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Advanced Post List

Create custom post lists to display various content. Easy to use Filter & Design as well as highly configurable and extensive.


  • Fixed [final_end] not updating output string.


  • Fixed [final_end] missing a param.
  • Fixed Undefined index: post__not_in.
  • Added initial Localization to prep support for multiple languages.


  • Changed Internal Shortcodes to a Class Object as a Shortcode API.
  • Changed support to Internal Shortcode to allow Attributes to be added in any order.
  • Added attributes aliases user_name & user_description for the Labels attribute in [post_author].
  • Removed attribute labels that no longer exist in WP for the Labels attribute in [post_author].
  • Added custom max size support for the Size attribute in [post_thumb].
  • Fixed extract to correctly grab img tags for the Extract attribute in [post_thumb].
  • Fixed encoding when creating an excerpt from post/page content in [post_excerpt].
  • Added [post_type] shortcode, and label attribute.
  • Added error check in [item_number].
  • Added check if other plugin is active in [post_pdf].
  • Added APL_ALLOW_PHP constant as a required varible for [php_function].
  • Removed APLCallback Class Object file.
  • Changed Dialog location for Internal Shortcode to a seperate file.
  • Added more encapsulation to initializing other class files.


  • Added Assets.
  • Added Icon to Assets.
  • Changed Screenshots directory to Assets folder.
  • Updated jQuery MultiSelect UI Widget files version 1.14 to 1.16.
  • Fixed [post_terms] grabbing a wrong param.


  • Fixed error 'Un-Defined Variables and Non-Objects' with Excluding Duplicates.
  • Fixed List Amount '-1' Returning Nothing.
  • Fixed Any/All Selection not properly querying Terms within the Taxonomy.
  • Changed Admin Header Links in APL Admin Settings Page.
  • Updated GPLv2 Information.


  • Added '[post_terms]' Internal Shortcode function to add Custom Taxonomy Terms.
  • Fixed MultiSelect Button Width using default width.
  • Updated Google APIs jQuery UI CSS version 1.8.21 to 1.11.4 to match WP 4.5.3 jQuery UI JS version.
  • Updated jQuery MultiSelect UI Widget files version 1.12 to 1.14.


  • Added Widget support.
  • Added param label to author shortcode.
  • Added param size to post_thumb.
  • Fixed warning errors with WP's debug config enabled.
  • Fixed Taxonomy Tabs not showing category/tag text.
  • Fixed AJAX Save Preset Button not updating text.
  • Fixed Save Preset Button enlarging each click.
  • Fixed Admin Preview not showing.
  • Fixed (preview) post list dynamics on admin side.
  • Fixed Delete Database Upon Deactivation no saving to APL database.
  • Fixed jQuery UI CSS file not loading with https sites.
  • Changed APLQuery class to reduce memory load, and remove nested code.


  • Fixed Admin UI Multiselect jQuery plugin not closing.
  • Fixed Multiselect not updating values.
  • Changed Admin Header Links in the Settings page.
  • Changed Screenshots.


  • Added Label Elements to Admin Option Settings.
  • Added Info Dialogs to the General Options Section.
  • Added Updater Class Object.
  • Added Backwards Compatibility to APLPresetDbObj & APLPresetObj Class.
  • Added More Security to the Backup Feature.
  • Added Version Variable to Export Output File.
  • Added an Overwrite Confirmation Before Finalizing the Import Operation.
  • Fixed 'Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded'.
  • Fixed Issue with jQuery UI 'Current Page' Parent Selector.
  • Fixed/Changed Import/Export Layout & Elements.
  • Fixed Backup (Export/Download/Import) Feature.
  • Fixed JSON Converter to Display PHP Errors Instead of Breaking.
  • Fixed Import to Update Preset(s) being imported.
  • Changed jQuery UI Dialog Messages to use a Dynamic JS Function.
  • Changed APLCore Constructor/Init & Import Upgrading Process.
  • Changed APLPresetDbObj Constructor to Optionally Create an Empty Class.
  • Changed Back-up Procedures to Use Both a Handler and a Final Function.
  • Changed Import File Uploads from Single to Multiple Files.


  • Added ‘Any/All’ term setting to taxonomies.
  • Added User/Visitor Permissions.
  • Added Author filter.
  • Added Ignore Sticky Posts filter.
  • Added Exclude Posts filter.
  • Added Exclude Duplicate Posts from Current Page setting.
  • Added an Exit Message.
  • Added database upgrade for 0.3.beta5.
  • Added additional support to scripts.
  • Added empty index.php files to all folders.
  • Fixed Post Status grabbing private content.
  • Fixed duplicate posts bug.
  • Changed ‘Post Status’ filter to carry multiple values.
  • Changed Admin Dialogs.
  • Changed jQuery register script location.


  • Fixed dynamics with post lists with 'Include Terms' within taxonomy and 'Current Page' post parent.
  • Fixed excluding current page.
  • Fixed always deleting database upon deactivation.
  • Changed 'get' functions for post_types, taxonomies, and terms.
  • Changed primary author.
  • Changed Plugin Page URL on admin page.


  • Fixed some 'scrict' errors that were being tossed.
  • Fixed the Activation, Deactivation, and Delete/Uninstall action hooks.


  • Fixed issue with script interference.
  • Fixed installing/restoring default preset settings.


  • Added Custom Post Type and Taxonomy support.
  • Added JQuery UI features.
  • Added "Post Status" setting for presets.
  • Added APLQuery class to shadow WP_Query.
  • Added a plugin database update for the change preset settings.
  • Changed "Post Parent" to carry multiple parent pages instead of just one.
  • Changed script and style handling to use wp_enqueue.
  • Changed from get_posts() to APLQuery (WP_Query) class.
  • Changed APLPresetObj class.
  • Changed import file to accommodate for new preset settings.


  • Initial v0.3 Release


  • Added a 'General Settings' section for core settings.
  • Added Import/Export feature.
  • Added a preset download feature.
  • Added admin.css to separate styles from admin.php file.
  • Added a new default css style button.
  • Fixed database version checking.
  • Fixed PHP hardcode string that was displayed to the admin.
  • Fixed 'Exclude Current'.
  • Fixed Before, Content, and After TextArea to expand correctly.
  • Changed 'Upon plugin deactivation clean up all database entries' to a yes/no ratio.


  • Fixed including required files.


  • Basic clean up and reorganizing.
  • Added phpdocumentation to created files.


  • 'Post Parent' combo box was corrected to now display only pages
  • 'Orderby' combo box was corrected to pass values that WordPress allows with WP Query
  • Edited some of the front end designs to make it current with the plugin
  • Post data is now being correctly pulled within APL_run
  • A clean up was done on 0.1.a1


  • -Very first working version-
  • Fixed 'Require all categories'.
  • Upgraded core functions.

Requires: 2.0.2 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.7.3
Last Updated: 3 weeks ago
Active Installs: 6,000+


3.9 out of 5 stars


4 of 8 support threads in the last two months have been marked resolved.

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