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MySQL interface. Create forms to insert, update and search. Embed tables or single values into pages. Foreign keys. Password records. Send email.


Number of databases increased from 3 to 9. Adjusted shortcode echo to be compatible with Visual Edit Page entry. Replaced PHP split() with explode().


Added disable wptexturization making using < or > in attribute specifications easier. Database names now default to the user name prefix when only one database setting is displayed. Spaces around commas in attributes now allowed. PHP files are no longer uploadable.


Added html_entity_decode() to all database related attributes that could contain < or > for less-than or greater-than. Use &lt; for < and &gt; for >. notable="0" forces a column title when the table output is only one row and one column.


Modified where="" attribute. Normally if a WHERE clause is produced in the SQL statement for the shortcode, an expression specified by a where="" attribute overrides and take precedence. Now if the where="" expression begins with AND or OR then it will be appended to the end of any WHERE clause generated by the shortcode. If the where="" expression does not begin with an AND or an OR then it behaves as before, overriding a WHERE clause generated when executing the shortcode. Typically it would be used to restrict searches to valid records, e.g., where="AND valid='1'".

Bug fixes


Added minimum and maximum time an insertion form is valid (protecting against bot inserts). Fixed bug causing problems when table fields names are WordPress reserved words (e.g., "name"). Added or="" attribute allowing a form element to be compared with more than one field name in the WHERE clause of an SQL search (e.g., or="first_name|last_name,title|description")


Fixed delete bug. Delete works again.


Changed database="" attribute to override database in Settings. (database="" used to be synonymous with db="")

Trailing spaces tolerable in Settings entries. Removed default style="width:auto" in tables except for forms.


Fixed rlink attribute so it works when pages are specified using page_id=X in the query string instead of requiring Permalinks being set to Post name. Set default rlink URL to REQUEST_URI (current page).


Added PAGE_URI and REMOTE_ADDR to [abase] output and at the bottom of emails by default. Added emailorigin="none" emailorigin="page" and emailorigin="remote_addr" to disable the email origin line or have the email origin line include just the page or just the remote address. The remote address is the IP address of the remote browser.


Added notable="1" attribute so user can specify no opening and closing table tags, allowing much greater style and format control.

Added left="" attribute to specify column(s) to left justify.

Added use of asterisk to specify all columns for center, left and right, for example, center="*" specifies all columns to be specified.


Remove stray comment lines from 2.1.1 upgrade.


Fixed a bug where some choices of table fields names (e.g. "author") would cause an error when inserting or updating. Form element names now have an underscore appended to field table fields names instead of their being identical. NOTE THAT NAMES IN HIDDEN INPUT TAGS (SUCH AS CURRENT DATE) SHOULD BE MODIFIED BY APPENDING AN UNDERSCORE (_).


The attribute "elements" has always also specified "columns" when "columns" is not, however, "elements" could not contain formatting information, until now. Attribute "elements" can now contain formatting information that is used whenever "columns" is not specified. If both are specified, "columns" takes precedence. If "elements" is not specified but "columns" is specified and a "form" is specified, then "columns" will also specify "elements."

Corrected problem with image references when WordPress is installed in a subdirectory.

Add site url override when images are referenced. Site URL is replaced is replaced with URL preceding field names in images attribute, separated with '^' character.


Fixed bugs including bug preventing ABASE from installing on Windows servers and possibly other servers.


Documentation corrections and clarifications. New versioning for WordPress.

First version available through WordPress.

Requires: 3.3 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.4.4
Last Updated: 5 months ago
Active Installs: 1,000+


4.9 out of 5 stars


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