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Adds the ETag, Last-Modified, Expires and Cache-Control headers to HTTP responses generated by WordPress for more efficient caching.

What is the target audience of this plugin?

This plugin exists only for people who know exactly what they are doing.

What knowledge is required before being able to understand what this plugin is doing?

Before using this plugin or asking for support, it is mandatory to be able to fully understand the following terms:

  • HTTP protocol
  • HTTP request/response
  • HTTP header
  • Web Browser Cache
  • Caching proxy server
  • Cache-control header
  • ETag header
  • Last-Modified header
  • Expires header
  • Web/HTTP Cache

Moreover, it is mandatory to know how to check the HTTP response headers, as returned by the web server, to which you have sent the HTTP request.

Being able to edit a PHP file, such as the functions.php file of your theme, is necessary in case you need to configure the plugin in a custom way.

Last but not least, it is mandatory to know how to check your web server's error log.

If you lack in ANY of the above things, please DO NOT USE this plugin and please DO NOT RATE it. Add-Headers is not the right plugin for you.

Does this plugin just work?

Yes. Despite all the mandatory requirements in knowledge, this plugin has been designed to just work. The default options have sensible default values that should work for the vast majority of web sites.

If it just works, why do I still have to meet the requirements in knowledge?

The fact that the plugin has been designed to just work does not mean that you are getting any guarantee that it is actually going to work on your platform. The plugin has been tested on a clean WordPress installation using the most modern default theme.

In order to be able to check whether the plugin is working fine on your platform or not, meeting the mandatory requirements in knowledge, as listed above, is absolutely necessary. If this is not the case, this plugin is not for you, even if it just works.

I cannot find the settings page!

This is because there isn't a settings page in the WordPress administration panel. However, the plugin can be configured by adding a small code snippet in the functions.php file of the theme or in a custom plugin.

There are no plans to implement a settings page in future releases. This happens because we need a great amount of flexibility which cannot be offered by a web based user interface. Nevertheless, configuration requires very basic coding skills. Please check the description page for more details about the available settings and sample code.

How do I know if the plugin is working? It does not notify me in any way!

By design, this plugin won't notify you about anything. You will have to check the actual HTTP response headers. Knowing how to do it is a mandatory requirement and is beyond the scope of the support that can be provided to you by the plugin author. However, you can easily find relevant tutorials and online or offline tools to help you with this.

The description page contains some simple instructions about how to do some basic testing using curl.

How can I customize the options or the plugin functionality?

Please study the 'Description' page. All the information you need exists there.

The plugin options can be customized by adding a small code snippet in the functions.php file of your theme. Moreover, the plugin functionality can be further customized by attaching filtering functions to the available filter hooks.

I get a PHP warning: 'Cannot modify header information - headers already sent'

This warning is not due to a programming error in the Add-Headers code. It happens because output buffering gets closed by another plugin or other custom code before Add-Headers sents the HTTP headers to the client. The path to the Add-Headers PHP script may appear in the warning message, but the real cause of the problem is 3rd party code.

It is impossible to guess what part of your 3rd party code causes this problem. It depends on other plugins you use or other custom code. Thorough investigation is required.

Start by reading the following analysis of the problem.

Also, please use the forum to report such incidents and hopefully work with the plugin author to resolve them.

Please DO NOT rate the plugin based on this warning. This is not a problem of the plugin itself. It has to do with the way PHP processes the HTTP response headers and the actual response body and the way WordPress and the various plugins generate them.

I've added a low star rating in order to motivate you! Why don't you help me or not implement the feature I want?

Time permitting, the developer generally tries to do his best with providing free support for this plugin.

But, if you try to force that support with a low star rating, it is guaranteed you are not going to get any help. Unfortunately, it's never going to work that way. So, please, do not do it. You are encouraged to provide detailed feedback in the forums and work closely with the dev in order to get problems fixed. Then, feel free to add your review.

What should I always bare in mind before asking for support?

This plugin is Free software. It is developed in the author's free time and is offered without support of any kind. However, the developer tries to do his best to offer support for free in these forums.

You are expected to collaborate and act as a contributor. Detailed feedback is almost always the key for the quick resolution of any issue. Give the developer time to respond. Acting and expressing demands as if you are the customer or as if the developer is your personal assistant or employee is not a good way to ask for support. In fact, there is very little tolerance for such kind of behavior. Please, do not do it. Fixing all potential issues is just a matter of good collaboration.

Requires: 3.1.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.2.4
Last Updated: 2015-6-9
Active Installs: 2,000+


3.9 out of 5 stars


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