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!This plugin hasn’t been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

The AOL On Network Video Plugin

The plugin enables you to embed videos from The AOL On Network video library into your WordPress post.


How can I access the video library without using a search criteria?

To access the video library from The AOL On Network Plugin panel's Select Videos area, leave the Search field empty and click the "Search" button. The Search Results screen is displayed with all available videos chronologically.

How do I add videos to my article?

Adding videos to your article is a two-step process.

  1. Create a video group in the "Your Video Selections" list. The group can contain one or more videos.
  2. Click "ADD TO POST" at the bottom of The AOL On Network Plugin panel. A graphic placeholder for the player appears in your article at the cursor's current location. After submitting the article, the player with your first video already loaded appears in your article.

What's the difference between the "ADD TO POST" button and "Grab code" procedure?

The "ADD TO POST" button will embed a thumbnail of the initial video in your list at the current cursor location. This thumbnail is a graphic placeholder for the player. The actual player will only be visible after you submit your article.

The "Grab code" procedure allows you to copy the code containing all of your player and video information. This code can be embedded in a standard HTML page or shared with others.

What's a playlist?

A Playlist is a pre-existing group of videos. Each playlist has its own unique ID. A playlist is selected by its ID in the "Use Playlist" tab.

How do I create a playlist?

Playlists are created and edited in The AOL On Network Console. To access the Console:


  • Click "console.aolonnetwork.com" in the "Use Playlist" tab in the Select Videos area.

From the Console, click the "Playlist" tab and follow the step-by-step instructions to create a new playlist or edit an existing playlist. After a playlist is created, it is automatically assigned an ID.

You can search for a playlist by its ID via The AOL On Network Plugin panel's "Use Playlist" tab.

In the Search Results screen, what does the blue circle at the bottom right of each thumbnail mean?

  • The circle with a plus sign (+) indicates that the video can be added to The AOL On Network Video Plugin panel's Selection list. Click the plus sign to add the video to the list.
  • The circle with a checkmark indicates that the video has already been added to The AOL On Network Video Plugin panel's Selection list.
  • The circle appears with a minus sign (-) when you mouseover a thumbnail of a video that has already been added to The AOL On Network Video Plugin panel's Selection list. Click the minus sign to remove the video from the list.

In the Search Results screen, some thumbnails have an exclamation point in a red circle at the top left. What does it mean?

When a thumbnail includes an exclamation point in a red circle it means that the video is available, but with one or more restrictions. To see a detailed description of a video's restrictions, mouseover the thumbnail.

In the Search Results screen, what does the timestamp at the top right of each thumbnail mean?

The timestamp on a thumbnail indicates the length of the video.

How do I change the appearance of the Search Results screen?

The two buttons below the Search field, on the right, allow you to change the view of the Search Results screen. The first button changes it to a Large Thumbnail view. The second button changes it to a Details view.

Where can I learn more about a video before I decide if it belongs in my video group (Selection list)?

There are two ways to get information about a video:

  • Mouseover the thumbnail to display general information about a video in a popup.
  • Click the thumbnail to open a lightbox where you can play the video and see more details about the video.

Why is some of the text in the video information red?

The red text indicates restrictions placed on a video. These restrictions may include geographic restriction, expiration dates, etc.

How does automatic matching work?

Automatic matching scans your article and offers videos related to the content in the Search Results screen. It's a hassle free way of adding a video to articles on your site.

Can I change the order in which videos will appear in the player?

Videos appear in the player in the same order as in your Selection list. To change the order in the Selection list, drag & drop a video up or down in the list.

How extensive are the filter and sort options?

The filter and sort mechanism is quite powerful. Sorts can be performed on relevance, popularity and chronology. The standard filters include time, category and studio. And if this is not enough, click "more" to add a language and geographic availability filter.

If you're happy with a particular group of sort and filter settings, click "Save Filter" below the settings to preserve the configuration for future use. Saved sort and filter settings are listed under "MY FILTERS" at the top of the settings.

To delete a saved sort and filter configuration, mouseover the saved configuration, then and click the "X" that appear to the right.


What does an Expiration Date mean in the Video Information?

Only the owner of a video can assign an Expiration Date. When a video's expiration date arrives, the video is removed from syndication and will no longer be available, even if it has already been embedded in an article.

What does the Geo-Restriction mean in the video information?

Only the owner of a video can assign Geo-Restrictions. A Geo-Restriction specifies regions where the video will be available. This is useful for those owners who want to target an audience in specific country or continent.

If a viewer outside the specified country or continent tries to play a Geo-Restricted video, a message will appear in the player stating that the video is not available in their region.

Can I control the Pre-Roll advertisements that run in front of my embedded videos?

Yes. If there is a conflict of interest, you can block an advertisement or advertiser from displaying on your page. To block an advertisement/advertiser, gather the relevant information (i.e., the advertiser's name, product name and take a screenshot of the advertisement), and then contact your Account Manager.


Is there a recommended size for the player?

Our player's default size is 570W x 531H. You can change this to fit your requirement in the plugin's Settings screen. However, we do recommend keeping a 4/3 or 16/9 ratio.

Can I customize the player's size?

Yes. The player size can be changed in the plugin panel's Customized Layout section.

Can I change the player's default colors?

The default colors can be changed in the plugin's Settings screen.

Can I customize the player's colors?

Yes. The colors can be customized in the plugin panel's Advanced Option section.

Requires: 2.9 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.5.2
Last Updated: 3 years ago
Active Installs: 100+


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