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!This plugin hasn’t been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

Advertwhirl Advertising Manager and Ad Rotator

Advertwhirl the ultimate WordPress advertising campaign manager WordPress. Control exactly which ads are displayed and how.

Is Advertwhirl free?

Sort of. You can download, install and use Advertwhirl free of charge with no limits. However, Advertwhirl is ad sponsored. That for every 20 ads it serves up for your site it will serve 1 of its own.

Is Advertwhirl open source?

Yes. All plugins in the WordPress plugin directory are required to have a GPL V2 compatible license. Advertwhirl is licensed under the GPLv2

What ads can I display with Advertwhirl?

Any you want. At the moment Advertwhirl can import all of your Adsense ad units automatically(along with your Adsense reports), creates Groupon ads based on your criteria(advertisement size and geographic location), and it's custom ad code feature allows you to create an ad for ad broker, affiliate, direct advertiser, or guest blogger along with your own local banner or text ads.

How much control do I have over which ads are served?

Total control. Advertwhirl's advertisement manager allows even the most complex ad rotation scenarios to be realized. If there is an ad management scenario which you can't figure out how to accomplish with Advertwhirl ask about it on the Advertwhirl support forum, we can help you configure your ad campaign. Or ff there is a rule that you think is missing let us know, we may just add it.

Advertwhirl seems complex, can it do simple ad sharing with a guest blogger?

Yes. Advertwhirl is quite flexible and lets you manage your advertising campaigns as simply or complexly as you require. Ad sharing for guest bloggers is one of the easiest configurations you can do with Advertwhirl.

  1. Set up your ads and your guest bloggers under Ad Sources.
  2. Create a new campaign.
  3. Add an ad source to the default allocation(Allocation 1).
  4. Select your ad unit for one of the ad sources and your guest bloggers for the other.
  5. Set the weights or percents to whatever the agreed upon share is.
  6. Add a single rule set and a single author rule.
  7. Select the author is and the author you wish to use this allocation for.
  8. Add another allocation(Allocation 2)
  9. Select your ad unit as the single ad source

Thats it. Any posts written by the guest blogger will rotate ads based on the wieghts you configured. Any other post will serve only your ad unit. If you have multiple guest bloggers the process is the same. Just add an allocation for each that is configured the same as Allocation 1, just change the weights, the authors ad unit and who the author is. Make sure to leave the Allocation with no rules and only your Ad Unit as the last allocation.

How focused can I target my ads to a particular visitor?

The degree to which an Advertwhirl advertisement can be targeted to a particular visitor is dependent on the type of Ad unit served. Adsense and Groupon both do their own user tracking and can pretty accurately target ads based on visitor. Local banners, direct advertisers, and other affiliate ads can be selected based on the visitors location or the value of a cookie or get argument for external ads.

How does Advertwhirl determine a visitor's location?

Advertwhirl uses ipinfodb.com and the visitors ip address to determine location. Geo location/GeoIP lookups from ipinfodb.com are free but require that you get a unique api key. Requesting an API Key is a simple and quick process, it should take less then 2 minutes of your time. With the GeoIP data your ads can be targeted to visitors based on their country, state/region, postal code(or partial postal code) and city. Great for focusing direct advertisements that are location specific.

ipinfodb.com GeoIP lookups also can provide location information for a visitors longitude, latitude and time zone. Currently Advertwhirl doesn't allow you to target ads based on this, but it is a feature that may be added if users of Advertwhirl require it for managing their advertising campaigns.

Where can I place my ads with Advertwhirl?

With the Advertwhirl ad campaign manager you can place your ads anywhere in your blog you choose.

Without any modifications to your template you can place advertisements automatically in the header, footer, before the content, in the content or after the content of posts and pages. If you want more control over where an ad is placed in a particular post/page you can use a short code in the built-in editor ie... [advertwhirl campaign=your_campaign].

You can use the Advertwhirl widget to place an advertisement anywhere you can place a WordPress sidebar widget.

Finally if you need precise control over ad placement Advertwhirl provides php functions you can call in any of your themes php template files for more direct management over where your advertisements are placed. For instance you could replace the_content() in a theme's single.php file with the following code to automatically place ads in all of its blog posts.

post_content); //get the post content store in $content $paragraphs = explode("", $content); //Separate the content into

blocks $tcount = 0; //this is count for number of

blocks $adsEvery = 4; // How many

blocks between each of your ads. The smaller the number the more ads, the larger the fewer $maxAds = 2; // The maximum number of ads to put in a post. There is no maximum if $maxAds is -1 $adon = 0; //this is a variable to keep track of how many ads have been put in the post echo ''; foreach($paragraphs as $paragraph) { if(preg_match('/

/',$paragraph) == 0 && $tcount % $adsEvery == 0 && ($adon '; advertwhirl_print_ad('Your_Campaign'); // This is what places the Advertwhirl advertisement echo '

'; $adon++; } echo $paragraph; //print the

block echo "

"; $tcount++; } echo ''; ?>

if you just want to place an ad before or after the post content you could use the much simplified code in single.php

' . $after_ad . ''; ?>

the functions are 'advertwhirl_get_ad()' and 'advertwhirl_print_ad()'. They both take a single argument, the name of the campaign you wish to allocate an ad from. advertwhirl_get_ad() returns the content of the Ad Unit, but does not output it, you will need to save the content to a variablei(and do something with it) or echo it for the ad to actually be placed on the page. advertwhirl_print_ad() outputs the ad directly to the output stream when it is called. Calling advertwhirl_print_ad() will output the ad exactly where it is called while advertwhirl_get_ad() will give you the ad code but will leave the outputting of the ad code up to you.

The last way you can display ads for your advertising campaign is with a permalink. The power of this last method may not be immediately obvious but can manage your ads and take control of your advertising revenue in a very meaningful way. External advertisements via permalinks allows you to provide a URL to any content source outside of your blog and maintain control and manage how your ads appear on that content source. Become your own advertisement broker with Advertwhirl external ads. Mobile Sentience uses Advertwhirl to serve its affiliate ads in all of its ad supported products allowing use to keep our ads fresh and relevant without the users of our products having to update versions or make any changes. Real-time on the fly changing of your ads on sites outside of your blog.

Do you guest blog and get a share of the ad slots for your posts? Advertwhirl external advertisements are for you. Simply have the host blog/site pull your ads from the permalink for your guest blogging campaign and manage your own ads without having to wait for the host blogs admin to make changes.

Looking at having a smartphone app built for your site, or already have one? Mobile Sentience is releasing advertisement panels for android and iOS soon. Seamlessly integrate your external ads with your smartphone app and manage what ads are displayed on the fly direct from your WordPress admin panel.

If you need help creating a smartphone app for your blog Mobile Sentience offers custom consulting services

  • Advertwhirl advertisement panel for Android Apps (coming May 15th)
  • Advertwhirl advertisement panel for iOS Apps (coming June 2011)

What kind of reporting does Advertwhirl have?

Advertwhirl has real integration with Google Adsense and pulls down your Adsense reports and displays them in a dashboard widget. Advertwhirl also collects statistics on the ads it displays, though they aren't currently reported that feature is being activily developed. As is integration with Commission Junctions reporting api and Google Analytics. Finally integration with Mobile Sentience's "Mobile Analytics" Android application is under active development providing a handy on stop place to get all your analytics on the go.

Is there a version available which contains no sponsored ads?

Mobile Sentience provides custom consulting services. Feel free to contact us to learn more about this.

Requires: 2.2 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.1.4
Last Updated: 6 years ago
Active Installs: 200+


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