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Changelog Entries

Please check out the changelog of each release by following the links below. You can also check the roadmap regarding future releases of the plugin.

  • 2.10.9
    • Notice: This release contains major modifications of the metadata generators regarding image data sources. Huge effort has been made to maintain backwards compatibility, but, of course, it is impossible to test the plugin in every possible use case scenario. If this release works well for you, it is highly recommended to contribute to the Compatibility Poll at the plugin page at wordpress org, so as to let others know it works. Please report any issues ASAP. If you run a critical web site, please wait for feedback from others before upgrading.
    • Any field that expects an image URL (basically the Default Image URL field in plugin settings and the Global Image Override field in the edit screens) now supports a simple absolute URL to an image, the special notation URL,WIDTHxHEIGHT or an attachment ID (an image selection dialog for this will be implemented in the upcoming release). Now the metadata for any image can have information about the image dimensions regardless of the fact that it may be a WordPress upload or not. Big thanks to Raymond Pirouz and Bret (WEBEAU Web Design) for valuable feedback.
    • Extra fields for custom full meta tags and for an enforced image URL (Global image Override feature) can be added to Categories, Tags, Terms of custom taxonomies and the default WordPress User Profiles. The extra fields have to be enabled in the Metabox Features of the plugin settings. Extra fields for terms cannot be used in WordPress versions older than 4.4. Author or higher access level is required in order to be able to edit these fields. Big thanks to Joe Youngblood for ideas and valuable feedback.
    • The full meta tags fields now support the special placeholder PAGEINFO (case sensitive), which can be appended to URLs that exist within your custom meta tags. On the first page of multipage content or archives, this placeholder is just stripped. On subsequent pages, it is replaced with the proper page related path. This feature lets you set custom meta tags with dynamic paging information, which gives the Full Meta Tags box a little extra flexibility.
    • Improved the command line interface with support for the extra fields of term objects.
    • Fixed compatibility of the command line interface with the latest versions of WP-CLI.
    • NOODP and NOYDIR are now supported on taxonomy and author archives.
    • Various minor improvements and fixes. The code will be cleaned up during the upcoming months.
  • 2.10.8
    • Adds metadata to the head section of AMP pages. If the Schema.org Microdata generator is enabled, it forces JSON+LD Schema.org metadata instead.
    • Updated translations. Huge thanks to everyone who has contributed so far, especially Burak Yavuz (TR), Sergey Komkov (RU), Michael Kotsarinis (GR) and others.
    • If the automatic generation of descriptions and keywords has been turned off, warnings appear in the help texts under the relevant fields in the Metadata metabox in the post editing screen. (Props to Česlav Przywara for valuable feedback.)
    • Added option to enforce the expansion of shortcodes before generating a description. (Props to kunicz for valuable feedback.)
    • Added option that adds Facebook's XML namespaces to the html element of the page. (Props to Gabriel Winnberg for ideas and valuable feedback.)
    • Fixed issue with the flag of the array_unique() function in PHP 5.2. (Props to Rocket-Boy for valuable feedback.)
    • Fixed issue with WooCommerce product description when the JSON+LD Schema.org generator is enabled and the product object has no content.
  • 2.10.7
    • Added option to omit help texts and notices in the Metadata Review Mode panel.
    • Updated translations.
    • Fixed bug with the parsing of Express Review data containing ampersand characters. (Props to Tharic-Nar for providing valuable feedback.)
    • The distribution graph of topic keywords is now called Topic Keywords Distribution Graph so as not to be confused with a feature of Bing Ads. (Props to Michael for feedback.)
  • 2.10.6
    • Notice 1: This release packs some new features, so checking it on a staging web site first would be a good idea. These are the last planned features for now. Subsequent releases during the following weeks/months will focus on minor improvements, code clean up, and bug fixes wherever necessary. Please note that due to lack of free time, there might be big delays in my replies to support requests. Before asking for support, please make sure you have read the FAQ and checked the open and closed issues at the Github issue tracker and also the topics at the wordpress org boards.
    • Notice 2: This plugin does not provide SEO advice and there are no plans to add such functionality. This is intentional and is actually a feature.
    • Improved the Metadata Review Mode with the addition of a table with statistical and other information about the topic keywords and a text-based keyword distribution graph. As a bonus, if the FD Word Statistics Plugin (still evaluated for non-English content) is activated, some readability scores and other text statistics are displayed. An extra option for this feature has been added to the settings page in the Metadata Review Mode section. Please check the Metadata and Content Overview and Analysis for more information about this functionality. Please note that this feature is still experimental and released for testing only. (Big thanks to Sergey Komkov for ideas and valuable feedback.)
    • The full meta tags text areas now support the use of the special notation [field=Field Name] with which you can use values from Custom Fields inside the meta tags. This gives you much extra flexibility. (Big thanks for ideas, sample implementation and valuable feedback to Phil Ayres.)
    • Added option to remove the HTML comments that enclose the generated metadata. Read the accompanying text please! (Props to catchmyfame for valuable feedback.)
    • Updated the Russian translation, which is now complete thanks to the work of Sergey Komkov. Many thanks! (Please note that some of the new strings of the latest releases are not final, so they might still appear in English. I haven't updated the POT file yet.)
    • The amt_robots_data filter hook is now deprecated and will be removed in future releases. Please use the amt_robots_options hook instead.
    • The full meta tags boxes now officially support <link> HTML elements in addition to <meta> elements. The support was there all along, but was not documented.
    • Some default meta tag groups of commonly used meta tags and links have been added and are available from the drop-down menu over the 'full meta tags' box in the post editing screen. Learn more about how to customize the pre-defined meta tag sets.
    • If the post's full meta tags box contains a <link> with rel="canonical", then WordPress' default canonical link is deactivated automatically. This way you can customize the canonical URL of your posts, if needed. (Props to Manos for feedback and testing)
    • The plugin now auto-detects multiple robots meta tags in the site-wide and the post specific full meta tags and compacts their options to a single robots meta tag. Currently, option conflicts are not automatically resolved, but some research about it and improvement has been planned. Your feedback is welcome. Please use the amt_robots_options filter hook to resolve conflicting options as you see fit.
    • Added filter hooks for filtering of the site-wide and post specific full meta tags and for controlling their processing.
    • If for any reason you need to turn off any processing of full meta tags, you can do it by adding the following in the functions.php file of the theme or in a custom plugin: add_filter('amt_full_metatags_processor_enable', '__return_false');
    • Various minor improvements and fixes.
  • 2.10.5
    • Notice: The plugin has undergone several much needed improvements lately. I know frequent updates make people (including me) a little nervous, but all updates have been very safe. The implementation of two or three extra minor features has been planned (time permitting) for the upcoming weeks. Development during the upcoming months will take place at a much slower pace. Thanks all for contributing in one way or another!
    • Fixed an issue with the metadata cache clean up when the plugin settings were saved. The extra (undocumented!) 'timeout' entries WordPress automatically creates were not properly removed. Clearing the cache using the command line worked as expected. Although optional, it is recommended to save the plugin settings once so as to clear the metadata cache.
    • Metadata for posts that are not published is no longer cached. This was a design flaw. (Thanks to kochtopf for valuable feedback and testing.)
    • Improved the selection box for the main source of local author profiles. (Props to ditad for valuable feedback.)
    • Updated translations.
    • The Esc key can now be used to also open the metadata review panel, instead of just closing it, by adding the following in the functions.php file of the theme or in a custom plugin: add_filter('amt_metadata_review_mode_enable_enhanced_script', '__return_true');
  • 2.10.4
    • This bug fix release addresses an issue with Metadata Review Mode in cases javascript minification/compression is in effect due to missing dependency during the registration of the javascript file.
  • 2.10.3
    • Improved the metadata review mode menu item on the admin bar by adding a dashicon, which does not vanish in small screens. (Props to Kochtopf for ideas and valuable feedback.)
    • Minor improvements of the highlighter of the metadata in review mode.
    • The alternative metadata review mode via the admin toolbar panel has now become the default mode. Use add_filter('amt_metadata_review_mode_enable_alternative', '__return_true'); to activate and use the old one.
    • The Metadata Review mode is now available on all pages and not just content pages.
    • Improved the title retrieval from posts in order to avoid having HTML within the title. For instance, Easy-Digital-Downloads returns HTML through the get_the_title() function. (Props to Mihai and the EDD support team for the hints.)
    • Fixed an issue with EDD category/tag archives which were also being identified by the plugin as products when the Schema.org JSON+LD generator was active.
    • Fixed issue with Advanced Title Management which returned an empty title for custom post types under specific circumstances.
    • More updates of the Russian translation have now been included. Thanks Сергей Комков!
    • Used the default style/script enqueueing mechanism for the review mode styles and scripts. The amt_metadata_review_mode_styles_scripts hook has been removed. Please use the standard WordPress methods to enqueue custom styles and scripts.
    • Added filter hooks and action hooks that can be used to customize the data that is presented in the Metadata Review mode. You can now customize this data in any way you see fit, eg by adding your own summary or analysis.
  • 2.10.2
    • Important release notes: This release contains performance optimizations and should be the fastest release to date. The overhead of the generation of metadata for WordPress content should be significantly smaller. WooCommerce product and BuddyPress profile metadata still need work regarding performance. Please keep in mind that for the smallest overhead possible, you should enable metadata caching by setting a caching timeout greater than zero in the plugin settings (Caching does not work for BuddyPress profiles yet). To the best of my knowledge this release works as expected, but, since code written in the distant past has been slightly modified, I have to say that it would be a wise idea to first try it on a web site aimed for testing and that you should proceed with upgrading at your own risk. If you run a critical web site, it would be a good idea to wait for a while and check for feedback from users who have tried it. Your feedback is always welcome.
    • Notes about future plans: No major new features have been planned for the upcoming months and this is why these releases have focused on performance. Further support for bbPress, Easy-Digital-Downloads and other parts of BuddyPress except profiles will be delayed for a while. Upcoming releases will focus on bug fixes and minor improvements wherever necessary.
    • This release makes use of the non-persistent object caching mechanism of WordPress to optimize commonly used utility functions.
    • Updated the Turkish translation which is once again complete thanks to the work of Burak Yavuz. Many thanks! (I haven't updated the POT file with the new metadata caching related strings yet.)
    • The Russian translation has now been included in the release as it has reached 80% completeness thanks to the work of Сергей Комков and zxsergeant. Many thanks!
    • The Metadata Review Mode has been improved and now contains the exact timings of the generation of the metadata blocks. (Props to Kochtopf for ideas and valuable feedback)
    • An alternative view for the Metadata Review Mode has been added. By default, if Metadata Review Mode has been enabled in the plugin settings, administrators can view a box containing the metadata within the post content. At this point, by adding add_filter('amt_metadata_review_mode_enable_alternative', '__return_true'); in your theme's functions.php file you can switch to the alternative view. Notice the Metadata button in the admin toolbar on content pages (archives will be supported in the future). This view is experimental for now. Your feedback and improvements are welcome. You can use the amt_metadata_review_mode_styles_scripts filter hook to filter the default inline styles/scripts for this view (visible only to administrators and only if review mode has been enabled).
    • The generated JSON+LD data is now compact and escaped. It still appears pretty printed in Metadata Review Mode though.
    • Removed the 'experimental' label from metadata caching. This feature is robust enough and works as expected.
    • Timing information about the generated metadata blocks now appears at the top of the block.
    • Various minor improvements.
  • 2.10.1
    • Revised the help section about metadata caching. Added more information about the best practices when external storage backends are used for the transient data. Please, make sure you read it in order to better understand how metadata caching works in Add-Meta-Tags.
    • Improved the information, which is available in the plugin's settings panel, about the status of the metadata cache.
    • Made the amt clean cache command agnostic about the storage backend used for transient data and added a command line switch to the amt clean command for non interactive operation.
    • Fixed an issue which prevented the Metadata Review box from being added to the page. This issue affected only version 2.10.0 and did not affect any public page. (Props to kochtopf for reporting the issue and for providing valuable feedback.)
    • Google has recently revised the validation rules of their Structured Data Testing Tool. Many improvements of the Schema.org Microdata & JSON+LD generators have been implemented in this release in order to make the Schema.org metadata validate correctly. Please note that the Yandex Structured Data Validator still reports several errors. I'll provide more information about this in upcoming releases. (Props to TheSDTM for reporting the issues and for providing valuable feedback.)
    • Fixed an issue of the Schema.org JSON+LD generator with image attachment pages which resulted in the ImageObject having incorrect attribute structure.
    • All main Schema.org entities now have the mainEntityOfPage attribute set.
  • 2.10.0
    • Metadata caching using the WordPress Transients API has been implemented for metadata on content pages (posts, pages, attachments, products, custom content types, etc), on which even the small overhead of the generation of the metadata might be a problem on high traffic web sites. When turned on, this feature makes the addition of metadata to the pages blazing fast with minimal overhead at the expense of some storage space. Metadata of archives is not cached as the overhead of its generation is very small. This feature should be considered experimental and should only be used by experienced WordPress users. There are some cases in which this feature is useful and other cases it is not. Please read the Metadata Caching section of the integrated help for more information, which will hopefully help you decide whether you need this or not.
    • Added option to display timing information under each metadata block so as to have a rough indication of how Add-Meta-Tags performs in your environment. Make no mistake, this is not a benchmark. These timings can vary even in consecutive requests of the same web page and heavily depend on your specific server environment.
    • Added detailed documentation about metadata caching to the integrated help.
    • Metadata caching can be deactivated (forced) and its relevant settings can be hidden using a filter based switch (Return true/false to amt_enable_metadata_cache hook). Can be useful in some cases.
    • Removed the experimental label from the Advanced Title Management feature.
    • Removed the experimental label from the JSON+LD Schema.org generator.
    • Removed the word-in-progress label from the BuddyPress profile metadata generator.
    • Updated the amt command of wp-cli to support crearing the metadata cache from the command line. Read the integrated help for more information about how the metadata cache can be cleared.
    • Updated translations.
    • Various minor improvements.
    • Notice 1: No new features have been planned for implementation in the near future. Releases during the upcoming months will focus on performance improvements and bug fixes whereever necessary. Your feedback is welcome.
    • Notice 2: The file and directory layout of the plugin might change in future releases. If for any reason this is going to affect your workflow, please let me know.
  • 2.9.12
    • The custom title feature is now fully backwards compatible with older themes, which set the page title using the wp_title() template tag instead of implementing the title-tag theme feature, when used with WordPress 4.4. Admittedly, this should have been resolved before the WordPress 4.4 release, so apologies for any inconvenience. The plugin is tested with the latest default theme, so this issue had not been brought to my attention before the WordPress 4.4 release. Also, the changes WordPress 4.4 brought in this area hadn't been clear enough so as to know there was going to be a problem beforehand. Big thanks to all who have provided feedback.
    • Notice 1: No new features have been planned for implementation in the near future. Releases during the upcoming months will focus on performance improvements and metadata caching and bug fixes whereever necessary. Your feedback is welcome.
    • Notice 2: The file and directory layout of the plugin might change in future releases. If for any reason this might affect your workflow, please let me know.
  • 2.9.11
  • 2.9.10
    • Added the filter hook amt_get_queried_object that can be used to modify the post object that is used by the plugin for metadata generation, a feature that opens the path for support of external post types like those used by AnsPress. (Props to Dima Stefantsov for valuable feedback, research and code contribution.)
    • Reverted back to the old way of loading the plugin text domain for translations. Translations are now loaded as expected. (Props to Burak Yavuz for valuable feedback.)
    • The plugin options are no longer deleted on uninstallation. Please use the amt command of wp-cli to clean up data.
    • Added filter based switches that can be used to easily turn off metadata generation for all supported types of metadata.
    • Updated translations.
  • 2.9.9
    • Fixed issue with Schema.org microdata generator which did not take options into account while generating the author's Person entity. This issue affects the last two releases.
    • Updated translations.
    • Minor improvements.
  • 2.9.8
    • Refactoring of Schema.org generators for BuddyPress metadata.
    • More profile properties are now supported by the Schema.org generators. Please check the BuddyPress Metadata Customization Guide for more information. The docs now include information about how to modify or extend the generated BuddyPress metadata, override the default field map or prevent profile metadata from being added to the profile page.
    • Various improvements of the BuddyPress metadata generators. (Props to HansRuedi Keller for valuable feedback)
    • Fixed issue with author URL for Google+ which appeared on pages without author. (Props to HansRuedi Keller for valuable feedback)
    • Added support for checks of the privacy setting of each field of the BuddyPress extended profiles.
    • Fixed the BuddyPress profile URL. The profile slug is now taken into account.
    • Allow filtering of the generated local profile url through the amt_get_local_author_profile_url filter hook.
    • Fixed various minor issues.
    • Updated translations.
  • 2.9.7
    • Notice: The file/directory layout might change in upcoming releases.
    • Added support for the generation of metadata for BuddyPress Profiles. Please consult the Extended Metadata section in the integrated help for more information about this new feature. This feature should be considered work in progress. Title customization is not supported yet. Many thanks to HansRuedi Keller for ideas, valuable feedback and for helping me raise my "BuddyPress IQ" at lerngruppen.net.
    • Added support for configurable source of local author profiles. Add-Meta-Tags, by convention, due to the lack of public profile pages in WordPress, treats the first page of the author archive as the author's profile page. This is now configurable. Please check the Author Settings section in the integrated help for more information before changing this as it affects some parts of the metadata.
    • Added the amt_local_author_profile_url() template tag which generates a URL to the local author profile according to the relevant selection in the Add-Meta-Tags settings.
    • Added the base mechanism for bbPress support. This feature is at a very early stage of developement.
    • Various improvements of the integrated help.
    • Minor improvements of the administration interface.
    • Fixes of various minor issues.
  • 2.9.6
    • This release implements the amt community command of wp-cli. Downloading wp-cli is required. Learn more about the Add-Meta-Tags command line interface. This feature should be considered experimental and is currently meant to be used in testing environments, even if it seems to work fine.
    • Decoupled the WebSite and Organisation Schema.org entities on the homepage, as it is unclear whether the various services interpret them correctly when nested. Furthermore, more research about how these two entities could be nested is required. The default homepage is the only page on which Add-Meta-Tags prints decoupled schema.org objects.
    • Fixed an issue of the excerpt generator, which in some cases could reinsert shortcodes (eg Visual Composer shortcodes) and HTML tags in the excerpt. Kudos to Ceslav Przywara for spotting it and for providing useful and detailed feedback.
    • Reverted back to one-argument version of the amt_custom_title_tag() filtering function in order to maintain backwards compatibility. Props to Cat for reporting the issue.
    • Removed the headline itemprop from Product schema.org entities.

Changelog information for older releases can be found in the ChangeLog file or at the roadmap on the Add-Meta-Tags development web site.

Requires: 3.5.2 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.5
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