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EchoCurrent Affiliate Product Optimizer


With the introduction of the Affiliate Product Optimizer (APO), publishers gain the ability to understand their visitors’
interests in real-time and display optimal, personalized product offers from affiliate networks. By truly listening
to website visitors’ words and actions, publishers can increase their revenues by showing their customers the most
relevant products at just the right time.

The Affiliate Product Optimizer goes much further than standard search or page ads by building a unique profile
of each web site visitor as they interact with the web site, a “Customer Echo”. The Echo is continually refined
over the life of the user session. Rather than using static page content to match offers, the Customer Echo is
used to select the most appropriate offers from the affiliate network, specific to each visitor. This provides
each visitor with a unique and optimized experience based on their personal browsing interests and exhibited site

Initially released with support for the Commission Junction network, and using the Commission Junction Web
Services, the Affiliate Product Optimizer easily plugs into a publisher’s website by adding a pre-generated piece
of JavaScript to the page. This plugin is made available, allowing this new capability to be easily added to the
WordPress platforms without touching any code.

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New Features added to version 1.1:

  • WordPress 2.6 support (and tested up to 2.7)
  • Template Tag support
  • Shortcode support

New Features added to version 1.2:

  • New 120-width Skyscraper zone available


  • MediumRectangleText - Displays an APO Zone with text-based product offers.
  • VerticleBanner - Displays an APO Zone with a single product.


How much does your service cost?

Nothing! Our APO service, as well as the underlying account with Commission Junction, is completely free of charge.

Where do I register? Where do I get an EchoCurrent Key?

You can visit our Getting Started Guide for details on the 3 simple steps needed to get your own APO Zone.

Which zone style should I pick?

That completely depends on the layout of your website/blog. Please visit our Product Zone Dimensions page for an
explanation and examples of the different options.

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