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Add basic meta tags and also Opengraph, Schema.org Microdata, Twitter Cards and Dublin Core metadata to optimize your web site for better SEO.

Please check out the changelog of each release by following the links below. You can also check the roadmap regarding future releases of the plugin.

  • 2.9.1
    • The Twitter Cards, Opengraph and Schema.org microdata and JSON+LD generators for WooCommerce products have been greatly improved and are ready for general testing.
    • Updated the Turkish translation. (props to BouRock for tirelessly maintaining the Turkish translation)
    • Fixed issues of the JSON-LD generator with product and product group metadata. (props to Justin Flores for valuable feedback)
    • Review mode box no longer shows message about microdata when the JSON+LD generator is enabled. (props to Eduardo Molon for providing feedback)
    • Various other minor fixes and enhancements.
  • 2.9.0
    • IMPORTANT NOTICE 1: All help text messages and examples of the settings page have been moved to the integrated WordPress help system. This has been done in order to make the settings page easier to navigate. While at the settings page, press the HELP button on the top right corner and browse through the various sections in order to get detailed information about the available settings.
    • IMPORTANT NOTICE 2: It is no longer possible to enter the URLs of the Publisher's social media profiles in the WordPress user profile pages. Instead, publisher information should be entered in the relevant fields of the Publisher Settings section of the settings page.
    • The administration interface has been reworked.
    • Removed publisher related settings from user profile pages.
    • Improved the algorithm that collects the embedded media so that it excludes media which are just linked from the content and not embedded into the content.
    • Added option that limits the generated media metadata to one media file of each media type (image, video, audio). See Media Limit in the settings page. (thanks all for providing feedback about this feature - too many to list here)
    • Added support for pre-defined full meta tag sets, which can be used in the 'Full Meta Tags' box (more info). (props to aferguson for ideas and feedback)
    • Re-invented the 'Express Review' feature. Admittedly, creating a review has become a little more complex, but the new way of creating reviews is as simple as it can possibly get without sacrificing flexibility. If you have an idea about how to make it even simpler, please let me know.
    • This release contains an alpha version of JSON-LD schema.org metadata generator. By enabling it in the settings, schema.org metadata is added in the head section of the web page as an application/ld+json script, instead of embedded microdata in the content. This feature currently exists only for testing. Your feedbackis welcome.

Changelog information for older releases can be found in the ChangeLog file or at the roadmap on the Add-Meta-Tags development web site.

Requires: 3.1.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.3
Last Updated: 2015-7-28
Active Installs: 100,000+


4.9 out of 5 stars


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