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Follow Buttons by AddThis

AddThis Follow Buttons help visitors follow your social profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn and other social networks.


  • Adding meta box to allow site editors to disable automatically added tools when editing posts and pages. Compatible with the Share Button by AddThis meta box. If disabled in one, auto adding of tools will be disabled in both.
  • Redesigned the plugin's widgets to work with AddThis.com's support of multiple definitions of the same tool type. The class for the new widget is AddThisWidgetByDomClass. Widgets created through WordPress's UI will automatically be migrated to use the new class. However, any hard coded use of the old widget classes will need to be updated before upgrading. Deleted widget classes: AddThisFollowButtonsCustomWidget, AddThisFollowButtonsHorizontalWidget, AddThisFollowButtonsVerticalWidget. Developer documentation on the new widget is available.
  • Fix for PHP Warning on AddThisFollowButtonsToolParent.php line 127
  • Doing profile ID validation and follow service list retreival directly in the browser rather than proxying through a WordPress backend AJAX call. This will make this plugin work for "Ignore the tool configurations in this profile" mode in environments where the WordPress server can't talk to AddThis.com.


  • Error handling to prevent a PHP notice for an undefined property in AddThisFeature.php on line 704.
  • Compatibility with Smart Layers by AddThis v 2.0.0+. If you're using the Smart Layers by AddThis plugin as well, please ensure that you're using a 2.0.0 or higer version of it. This plugin is no longer compatible with older version of the Smart Layers plugin (1.0.12 and older). The order in which you upgrade the two plugins does not matter.


  • Fix for JavaScript error in admin area: Cannot read property 'locale' of undefined
  • Fix for PHP notices on AddThisTool.php on line 439 and AddThisPlugin.php on line 501 for special templates
  • Bug fix for WordPress 3.5 and older (shortcode_exists is not defined)
  • Speed improvements for all pages (x2 on the widget configuration page).


  • Removes warning notice at upgrade which deactivates plugin: The pluing addthis-follow/addthis-follow.php has been deactivated due to an error. Plugin file does not exist.
  • Clarifying some language in warning a warning message


  • Plugin rewritten from scratch.
  • Adding Follow Header feature from AddThis.
  • Adding an additional size (20x20 pixels) for Horizontal Follow Buttons and Vertical Follow Buttons (in addition to 16x16, 32x32).
  • Adding many new services
  • Adding shortcodes for use inside posts for both Horizontal Follow Buttons and Vertical Follow Buttons
  • Includes widgets for both Follow Buttons and Vertical Follow Buttons
  • Widgets now use central values for social accounts. This means that all horizontal follow buttons widgets will share a set of services and usernames, and vertical follow buttons will have their own set to share. If you're already using widgets that don't conform to this, those widgets will continue to display on your site as they did until you resolve these conflicts on our settings page. You will not be able to change the services on these conflicting widgets without converting them all to using a central list of accounts.
  • Optionally, allows users to set up their AddThis account and AddThis site profile from inside WordPress.
  • Optionally, walks existing AddThis users through logging into their AddThis account and picking a site profile to register their plugin without leaving WordPress. Once registered, AddThis is able to start collecting Analystics on your visitors social use of your site. No more copying in Profile IDs! (Analytics are only available at addthis.com.)
  • After registering the plugin with AddThis, Pro users can edit settings for Custom Follow Buttons from within WordPress. This also enables a Custom Follow Buttons widget and shortcode.
  • Shares (most) global options with the Share Buttons by AddThis plugin (if installed).


  • Adding AddThis EULA


  • YouTube Channel profile support
  • Improved troubleshooting data for AddThis Support


  • Support for WordPress 4.3


  • Support for servers without CURL


  • Minor bug fix


  • Minor updates


  • Better compatibility with other AddThis plugins.


  • Support for Linkedin Company profiles
  • Minor bug fixes


  • Minor bug fixes


  • AddThis Follow configuration options now available in WordPress Admin Settings
  • Minor bug fixes


  • Updated UI on Widget Setup
  • Update to Widget Framework


  • Initial Version

Requires: 3.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.7.3
Last Updated: 2 weeks ago
Active Installs: 10,000+


4.4 out of 5 stars


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