Add Fediverse Icons to Jetpack


Enable Fediverse icons in Jetpack’s Social Menu module, which requires Jetpack, and may not be supported by all themes.

Supported Platforms

This plugin currently provides icons for:
– Diaspora
– Friendica
– GNU Social
– Mastodon
– Peertube
– Pixelfed


  1. Either visit ‘Plugins > Add New’, search ‘add fediverse icons to jetpack’ and install, or manually unpack the ZIP file into wp-content/plugins.
  2. In WP Admin, head over to ‘Plugins’ and activate ‘Add Fediverse Icons to Jetpack’.
  3. From ‘Appearance > Menus’, select your (Jetpack) Social Menu and start adding Custom Links to your Fediverse profile(s). Make sure to set each link’s Navigation Label to the platform you’re linking to, e.g., ‘GNU Social’, ‘Peertube’, or ‘Mastodon’.

While Jetpack itself uses domain names, e.g.,, to decide which icon to apply, that approach wouldn’t work here: federated platforms are hosted on all sorts of domains. What does work, though, is to name menu items after the applicable Fediverse platform.

Contributors & Developers

“Add Fediverse Icons to Jetpack” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.