • added calendar icons (Hat Tip: Luc)
  • added hungarian
  • added czech
  • updated german
  • updated swedish
  • updated italian
  • updated catalan

  • added latvian
  • updated arabic
  • updated swedish
  • updated spanish
  • fixed option to toggle link target in new window
  • fixed critical IE bug

  • optimized mousewheel scroll
  • optimized loading events notification
  • fixed category reassign/delete process, now completes deletion of emptied category
  • optimized performance
  • added swedish


  • added options to hide any non-essential input field in the event form
  • added option to allow URLs in the description field to be clickable links
  • added toggle option to open links in either a new or the same browser window
  • fixed time zone error
  • duration calculation on admin event detail fix
  • added default cat_colors.css file to distribution, to address reported file authorization failures
  • added filter label customization option
  • added filter to admin calendar view
  • added support for right-to-left language
  • added display of uneditable events in administrative mode (nod to Treyer Lukas)
  • added option to navigation between calendar months by scrolling the mouse wheel
  • added optional parameter [calendar] shortcode can be added to text widget or page content, create multiple views using [optional parameters] (default):
  • added optional parameter [calendar categories="1,2,3"] (all) display events from specified category(ies)
  • added optional parameter [calendar excluded=true] (false) exclude categories listed in the categories parameter
  • added optional parameter [calendar filter=3] (all) highlight specified category id in filter
  • added optional parameter [calendar view=agendaWeek|basicWeek|month] (month) display specified calendar view
  • added optional parameter [calendar month=10] (current month) display specified calendar month on load
  • added optional parameter [calendar year=2012] (current year) display specified calendar year on load
  • added optional parameter [calendar views=agendaWeek|basicWeek|month] ("month,agendaWeek") display specified calendar view options
  • added optional parameter [calendar nav=false] (true) toggle calendar navigation buttons
  • added optional parameter [calendar scroll=true] (false) toggle calendar mouse wheel navigation
  • added optional parameter [calendar height=200] (null) assigns a minimum pixel height to the calendar
  • replaced loading modal with growl to reduce impact of visual transition
  • modified upcoming widget filter from number of weeks to maximum events displayed
  • modified upcoming widget format to display only start date and time
  • modified show event detail so that date/time format displays on a single line
  • added upcoming events option to toggle category colors in widget
  • added aec prefix to widgets for visual grouping
  • added id field (to support new shortcode options) and modified layout of category management for improved readability
  • added donate link
  • updated help text
  • added arabic
  • added romanian
  • updated norwegian
  • updated italian
  • updated french

  • added line break detection so the description field displays as it is entered
  • limit creation of expired events fix
  • added norwegian
  • added indonesian
  • added italian
  • updated tamil beta

  • beta release
  • fixed date/time field processing via event add/update form
  • fixed duration style
  • added tamil

  • calendar weekday (tue) short name fix
  • plugin options page save settings for manage_calendar capability fix
  • automatically adjusts modal top when WordPress admin bar is visible (contributed by Carl W.)
  • event duration display fix
  • datepicker localization, noweekends fix
  • excised orphaned options
  • improved instructional text on the calendar settings page
  • added hex input field and more instructional text to category management
  • fixed front-end calendar for themes that display multiple pages simultaneously
  • revised javascript enqueuing and rendering, fixes theme/plugin conflicts
  • upcoming widget addition of user input title, undefined time zone fix, and ongoing event fix
  • shortcode respectful of position within post text fix
  • updated uninstall script with new capabilities and roles
  • event detail form description validation fix
  • added russian
  • added danish
  • added polish

  • replaced php 5.3.x dependent DateTime class with a modified strtotime to accommodate d/m/Y format
  • revised admin menu wording
  • added german


  • comprehensive refactoring of ajax elements
  • localized all javascript
  • fixed google map link generator and added toggle display control
  • added formatting, styling and linked event details to upcoming events widget
  • hooked calendar start of week into wordpress blog setting
  • hooked calendar date format into wordpress blog setting
  • hooked calendar time format into wordpress blog setting
  • added spanish
  • added turkish
  • added lithuanian
  • updated portuguese
  • added dutch

  • event display fix
  • updated french


  • fixed localization bugs
  • revised installation and faq instructions


  • fixed po files to include plural translation strings
  • fixed date localization bug on calendar


  • added upcoming events widget
  • added redirect to event administration page from front-end calendar page login link
  • changed front-end calendar implementation from custom template to shortcode, to accommodate wider range of themes
  • auto-generated google maps link, based on event address fields
  • added french


  • added portuguese
  • added more localization
  • fixed default option initialization
  • further improved event detail page ui


  • improved event detail page ui
  • refactored event detail page (to address instances of event detail not loading)
  • added event detail form field options - plugin options page now located in "settings" menu
  • added multi-language support


  • fixed css conflicts with themes
  • added sidebar toggle option
  • added password protection support


  • fixed toggle admin menu option


  • fixed css, filters and modals


  • fixed activity report missing file


  • fixed update issues


  • fixed truncated plugin description


  • fixed widget file path


  • added options for event limits and admin menu toggle
  • modified css to address reported style collisions
  • added a php5 dependency check to halt installation for users running older versions


  • updated plugin link


  • refined event input form
  • roles and capabilities are removed on plugin deletion
  • added events column to administrative users table
  • all calendar events associated with a deleted user are removed


  • admins can edit past events
  • admins can see the user name and organization of event creator in edit mode


  • category management interface
  • refined event editing validation
  • calendar contributor widget


  • current month activity report


  • fixed time validation
  • fixed jgrowl css hide all notifications
  • minified css
  • fixed query to retrieve events that span longer than a single month


  • streamlined event input form html and css
  • fixed calculation for all day event durations
  • added validation for event duration input
  • added organization name to event viewing modal, from data provided by user's wordpress profile
  • dynamically generated calendar contributor list


  • added help link


  • event display styling
  • filter appearance


  • getting the wheels to stay on the wagon

Requires: 3.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.2.7
Last Updated: 9 months ago
Active Installs: 30,000+


4.5 out of 5 stars


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