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Facilitates WordPress plugin and theme development.

3.8.0 - 2016/07/26

  • Added the placement field argument that allows the user to place field in the areas of section title and field title.
  • Added the inline_mixed built-in field type which introduces the ability to create inline mixed fields with the content field definition argument.
  • Added the ability to nest fields with the content field definition argument.
  • Added a new factory class, AdminPageFramework_TermMeta, to build forms for taxonomy terms.
  • Changed the type argument in the field definition to be able to be omitted.
  • Changed the default value of the label_min_width field argument to 0 from 140 and its min-width CSS property value set to elements are handled with embedded CSS.
  • Changed the behaviour of collapsible section bars that expanded/collapsed when a field in the bar was clicked.
  • Fixed a bug that setting an argument array to the script and style argument of a menu page definition did not take effect.
  • Fixed a bug with the rich text editor that set text was erased when the field is sortable and the sorted the field.
  • Fixed a bug that the tool bar of repeatable rich text area fields did not get updated when the field or section was repeatable.
  • Fixed a bug that delimiter elements were not displayed when a last repeatable field is duplicated.

3.7.15 - 2016/05/31

  • Fixed a bug that caused a warning saying accessing an undefined object property in the network admin area.

3.7.14 - 2016/04/20

  • Fixed a compatibility issue with WordPress 4.5 that taxonomy form fields were not displayed in the term editing page.

3.7.13 - 2016/03/04

  • Fixed a PHP notice, Array to string conversion in ...AdminPageFramework_FieldType_media.php caused when setting an array to the repeatable field definition argument of the image and media field type.

3.7.12 - 2016/02/20

  • Added the ability to set custom classes for sub-objects.
  • Added an example for page meta boxes for in-page tabs in the demo.
  • Added the load() method to the admin page factory class which gets called when one of the added admin pages starts loading.
  • Fixed a bug that zip files generated with Generator could not be opened on Windows.
  • Fixed a bug that the size field type could not save and retrieve values in a sub-field, introduced in v3.7.0.
  • Tweaked the style of page meta boxes.

3.7.11 - 2016/01/15

  • Fixed a bug that the default plugin action link were doubled when setting a custom label.
  • Changed the error level of custom errors for using deprecated items.

3.7.10 - 2016/01/13

  • Added the load() method to the post type factory class which gets called when the edit.php page of the post type starts loading.
  • Optimized performance in the common admin area.
  • Changed the timing of registering page meta boxes so that their classes can be instantiated in the load_{...} hook of the admin page factory class.
  • Changed the framework inline CSS rules in the compiled library files to be minified.

3.7.9 - 2016/01/07

  • Reduced the number of library files.
  • Fixed a bug that site-wide field type definitions were overridden by built-in field types of per-class field type definitions which caused some field types which override the built-in field type slug did not load, introduced in v3.7.1.
  • Fixed an issue with widgets that caused some overhead.
  • Fixed an issue that widget resources were loaded in pages that do not have widget forms.
  • Tweaked the style of collapsible form sections.
  • Changed the color of setting notices for resetting options with the submit field type from red to green.
  • Changed the demo to be disabled when the loader plugin admin pages are disabled.

3.7.8 - 2015/12/31

  • Reduced the number of database queries used in framework forms.

3.7.7 - 2015/12/30

  • Fixed an issue that the framework forms could not be displayed when some third-party plugins or themes have JavaScript errors.
  • Fixed a bug in a field object calling an undefined method. - 2015/12/23

  • Fixed a bug that debug log was generated, introduced in v3.7.6.
  • Fixed a bug that Generator could not generate some files, introduced in v3.7.6.

3.7.6 - 2015/12/23

  • Added the skip_confirmation argument for the submit field type, which skips submit confirmation.
  • Fixed some compatibility issues with PHP 7.
  • Fixed an issue that fron-end pages of custom post types registered with the framework could not be accessible in some occasions.
  • Fixed a bug that resetting options did not show a message since v3.5.3.
  • Fixed a bug that page titles got doubled in the title tag when there is a hidden page.
  • Changed the timing of resetting options and sending contact form emails of the submit field type to after the validation hooks so that the user can cancel their actions.

3.7.5 - 2015/12/18

  • Reduced the number of database queries used in framework widget forms.

3.7.4 - 2015/12/16

  • Added the submenu_order_addnew and submenu_order_manage arguments for the post type arguments.
  • Added the submenu_order argument for the taxonomy arguments.
  • Fixed a bug that setting notices could not be displayed in the network admin area, introduced in 3.7.0.
  • Fixed a bug in the demo of network admin pages that called non existent class, introduced in 3.7.0.
  • Fixed a bug in the network admin factory class that called an undefined method, , introduced in 3.7.0.
  • Changed the default capability value of the user meta factory class to read to allow subscribers to edit options of their profiles.
  • Changed the incremental offset automatically assigned to the order argument of sub-menu items.
  • Changed the order argument of sub-menu items to be effective site-wide.

3.7.3 - 2015/12/13

  • Added the action_links_{post type slug} filter to the post type factory class.
  • Fixed an issue of a fatal error Maximum function nesting level of 'x' reached when the server enables the XDebug extension and sets a low value for the xdebug.max_nesting_level option.

3.7.2 - 2015/12/11

  • Fixed a compatibility issue with WordPress 4.4 that widget fields with a section could no longer save and retrieve the values.
  • Fixed a bug that the framework library files and user-generated library files were missing file doc-blocks.
  • Fixed an issue that custom field type specific text domain could not be converted with the Generator tool.
  • Changed the form sections and fields registration mechanism of the admin page class to accept items without the page_slug and tab_slug by letting them being added to the current page or tab which is registed by the classs.

3.7.1 - 2015/12/08

  • Added the internal ability for the select and radio field types to accept nested attributes arguments for each label element.
  • Fixed a bug that site-wide field type definitions were loaded multiple times per page load, introduced in 3.7.0.
  • Tweaked the style of form sections and fields.
  • Tweaked the style of help tool tips.

3.7.0 - 2015/12/04

  • Added the setMessage() and getMessage() methods to retrieve and modify the framework system messages.
  • Added the 'type' argument for the collapsible argument for section definitions which supports button to make sections collapsible with a button.
  • Added the ability to display tool tips that appear when the user moves the cursor over the ? icon beside the section and field title.
  • Added the tip argument for section definitions.
  • Added a utility class to create pointer tool box in the admin area.
  • Added the ability of nesting sections.
  • Tweaked the way that forms appear.
  • Tweaked the way that admin notices appear.
  • Fixed a bug that the collapsed of collapsible section definition argument did not take effect for widget forms when the widget was initially dropped.
  • Changed the factory class name of the page meta box from AdminPageFramework_MetaBox_Page to AdminPageFramework_PageMetaBox.

3.6.6 - 2015/11/26

  • Changed back the change introduced in v3.6.4 not to convert backslashes to underscores in class names in the framework hooks but only apply to auto-callback method names.

3.6.5 - 2015/11/21

  • Fixed a bug that layouts of page meta boxes were not displayed properly when no side meta box existed and one of normal or advanced was added.
  • Fixed the style of section tabs in WordPress 4.4.

3.6.4 - 20105/11/19

  • Added the APFL_SILENT_MODE constant to the loader plugin that toggle the visuals of the loader admin pages.
  • Tweaked the style of textarea fields.
  • Fixed an issue that a column data were not updated right away when the user uses Quick Edit in a post listing table of a post type.
  • Changed the class names in the framework hook names to get backslashes converted to underscores to avoid invalid characters in callback method names.

3.6.3 - 2015/11/07

  • Added the script and style arguments for the page and in-page tab definitions.
  • Tweaked the style of section tab titles in meta boxes.
  • Fixed an issue in WordPress 3.7.x or below that the screen icon appeared even when the screen title and the in-page tabs are disabled.
  • Changed the required WordPress version to 3.4.

3.6.2 - 2015/10/31

  • Added a notification box in the admin pages of the loader plugin.
  • Tweaked the style of heading tags in meta boxes.
  • Tweaked the style of buttons of collapsible sections.
  • Fixed a bug that the form values were not saved correctly with a sortable and repeatable section containing repeatable fields.
  • Fixed a bug in the taxonomy fields that conditions set with the if and capability arguments were not applied.

3.6.1 - 2015/10/26

  • Added the ability to activate a form section tab by URL.
  • Added the content argument for section and field definition arrays to define custom outputs.
  • Added a hook to filter parsing contents to the AdminPageFramework_WPReadmeParser utility class.
  • Fixed a bug with form section tabs that the active content elements were not visible when a container element is hidden first on the page load.
  • Fixed a bug caused a fatal error in the AdminPageFramework_AdminNotice class, introduced in 3.5.12.

3.6.0 - 2015/10/22

  • Added the ability for the generator to include custom field types.
  • Added the ability to sort sections with the sortable argument of a section definition array.
  • Added the save argument for the section and field definition.
  • Added the if argument to the in-page tab definition.
  • Fixed an issue of a conflict that forms of post type meta boxes were not displayed when the global $post object is modified by third party scripts.
  • Fixed an issue that the file fields could not trigger the section validation callback when there are no other field types in the section.
  • Fixed a bug that an in-page tab that the parent_tab_slug is set and show_in_page_tab is false was displayed, introduced in 3.5.10.
  • Fixed the setPageHeadingTabTag() method did not property set the tag.
  • Changed the capability values of admin pages, in-page tabs, sections and fields to inherit the value from the outer container element.
  • Changed the directory structure of included files to shorten the overall file paths.
  • Changed the mechanism of the repeating and sorting fields.

3.5.12 - 2015/08/09

  • Fixed a bug that the Select All and Select None buttons were doubled when a checkbox and posttype field types were in the same form and not displayed with the taxonomy field type when there are no checkbox or posttype fields in the same page.
  • Tweaked the class selectors of admin notification elements to have dismiss buttons available in WordPress 4.2 or above.

3.5.11 - 2015/07/14

  • Added a warning to be displayed for forms in generic admin pages when the user form inputs exceeds the PHP max_input_vars value.
  • Added the column layout screen options for page meta boxes.
  • Fixed a bug that screen options were not saved in generic pages added by the framework.

3.5.10 - 2015/07/05

  • Added the show_submenu_add_new post type argument which enables to remove "Add New" sub-menu item from the sidebar menu.
  • Added the attributes and disabled arguments to page and in-page tab definition array which gets applied to navigation tab element.
  • Changed the behavior of the color field type to have the default value getting reflected in repeated field.
  • Fixed an issue that default values could not be set for user meta fields.
  • Fixed an issue that magic quotes were not sanitized in taxonomy field inputs.

3.5.9 - 2015/06/25

  • Added the ability for the size field type to create sub-fields by passing an array of labels.
  • Added the reset_... action hooks.
  • Added the ability to disable setting notices by passing an empty string to the setSettingNotice() method.
  • Added the ability for the admin page factory class to save form options only for a set time of period by passing an integer for the option key to the constructor.
  • Added the ability for transient utility methods to accept long transient key names.
  • Fixed an issue that post meta-box form fields were not able to set default values when there were existing meta data.
  • Fixed a bug in the getOption() utility method that the fourth parameter did not take effect when null is given to the second parameter.
  • Changed the timing of rendering the widget title to after the do_{...} and content_{...} hooks.
  • Changed the zip file name of generated framework files to have a version suffix.

3.5.8 - 2015/05/29

  • Added the ability for the getValue() method to set a default value with the second parameter when the first parameter is an array.
  • Added the ability for the text and textarea field types to create sub-input elements by passing an array to the label argument.
  • Added the width argument for the taxonomy field type.
  • Fixed a bug that the name attribute value was not set in post meta box fields in post-new.php, introduced in 3.5.7.
  • Fixed a bug with the taxonomy field type that could not list terms when the arguments argument misses the class argument. - 2015/05/11

  • Fixed a bug with referencing pressed submit button name attributes, introduced in 3.5.7.

3.5.7 - 2015/05/05

  • Fixed a compatibility issue with WordPress 4.2 or above that the taxonomy field type become not able to list taxonomy terms.
  • Tweaked styling of page meta-box form elements.

3.5.6 - 2015/03/15

  • Fixed a bug that form section values of page meta box could not be displayed.

3.5.5 - 2015/03/08

  • Added the footer_right_{...} and footer_left_{...} filter hooks.
  • Fixed an issue that the loader plugin could not get activated when a plugin that includes the framework of a lesser version that that not have a certain class constant.
  • Changed not to include the development version in the plugin distribution package.
  • Changed the setFooterInfoLeft() and setFooterInfoRight() methods to be deprecated which had not been functional since v3.1.3.

3.5.4 - 2015/03/02

  • Added the framework component generator in the loader plugin which can be accessed via Dashboard -> Admin Page Framework -> Tools -> Generator.
  • Added the export_header_{...} filters that lets the user set custom HTTP header outputs for the export field type.
  • Fixed a bug in the system field type that PHP warnings occurred when the permission to read error logs is not sufficient.
  • Changed the minified version to be deprecated.
  • Changed the version name of the development version to have .dev notation in the version name.

3.5.3 - 2015/02/21

  • Added the ability to reset individual field values with the reset argument of the submit field type.
  • Added a user meta factory class demo example.
  • Added the validate() and content() methods in the admin page factory class.
  • Added the fourth parameter to the validate() method of page meta box factory class to receive submit information.
  • Fixed a bug that invalid field values were stored when submitting the form multiple times using validation callback methods.
  • Fixed an issue in the loader plugin that after resetting the loader plugin options via the Debug tab, a warning 'You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.' appeared.
  • Fixed an issue in the user meta factory class that a PHP notice, Trying to get property of non-object..., which appeared when creating a new user.
  • Fixed an issue that the image field type did not extend AdminPageFramework_FieldType but AdminPageFramework_FieldType_Base.

3.5.2 - 2015/02/02

  • Fixed a bug in the widget factory class that form sections could not be set.
  • Changed the class argument of the section definition array to accept a string. - 2015/01/24

  • Fixed a bug that caused non-object type PHP error in the post type factory class introduced in v3.5.1.

3.5.1 - 2015/01/23

  • Fixed a bug in the enqueueScripts() method of the admin page factory class.
  • Fixed a bug that message objects were not properly instantiated.
  • Fixed PHP strict standard warnings.

3.5.0 - 2015/01/22

  • Added the forth parameter of submit information to the validation filter callbacks so that callback methods can know which framework field submit button is pressed etc.
  • Added the a method to the field type class that is triggered when a field of the field type is registered.
  • Added the field_types_admin_page_framework filter that allows you to register field types sitewide.
  • Added the url argument for in-page tab definition arrays that allows the user to add link navigation tab.
  • Added a utility class for WordPres Readme parser and the markdown syntax.
  • Added a utility class for plugin bootstraps.
  • Added user meta factory class for adding fields in the user profile page.
  • Fixed the network admin factory class could not add plugin action links via the addLinkToPluginTitle() method.
  • Fixed an issue that empty strings could be inserted with the addLinkToPluginTitle() and addLinkToPluginDescription() method.
  • Fixed a bug that style_{...} and script_{...} filters were triggered twice in generic admin pages.
  • Fixed a bug that style_{page slug}_{tab slug}, style_{page_slug}, script_{page slug}_{tab slug}, and script_{page slug}_{tab slug} were not available.
  • Changed the demo plugin to be a loader plugin that loads Admin Page Framework.
  • Tweaked the styling of admin page container elements.

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