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Affiliates Jigoshop Integration Light


This plugin integrates the Affiliates with Jigoshop.

With this integration plugin, referrals are created automatically for your affiliates when sales are made.

The plugin allows you to set a referral (commission) rate so that your affiliates get credited with a referral based on a percentage of each sale’s total net amount.

What you need to use this is all free and ready to go:

Install these, set up your shop, decide how much you want to pay your affiliates and start selling!

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If you need help, have problems, want to leave feedback or want to provide constructive criticism, you can leave a comment here Affiliates plugin page.

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  • Referrals created automatically for sales - Each referral is linked to its order.
  • Referral rate setting - A 0.1 referral rate credits affiliates with 10% commissions on sales.


What features does this integration provide?

When a sale is made through Jigoshop, a referral is recorded for the affiliate that referred the sale.

How can I set the amount that affiliates earn on each sale?

Go to Affiliates > Jigoshop Integration Light and set the rate there.

Example: If you want to give an affiliate 10% of each net total sales amount, set the rate to 0.1.



  • WordPress 3.9 compatibility


  • WordPress 3.8 compatibility


  • WordPress 3.6 compatibility


  • WordPress 3.5 compatibility tested


  • Fixed shipping deducted from net order amount


  • Adapted to changed order field semantics (1.3.1).


  • WP 3.4.1 compatibility


  • Fixed links to orders on Visits & Referrals and Affiliates & Referrals admin screens
  • Added usage stats option
  • Reduced footprint on affiliates admin pages


  • Added missing variable initialization.


  • Initial release.

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