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THE Leads Management System: 59sec LITE

Get push notifications on your mobile devices (iOS, Android and Windows Phone) when you get new leads. Super useful tool to boost your productivity!

59sec LITE helps companies to answer leads generated with Contact Form 7 under 59 seconds, in order to boost conversions.

Basically, we will 'whip' your sales/support team to do their job properly and FOLLOW-UP the leads ASAP, not after hours or days!:)

How the whipping goes? :)

  • Step 1. You install the plugin.

  • Step 2. You install the 59sec mobile app on your sales people mobile devices.

  • Step 3. It sends PUSH NOTIFICATIONS on your mobile devices (iOS, Android, Windows Phone) with your leads or questions from clients.

  • Step 4. If the leads are not grabbed FAST, 59sec will make some followups.

  • Step 5. If the lead is still not grabbed, then the boss is notified: Yo, you are losing money. Why your team cannot answer fast a lead? Either they are overwhelmed and you should hire more, either they are losing time (most probably).

  • Step 6. Everybody can see some cool statistics of response time. Who is lazy and who should get a bonus.

Decreasing response time will boost your conversion rate! :)


    1. WOW notifications. A cash register sound. So awesome that you will become addictive! :)
    1. Answering fast will make your clients fall of the chair. WOW effect.
    1. Better differentiation versus competition
    1. Better marketing ROI.
    1. Better sales conversion rate! Much better!!!

WHY IS SO IMPORTANT TO ANSWER FAST? Because answering a lead in 5 minutes vs 30 minutes means 21x MORE chances to close the sale!

Source: MIT & Kellogg study, published in Forbes

59sec helps companies to answer leads/questions under 59 seconds! This will BOOST your conversion rates, because the potential clients will be blown away by your responsiveness and professionalism :)


  • Connects your site to your sales agents mobile devices (iOS, Android and soon, Windows).
  • Sends push notifications to your sales agents when a new lead is generated. You'll here a cool cash register sound each time you have a new lead
  • Reminders that you're wasting money: after 10 and 30 minutes since lead generation moment. In sales, speed is crucial!
  • Leads entry source: Contact Form 7 plugin
  • Sales agents can grab and respond to leads from phone, tablet, computer. Super easy!
  • Statistics - so you, the boss, will know how effective is your sales team. Who to fire and who to bonus for job well done
  • Time tracking - each lead has it's own seconds counter, to monitor the response time. Faster responses => More conversions
  • CRM - a simple CRM to help lead nurturing (59sec ENTERPRISE has integration with any CRM from the planet)
    • Time taken for each lead
    • Lead date
    • Agent who grabbed the lead
    • Lead content
    • Status selector
    • Comments editor

Much more fantastic features available at 59sec PRO and ENTERPRISE


  • 59sec LITE (this one, with limited features, but very effective if you have just a few leads per month!)
  • 59sec PRO (costs just $59/month, full of extraordinary features, almost no limitations)
  • 59sec Enterprise (for big boys)


  1. Because calling a potential client under 59 seconds clearly EXCEEDS his expectations.
  2. Because it generates WOW Factor and you can convert the lead instantly.
  3. Because it deters the potential client to ask for more offers from competitors. ;)

When a new form is submitted, all sales agents get a push notification on their iOS and Android devices! Also, 59sec has a lead management procedure to help the sales team nurture the lead until it become a sale.

HOW IT WORKS (technically speaking)?

  • First you install the 59sec lite wordpress plugin on your site. Done!
  • Second, you set up the plugin. Specify the "Entry Source" from the existing Contact Form 7 forms.
  • Third, you put everybody from the sales team to install the mobile apps from iOS's App Store or Android's Google Play. It's free and takes 2 minutes.
  • Under Users tab, you will get a Secret Key (32 chars, alpha numeric). Insert this key on the mobile app, to connect the app to your site.

That's it! You can start grabbing leads.


Happy Users

  • 59sec gives us an edge on competition. [...] Highly recommended.
  • I am exceptionally pleased with the results and just wanted to say thank you so much for a great tool!
  • 59sec application brought us a real benefit in communication and in the development of our business. We find this application absolutely mandatory.

If you want much more features, test for free 59sec PRO, available on https://www.59sec.com/start-free-trial/

Requires: 3.3 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.2.3
Last Updated: 2015-7-24
Active Installs: 50+


5 out of 5 stars


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