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Smart Layers by AddThis

Increase your website traffic, social media followers, and content engagement with Smart Layers by AddThis.

What services does AddThis support?

AddThis supports over 200 social sharing services, and over 60 follow services.

Is AddThis free?

Many of our tools are free, but Pro users get the benefit of exclusive widgets, including mobile­ friendly tools and retina icons, priority support and deeper analytics.

Do I need to create an account?

No, you do not need to create an account in order to control a limited number of AddThis tools from within WordPress. In order to use more AddThis tools, more options and see your site's analytics you will need to create an account with AddThis. It requires an email address and name, but that's it.

Is JavaScript required?

All AddThis website tools require JavaScript. JavaScript must be enabled. We load the actual interface via JavaScript at run-time, which allows us to upgrade the core functionality of the menu itself automatically everywhere whenever a new social sharing services comes out.

Why use AddThis?

  1. Ease of use. AddThis is easy to install, customize and localize. We've worked hard to make a suite of simple and beautiful website tools on the internet.
  2. Performance. The AddThis menu code is tiny and fast. We constantly optimize its behavior and design to make sharing a snap.
  3. Peace of mind. AddThis gathers the best services on the internet so you don't have to, and backs them up with industrial strength analytics, code caching, active tech support and a thriving developer community.
  4. Flexibility. AddThis can be customized via an API, and served securely via SSL. Share just about anything, anywhere ­­your way.
  5. Global reach. AddThis sends content to 200+ sharing services 60+ languages, to over 2 billion unique users in countries all over the world.

What PHP version is required?

This plugin requires PHP 5.2.4 or greater and is tested on the following versions of PHP:

  • 5.2.4
  • 5.2.17
  • 5.3.29
  • 5.4.45
  • 5.5.34
  • 5.6.20
  • 7.0.5

Who else uses AddThis?

Over 15,000,000 sites have installed AddThis. With over 2 billion unique users, AddThis is helping share content all over the world, in more than sixty languages.

Are there filters?

Yes! There are lots of filters in this plugin.

Filters allow developers to hook into this plugin's functionality in upgrade-safe ways to define very specific behavior by writing their own PHP code snippets.

Developer documentation on our filters is available. This documentation lists all the filters for our plugins.

Are there widgets?

Yes! There are widgets available for all AddThis inline tools (the ones that don't float on the page).

If you register with an AddThis Pro account, you'll also see widgets for our Pro tools.

Developer documentation on our widgets is also available. This documentation lists all the widgets for our plugins.

Are there shortcodes?

Yes! There are lots of shortcodes in this plugin. There are shortcodes are available for all AddThis inline tools (the ones that don't float on the page).

If you register with an AddThis Pro account, the shortcodes for our Pro tools will work for you, too.

See our documentation on our shortcodes. This documentation lists all the shortcodes for our plugins.

Requires: 3.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.5.5
Last Updated: 7 months ago
Active Installs: 10,000+


3.3 out of 5 stars


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