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Active Directory Integration

Allows WordPress to authenticate, authorize, create and update users against Active Directory


  • FIX: A Password-Change-Mail is send after every Login. (Issue #0088. Thanks to Benny Vizens and conkidd for the bug report.)


  • FIX: Not all options are stored in multisite environments. (Thanks to Mike Jones for the bug report.)
  • FIX: Styles and scripts not always loaded when needed. Now the ADI status is visible again.
  • FIX: Logo wasn't loaded.
  • UPD: Updated the logo and the ADI icon on the users page.

Sorry, 1.1.6 was a real bad release.


  • UPD: Multisite Support updated. Centralized settings for all blogs. (Issue #0070. Thanks to William Earnhardt for his work.)
  • FIX: Fixed a problem with empty usernames. (Thanks to Johnathon Williams for the bug report.)
  • FIX: Possible fix for an issue with password decryption. (Thanks to Jan Kutschke for the bug report.)
  • FIX: Can not set maximum number of login attempts in Brute Force Protection to 0. (Issue #0082. Thanks to Florian Rommel for the bug report.)


  • ADD: LDAP paging support for Bulk Import on PHP 5.4.0 so more than 1000 users per group can be imported. (Issue #0058. Thanks to billrod for the bug report.)
  • ADD: Added new attribute type "cn" for user meta. (Issue #0080. Feature Request by Réda Sehili.)
  • UPD: Language Norwegian (nb_NO) updated. (Many thanks to Audun Wangen.)
  • FIX: Replaced deprecated $wpdb->escape() by $wpdb->prepare(). (Documented in issue #0078. Thanks to marshalld for the bug report.)
  • FIX: User Meta not loaded if "Append account suffix to new created usernames." is checked. (Issue #0081. Thanks to Réda Sehili for the bug report and the solution.)
  • Fix: Added network_timeout setting to wpmu settings.
  • Fix: Bulk Import didn't work correctly if account suffix is appended to username. (Issue #0076. Thanks to Stephen Rice for the bug report.)
  • Change: Moved class BulkSyncBackADIntegrationPlugin() from syncback.php to BulkSyncBackADIntegrationPlugin.class.php (Recommendation by nic0tin. Issue #0075.)


  • ADD: Option to (re-)enable lost password recovery. (Feature Request by Jonathan Shapiro. Issue #0074.)
  • CHANGE: Only set role of user if the role already exists in WordPress. (Issue #0051)
  • CHANGE: Now using POST instead of GET in Test Tool, so user and password are not shown in server log files (Change Request by Aren Cambre. Issue #0054.)
  • CHANGE: The roles in Role Equivalent Groups are now always stored in lower case. (Issue #0055)
  • FIX: ADI produces warnings due to deprecated use of id instead of ID (Issue #0062. Thanks to Liam Gladdy for the bug report.)


  • CHANGE: WordPress versions lower 3.0 are not supported anymore.
  • ADD: Disable users by Bulk Import (or manually) who are not imported anymore or are disabled in Active Directory. (Issue #0045. Feature Request by Bas Ruijters.)
  • ADD: Option to show on user list if a user was authenticated (or imported) from Active Directory and the disabled state of user. (Related to issue #0045.)
  • ADD: Option to choose whether ADI should fallback to local (WordPress) password check if authentication against Active Directory fails. You should deactivate this for security reasons. (Issue #0050.)
  • ADD: Option to prevent users from changing their email. (Issue #0049. Feature Request by Bas Ruijters.)
  • FIX: Username is handled as case sensitive on Bulk Import but this is a wrong behavior. (Issue #0041)
  • FIX: Options page won't load on WP 3.3. (Issue #0048)


  • ADD: Allow logon of users with domains different from Account Suffix. (Issue #0043. Feature Request by Greg Fenton.)
  • ADD: Manually sync of locally modified attributes (for example after manipulating the database) back to Active Directory. (Issue #0046. Feature Request by Bas Ruijters.)
  • FIX: Option AD_Integration_version was not removed from options table on unintall. (Issue #0047)


  • FIX: Password with special characters not accepted for SyncBack if Global SyncBack User is not used. (Issue #0036)

1.1 (VARA Edition)

  • ADD: SyncBack feature to write Additional User Attributes back to Active Directory. (Issue #0015. Thanks to Bas Ruijters for the feature request and testing.)
  • ADD: Bulk Import feature to import and update users from Active Directory (for use in cron jobs). (Issue #0012. Thanks to Bas Ruijters for the feature request and testing.)
  • ADD: Support for multiple account suffixes so users like user1@emea.company.com, user2@africa.company.com and user3@company.com can log on. (Issue #0018. Feature Request by DonChino.)
  • ADD: Logging to file /adi.log if WordPress is in debug mode (WP_DEBUG is true). Don't forget to delete it in production environments.
  • ADD: Using LDAP_OPT_NETWORK_TIMEOUT (default 5 seconds) to fall back to local authorization when your Active Directory Server is unreachable (only PHP 5.3.0 and above). (Issue #0020.)
  • ADD: You can use "givenName SN" as display name now. (Issue #0029. Feature request by Aren Cambre.)
  • CHANGE: adLDAP 3.3.2 extended for SyncBack and Bulk Import features (see above).
  • CHANGE: Passwords are not logged anymore even if WP_DEBUG is true.
  • CHANGE: Active Directory authentication for admin user (ID 1) is not used anymore. Fall back to local authentication. (Issue #0024)
  • CHANGE: Removed the Bind User. It is not needed any more.
  • FIX: Including registration.php is deprecated/obsolete since WP 3.1. (Issue #0017)
  • FIX: Language files were not loaded. (Issue #0030)
  • FIX: "Email Address Conflict Handling" not secure by default. (Issue #0032. Thanks to Aren Cambre for the bug report.)

1.0.1 (unreleased version)

This version was not released.


  • ADD: New language Dutch (nl_NL) added. (Issue #0002. Thanks to Bas Ruijters.)
  • ADD: Store AD attribute in WordPress DB (table usermeta) and show them on users profile page without any additional plugin.
  • ADD: More debug information from Test Tool. You have to set WP_DEBUG to true in wp_config.php for extra debug information from the Test Tool.
  • ADD: Set users local WordPress password on first and/or on every successfull login. (Issue #0006. Thanks to Eduardo Ribeiro for the feature request.)
  • CHANGE: Now using an extended version of adLDAP 3.3.2 which should fix some authentication and authorization issues.
  • FIX: Authentication fails if user has special characters like an apostrophe (') in password. (Issue #0016. Thanks to Bas Ruijters for the bug report.)
  • FIX: Account suffix was accidently used for bind user. Fixed in adLDAP.php. (Issue #0009. Thanks to Tobias Bochmann for the bug report.)
  • FIX: Uninstall crashed. (Issue #0007. Thanks to z3c from hosthis.org for the bug report.)
  • FIX: Bug in adLDAP->recursive_groups() fixed.
  • FIX: The stylesheet was loaded by http not https even if you use https in admin mode. (Thanks to Curtiss Grymala for the bug report and fix.)
  • FIX: On activation add_option() was used with the deprecated parameter description. (Issue #0008.)
  • FIX: Fixed problem with wrong updated email addresses when option "Email Address Conflict Handling" was set to "create".
  • FIX: The way of saving settings is deprecated since WP 2.7. Now using register_settings() and settings_fields(). Moved code for options page to admin.php.

  • FIX: Automatic User Creation failed in WordPress 3.0 (Thanks to d4b for the bug report and testing.)
  • ADD: New option "Email Address Conflict Handling" (relates to the fix above).
  • FIX: Some minor fixes in adintegration.php und adLDAP.php.

  • FIX: Some fixes relating to WPMU contributed by Tim (mrsharumpe).
  • ADD: WordPress 3.0 compatibility, including Multisite

  • FIX: Problem with generating of email addresses fixed. (Thanks to Lisa Barker for the bug report.)
  • ADD: WordPress 3.0 Beta 1 compatibility.
  • FIX: Little typo fixed.
  • FIX: Fixed a bug in adLDAP.php so the primary user group will be determined correctly.(Thanks to Matt for the bug report.)

  • FIX: If the option "Enable local password changes" is unchecked, it was not possible to manually add users. (Thanks to kingkong954 for the bug report.)

  • ADD: Translation to Belorussian by FatCow.

  • FIX: Local passwords were always set to random ones, so it was impossible to logon with a password stored/changed in the local WordPress database after the activation of the plugin.(Thanks to Vincent Lubbers for the bug report.)

  • FIX: Test Tool did not work with passwords including special characters. (Thanks to Bruno Grossniklaus for the bug report.)

If you have installed, it is highly recommended to update.

  • FIX: SECURITY RELEVANT - Added security checks to the Test Tool in test.php.
  • NEW: German translation for the Test Tool.
  • CHANGE: Improved debug informations in the Test Tool.

  • NEW: testing und debugging tool
  • CHANGE: tabbed interface for options


  • NEW: Deactivate Plugin if LDAP support is not installed.
  • NEW: New Option "Allow users to change their local WordPress password."
  • NEW: Multiple authorization groups (as requested by Lori Dabbs).
  • FIX: Added missing CSS file (Thanks to ajay and BagNin for the bug report).
  • FIX: Users e-mail address was never updated (Thanks to Marc Cappelletti for the bug report).


It is highly recommended to update to this version, because of a security vulnerability.

  • FIX: SECURITY RELEVANT - TLS was not used if you have chosen this option. (Thanks to Jim Carrier for the bug report.)
  • NEW: First WordPress MU prototype. Read mu/readme_wpmu.txt for further informations.
  • FIX: Usernames will be converted to lower case, because usernames are case sensitive in WordPress but not in Active Directory. (Thanks to Robert Nelson for the bug report.)


  • FIX: With WP 2.8 login screen shows a login error even if there wasn't an attempt zu login and you can not login with local user, as admin.(Thanks to Alexander Liesch and shimh for the bug report.)


  • FIX: "Call to undefined function username_exists()..." fixed, which occurs under some circustances. (Thanks to Alexander Liesch for the bug report.)


  • FIX: XMLRPC now works with WP 2.8 and above. XMLRPC won't work with earlier versions. (Thanks to Alexander Liesch for the bug report.)


  • NEW: determine WP display name from AD attributes
  • NEW: added template for your own translation (ad-integration.pot)


  • NEW: drop table on deactivation
  • NEW: remove options on plugin uninstall
  • NEW: contextual help
  • colors of logo changed
  • code cleanup and beautification


  • NEW: email notification of user and/or admin when a user account is blocked
  • object-orientation redesign
  • code cleanup
  • some minor changes


  • first published version

Requires: 4.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.3.7
Last Updated: 4 months ago
Active Installs: 9,000+


4.2 out of 5 stars


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