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Advanced Post Pagination

Perfect solution to split a long post content to multiple pages. Allows you to put text and image in pagination buttons. 5 awesome button layouts.

Perfect solution to paginate posts and split a long post to multiple pages. Allows you to put text and image in pagination buttons.


  • | Pagination buttons with Title text
  • | Pagination buttons with Title text and Number
  • | Pagination buttons with only Previous/Next buttons
  • | Shortcode [nextpage title="..."]..content..[/nextpage]
  • | Ajax and simple (reloading) pagination
  • | Full integration and compatibility with Visual Composers
  • | Adds pagination buttons slider if those takes more width
  • | Special button icon on post TinyMCE editor to split content to many pages
  • | Ability to set different button layout and content loading type per post/page
  • | Ability to set pagination button locations on the post content top/bottom/both
  • | Fully customizable trough WordPress Dashboard -> AP Pagination
  • | Pro | Automatically turns default <--nextpage--> pagination to Advanced Buttons
  • | Pro | Pagination buttons with subPage Title and Short Description
  • | Pro | Pagination buttons with subPage Title and Thumbnail
  • | Pro | Pagination buttons with subPage Title, Description and Thumbnail - DEMO


  • After activation just go to Edit/Add Post page.
  • Then select a part of content/text you'd like to split as a new subPage and click on ACP button icon ( black "[>]" icon is located next to other TinyMCE button icons.)
  • On the popup window you'll see a field for pagination button title, just insert a text and click on [insert] button. This wraps your selected content in ACP shortcode like this:
[nextpage title="pagination button title here"]
subPage content here...
  • You can also add this shortcode manually without using ACP button icon and popup window.

In Dashboard

Click on the "AP Pagination" menu and manage pagination settings. Here you can manage:

  • Turn on/of ACP pagination buttons
  • Change pagination buttons layout and style
  • Change pagination buttons location (top/bottom/both)
  • Make pagination carousel's navigation buttons fixed
  • Change content loading type (ajax, refresh)
  • Other settings...

Splitting a long post content to subPages

Managing pagination button layouts

Video Guide - How to use ACP with Visual Composers

Requires: 2.7.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.3.1
Last Updated: 2015-9-15
Active Installs: 1,000+


4.6 out of 5 stars


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