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Add basic meta tags and also Opengraph, Schema.org Microdata, Twitter Cards and Dublin Core metadata to optimize your web site for better SEO.

Plugin X displays a warning about Add-Meta-Tags being incompatible! What should I do?

Add-Meta-Tags is compatible with every plugin available for WordPress. It never affects the functionality of other plugins in any way.

Please read our Compatibility Notice. Also, check out our message about warnings issued by 3rd parties.

I see duplicate meta tags in the HTML source!

Add-Meta-Tags does not generate duplicate meta tags. Moreover, it does not check the HTML head area for duplicate meta tags. This is the responsibility of the user. Please make sure no meta tags are hardcoded into your theme (usually the header.php template). Also, if you use multiple SEO plugins, make sure that similar features, eg Twitter Cards metadata, is not enabled in both plugins.

The blog title appears in the 'title' HTML element even if a custom title has been set!

Most probably this issue is related to your theme. Please try to reproduce the same behavior using one of the default themes. If it is reproducible, please let me know about it in the forums.

Metadata validation tools show the error [Error: Missing required field "updated"]!

This is an issue related to Microformats metadata, which is hard-coded into the theme. It is not related to Schema.org microdata and also not related to Add-Meta-Tags.

My meta tags do not show up!

Please, check if your theme's header.php file contains the following required piece of code: <?php wp_head(); ?>. If this is missing, contact the theme author.

My meta tags show up twice!

The description and keywords meta tags are most probably already hardcoded into your theme's header.php file. Please contact the theme author.

I paste HTML code in the 'Full Meta Tags' box, but it keeps disappearing!

For security reasons, only <meta> HTML elements are allowed in this box.

Where can I get support?

You can get first class support from the community of users. Please post your questions, feature requests and general feedback in the forums.

Keep in mind that in order to get helpful answers and eventually solve any problem you encounter with the plugin, it is essential to provide as much information as possible about the problem and the configuration of the plugin. If you use a customized installation of WordPress, please make sure you provide the general details of your setup.

Also, my email can be found in the add-meta-tags.php file. If possible, I'll help. Please note that it may take a while to get back to you.

I want to request a new feature!

Please, feel free to post your request in the forums. Please be descriptive! Providing detailed feedback about the requested feature is the best way to contribute.

Is there a bug tracker?

You can find the bug tracker at the Add-Meta-Tags Development web site.

There is no amount set in the donation form! How much should I donate?

The amount of the donation is totally up to you. You can think of it like this: Are you happy with the plugin? Do you think it makes your life easier or adds value to your web site? If this is a yes and, if you feel like showing your appreciation, you could imagine buying me a cup of coffee at your favorite Cafe and make a donation accordingly.

I've added a low star rating in order to motivate you! Why don't you help me or not implement the feature I want?

Time permitting, the developer generally tries to do his best with providing free support for this plugin.

But, if you try to force that support with a low star rating, it is guaranteed you are not going to get any help. Unfortunately, it's never going to work that way. So, please, do not do it. You are encouraged to provide detailed feedback in the forums and work closely with the dev in order to get problems fixed. Then, feel free to add your review.

What should I always bare in mind before asking for support?

This plugin is Free software. It is developed in the author's free time and is offered without support of any kind. However, the developer tries to do his best to offer support for free in these forums.

You are expected to collaborate and act as a contributor. Detailed feedback is almost always the key for the quick resolution of any issue. Give the developer time to respond. Acting and expressing demands as if you are the customer or as if the developer is your personal assistant or employee is not a good way to ask for support. In fact, there is very little tolerance for such kind of behavior. Please, do not do it. Fixing all potential issues is just a matter of good collaboration.

Do you respect my privacy?

Absolutely. Add-Meta-Tags does not collect any data about the way the plugin is used by its users. Moreover, Add-Meta-Tags does not make any HTTP requests and does not use (or attempt to use) any resources stored remotely. Any statistical information about how you use the plugin is beyond the developer's interest. The entire source code is publicly available for review.

Requires: 3.1.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.3
Last Updated: 2015-7-28
Active Installs: 100,000+


4.9 out of 5 stars


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