AForms — Form Builder for Price Calculator & Cost Estimation


v2 includes incompatible changes. Please read Notes when upgrading.

AForms — Form Builder for Price Calculator & Cost Estimation is a form builder that attracts customers, promotes understanding of your products or services, and leads to applications.
You can create price simulation forms or custom order forms.

Feature List

  • 60KB (no gzip) JavaScript program. Loaded with no-slowness
  • 100% Responsive & mobile friendly
  • Browsers support: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, IE11, iOS Safari, Android Chrome
  • Wizard-style navigation and flow-style (in-document-style) navigation
  • Realtime estimation display
  • Instant validation (Realtime validation)
  • Online form builder
  • Intuitive conditional logic by “Labelling Logic”
  • Flexible tax treatment (tax-inclusion, multiple tax rate, fraction processing)
  • Supports confirmation screen
  • Thank-you mails & notification mails


  • Demo1 — BTO-PC Online Order Wizard
  • Demo2 — Humberger Shop Price Estimation (no submission)
  • Demo3 — Contact Form (no estimation)

For japanese speakers

  • Demo1 — BTO-PC Online Order Wizard
  • Demo2 — Humberger Shop Price Estimation (no submission)
  • Demo3 — Contact Form (no estimation)


AForms supports the following languages. Thank you, those who translated.

  • Japanese (ja) – vividcolors, inc.
  • Slovak (sk_SK) – Marek Duda
  • Polish (pl_PL) – Michal Zielinski


You can find some guides on AForm’s official website.
If you have any problems or feature requests for this plugin, also requests for installation or customization, please feel free to contact us.


  • Form Settings at admin page
  • Form List at admin page
  • "General" tab of form editor at admin
  • "Details" tab of form editor
  • "Attributes" tab of form editor
  • "Mail" tab of form editor
  • Order List


April 8, 2020
I think their assumption that the site creator and the site owner are separate is wrong. I am both. It is basically just to difficult to use Aforms as a 'non-techie', as you need to be technical on SCSS and other in-depth coding(!). Sorry, it looked promising. Also I was missing a Slider?
February 27, 2020
見積フォームを作る際によく利用しています。 フロント側もアニメーションを用いて快適に動作するため、クライアントワークでかなり好評でした。 Wordpress側の設定も簡単に行えるため、名称や金額など各項目に改修が入った際も手軽に修正できます。 メールフォームとしても利用できるため、多岐に渡って利用できるプラグインだと思います。 また、開発元も日本であるため、サポート面でも心配はしておりません。 非常に優れたプラグインですので、多くの方に知ってもらいたいと感じています。
January 6, 2020
ワードプレス(WordPress)のサイトに プログラミングやデザインの知識がなくても、 無料で簡単にカスタマイズオーダー機能を加えられるプラグインです。 他にもカスタマイズオーダー機能を追加できるプラグインがありますが、 こちらの優れた点として開発元が日本であり、 はじめから日本で好まれるWEBデザインが組み込まれている為、 プラグインを入れるだけですぐに消費者にサービスを提供できる点です。 全般的に非常にデザイン、機能性が優れています。 同じサービスを数十万円で提供している他社(非WordPress系)もある中で このクオリティのものを無料で提供していることに驚きます。 というか、本当に大丈夫なの? と心配になります。 折角いいプラグインなので、なるべくたくさんの方に使っていただき、 サービスを存続していただきたく思って、レビューを投稿しました。 これからのECはパッケージ製品を売るのではなく、消費者の細かい要望を 組み込んでいくことが大事な時代になると思います。 そんな中で日本国内からこのような優れたプラグインが出てきたのは 非常に英語が苦手な日本人の私からすると有難いことです。 ぜひWORDPRESSでカスタムオーダーを受けたいと思っている方は、 こちらを使ってください。
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Contributors & Developers

“AForms — Form Builder for Price Calculator & Cost Estimation” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


“AForms — Form Builder for Price Calculator & Cost Estimation” has been translated into 2 locales. Thank you to the translators for their contributions.

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  • Fix a bug in the handling of fields that allow optional input of numerical values


  • Add asset versioning again
  • Improve the behavior of Slider item
  • Improve the ability to freely place Quantity items and Slider items
  • Improve the administration screen so that any number of Options can be displayed properly
  • Fix an issue that prevented the display of forms where the author of that has been deleted


  • Fix a bug on Auto item of form builder
  • Fix filters for rules and word to be applied strictly
  • Add an api for extensions


  • Fix a behavior of reCAPTCHA v3 item
  • Fix a minor bug
  • Add WordPress5.6 support


  • Add asset versioning
  • Now inserts the sample form conditionally


  • Add support for multiple tax rates
  • Improve the content of order data
  • Move word settings to admin screen
  • Improve multi-language and multi-currency support
  • Remove the treatment of settings file (.toml file)
  • Enhance filters
  • Remove “Price Checker” Items
  • Add functionality to not add Option to estimation details


  • Improve server interoperability
  • Improve the ordering screen
  • Fix bugs on the form builder
  • Add a class when the image is empty
  • Add behavior settings
  • Add WordPress5.5 support


  • Fix the behavior of Multiple-Checkbox item


  • Add Slider item
  • Add Polish language support
  • Fix the behavior when options cannot be selected
  • Fix the behavior when a Quantity item is not displayed
  • Fix an issue with the submit button being displayed inappropriately
  • Improve the behavior of checkbox and radio buttons


  • Fix a bug where Quantity Items could not be settled


  • Fix a bug on php5.6
  • Add WordPress4.6 support


  • Add ribbons support to Options
  • Improve a behavior of menu on Dashboard
  • Improve a behavior of Options when disabled on Edge
  • Improve a behavior of Wizard style navigation


  • Fix an inconsistency on handling customized words


  • Fix a problem in a sample of the settings file


  • Add Slovak language support
  • Migrate the settings-file format from .ini to .toml. (.ini format will be supported for the time being)
  • Fix a bug around mathematical calculation on IE11


  • Fix a bug


  • Add Multiple-Checkbox component


  • Replace PriceChecker with PriceWatcher, which supports range specification
  • Fix some minor bugs


  • Support ini-for-each-form
  • Improve default style
  • Support “optional” badge
  • Support Hiragana/Katakana input on Name Component
  • Fix some minor bugs


  • Add Address complement (by YubinBango) functionality
  • Improve thank-you mail
  • Improve default style
  • Improve behaviors around scrolling
  • Fix some minor bugs


  • Fix a bug on deleting Quantity item
  • Support incomplete ini files


  • Change icons
  • Add initial value for Checkbox and RadioButton
  • Add Dropdown
  • Add reCAPTCHA v3


  • Fix some bugs.
  • Improve builtin style.
  • Add Quantity component.


  • Update documentation.
  • Add icon and banner.


  • First release.