Advanced Table Rate Shipping for WooCommerce


Advanced table rate shipping a WooCommerce addons in WooCommerce store and it’s easy to use. There are many table rate shipping plugins out here but none of theme are easy like this plugin. We don’t like to user with tons of settings and options. We implemented very clean and easy understable setting panel where user can easily calculate shipping cost.


For control options and settings admin should go WooCommerce > settings > shipping and add new shipping zone. In this perticular zone, admin can choose “Advance table rate shipping” as there shipping option. After chose Advance table rate shipping as shipping option, user can options for this selected shipping method and can abale to select multiple conditions, perticular days, holiday, delivery and many more.

“Advanced table rate shipping for WooCommerce” FEATURES

👉 Create unlimited shipping method
👉 Shipping cost based on cart total price, total volume, total weight, total length, Number of items, Number of items by class, cart item etc.
👉 Shipping cost based on specific time range, data range, product category, custom taxonomy, specific day of a week, coupons, cart product quantity etc.
👉 Delivery time selection
👉 Base condition selection
👉 Option to set default method
👉 Apply shipping cost for multiplied by cost, weight, length, surface area, item quantity etc.
👉 Apply shipping cost for every unit of cost.
👉 Option to Disable other method
👉 Option to set city based shipping method
👉 Option to calculate volume
👉 Option to set method multiple condition
👉 Option to select minimum or maximum shipping cost
👉 Free shipping or discount on Special days
👉 Option to set height or lowest cost shipping class
👉 Import & Export shipping rate table as csv
👉 Import & Export shipping settings as json format
👉 Option to hide method if free shipping are available
👉 Option to set handling fee
👉 Shipping option appear for specific user role or exclude user role
👉 Include or exclude Tax
👉 Translation ready
👉 Compatible with WPML
👉 And many more features

Even more features are available in “Pro Version”


🔗 Backend Demo



  • List of all "Aco Table rate Shipping" methods in "Advance table rate shipping" sub-menu in "WooCommerce" menu.
  • General Settings tab for set Method title, Tax Status, Base Rules, Flat Rate and Shipping appear for etc.
  • City Settings: User can set list of city and can set logic for Include or Exclude city.
  • Volumetric Settings: Volumetric settings and Method base / default multiple condition.
  • Additional Settings: Some additional setting for set Include Tax, Exclude Weight, Round Weight, Hide Method etc.
  • Table of Rate: Administrator can set multiple Table rate shipping as he want with multiple condition and delivery day, cost etc.
  • Blank table of rate.
  • Import from CSV: Import table of rate from pre made CSV file.
  • Update / Edit shipping option title.
  • Front-end view for 'Advance table rate shipping' with cost and delivery date.


Installation of “Advanced table rate shipping for WooCommerce” can be done either by searching for “Advanced table rate shipping for WooCommerce” via the “Plugins > Add New” screen in your WordPress dashboard, or by using the following steps:

  1. Download the plugin via
  2. Upload the ZIP file through the ‘Plugins > Add New > Upload’ screen in your WordPress dashboard
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress


January 11, 2022
re-review: After a lot of support and fixes from the developers the plugin now works! there have been a lot of issues with the plugin as stated before but all this has been fixed for our website and hopefully everyone else in the latest updates! The experience have been far from perfect but the plugin now does what it claims! (old review) Could be a good plugin but it's not finished, don't know why they released it in this state. The shipping methods can be very complex which is good and the reason why we stuck with this plugin for so long. There are so many bugs that i struggle to choose one to share but for example the tax on shipping is not applied properly which can be a nightmare. when creating a shipping method it resets your settings, hard to explain just know it's infuriating. We have the paid version but the prompt for the pro version came back with the 2.0.0 update? The 2.0.0 update made it prettier but the plugin is in a worse state functionally. Me and my colleagues Submitted tickets to support but have not heard back and it's been so long that i don't expect to. In their auto-reply they say "but please be rest assured that your query will be answered within 48 hours.". They might have been too ambitious when estimating that time.
December 1, 2021
While we do love WooCommerce in general, when you have a fairly large company doing various types of shipping methods, WooCommerce tends to fall a bit short. This plugin is excellent when it comes to filling that gap, we found the Method Conditions both very useful and very flexible. Highly recommended.
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Contributors & Developers

“Advanced Table Rate Shipping for WooCommerce” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Fix shipping method add to specific role issue.
  • Fix Handling fee Taxable / Non-Taxable issue.
  • Disabled other file formate while import from csv.
  • ‍Solved clicking issue on title in method listing page.
  • Solved combined description with multiple option in a method.
  • Character limit on description and number field.
  • Disabled to input nagetive value in Number field.
  • Added proper subtitle / popup description in each option.
  • Added proper placeholder in all field.
  • Added delete option button in empty option.
  • Disabled to input special character in any text field like option title & method title.
  • Disabled to save shipping option without entering the valid name
  • Solved, if any condition aren’t match or options are emtpy, then flat rate willbe show.


  • Fix PHP error on cart page while add product to cart.
  • Fix hide other method issue if hide other method from city settings based on specific city
  • Disable add to Nagetive number on weight, delivery day, Flat rate etc.
  • Add option to hide / show delivery date


  • Fix tax calculation error.
  • Fix Admin page conflict while try to edit.
  • Fix update issue with specific shipping method id
  • Fix shipping zone error in general tab
  • Fix empty value issue


  • Fix bank data issue while edit existing methods


  • Update reactjs dependency based on node version 7.19.1
  • Update react router dom latest version 6.0.2
  • Fix tax error on shipping


  • Upgrade design
  • Disable access from woocommerce > settings
  • Add settings page to woocommerce > new custom page
  • Create a list of all table rate shipping as landing page
  • UI change in table rates tab
  • Enable / Disable toggle buttion in list page
  • Number of options in each methods in list page
  • Delete option from list page
  • Change shipping zone from inside general tab
  • More user friendly and many more…..


  • Fix error issue’s, generated by wpml class


  • Fix error issue for multiple method creation in “table of rate” tab


  • compatible with WooCommerce version 5.1.0


  • Initial release