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Function Tweaker

Developer Tool: Redefines the functions plugin_dir_url, plugins_url to work properly if you have symbolic links in your WordPress installation.

What does this plugin do?

Function Tweaker helps you troubleshoot and redefine the functions plugin_dir_url, plugins_url and plugin_basename to work properly. These functions may not work as expected if you have symbolic links in your WordPress installation.

Here is an example of the wrong output:

After correcting the issue, the right output is:

How do I use it?

Go to the Function Tweaker admin page. You will see the following help text message:

  1. First hit the "Test Functions" button.
  2. Look at the output above. Especially the one against plugins_url()
  3. If it looks incorrect, you may be able to fix it in two ways.
    • If the plugin is offering to define WP_CONTENT_DIR, please do so.
    • If the plugin is advising you to define it in your wp_config.php, please do so.
  4. Hit the "Test Functions" button again. Does the output look fine?
  5. If the function output still does not look right, click on the "Kill Functions" button and then hit the "Test Functions" button again.
  6. The output should have the right values now.
  7. If not, sorry, I am out of ideas. You may look at the plugin code in redefinedFunctions*.php and may be able to fix your issues.
  8. If you do, please leave a comment here so that others can benefit from your efforts.

How does it do it?

In most cases, defining your WP_CONTENT_DIR properly is good enough to solve the issue. The "Kill Functions" button basically removes the current definitions of the functions and replaces them with what is in the redefinedFunctions1.php. For it to work, your PHP installation will need to have a function called rename_function, which is part of the APD package. If this package is not found, the plugin will gracefully exit.

Requires: 3.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.5.5
Last Updated: 8 months ago
Active Installs: 20+


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