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Photo gallery with easy to customize interface. Very attractive hover animation effects. Out photo gallery is fully responsive and support all mobile touch screen devices. With our plugin you can create photo gallery with classical square thumbnail or thumbnails grid. In photo gallery implemented modern, very stylish, lightbox with dark and light themes.
Photo gallery grid have advanced media manager where you can easily upload photo. Main photo gallery features of the photo manager: upload, ordering, scaling. Also it’s have and additional parameters for every photo gallery image. With our photo gallery you can publish photo on the front end widget or in page/post with plugin shortcode.

Key Features.

  • Photo gallery grid with multiply layouts.
  • Build-in lightbox functionality.
  • Thumbnails view configuration.
  • Simple and stylable interface.
  • Possible to publish photo gallery in widget.
  • Publish your photo gallery on page/post with shortcode.
  • Responsive photo gallery layout.
  • Hover animation effect.
  • Mobile devices support.

Build-in ligthbox provide very effective and stylish photo gallery interface. In photo gallery lightbox we have implemented stylish interface with additional navigation elements. You can use right/left arrow to change current photo from the photo gallery list.

Support of the categories implemented in our photo gallery. With multiply categories is it possible to create menu on top of the thumbnails on the photo gallery front end.
All photo gallery images have additional parameters like title, description and link.

With media manager it’s possible to manually sort photo gallery images. When you edit resources in media manager it’s possible to change title, description. Make linked images in lightbox with photo gallery option.

Photo Gallery functionality.

Simple upload – you can upload multiple images at the same time. Also possible to upload photo gallery images one by one or some set per session. We don’t have any limit for photo gallery images size, it’s depend of your server and server software settings. In most cases hosting limit size of the upload for security reason.
Images link – one of the most popular photo gallery function it’s link. It’s main element of the web pages and linked photo gallery images on the front end is not exclusion. You can define custom link tor every photo gallery.
Video link – insert video link into image settings and create absolutely unlimited photo gallery on your website. You can use youtube or vimeo links in resources manager to insert such type of content.
Video in lightbox – in the case if you used video links in photo gallery resources settings you’ll see this videos in lightbox after click on enlarge button. In button settings you can easily change button icon. For example select some kind of play video style photo gallery.

Photo Gallery interface overview.

Our plugins have very flexible interface settings. Photo gallery thumbnail it is main element of the front end interface. All photo gallery images load with animation effects. Animation of the hover effects represented by few different style animation. Photo gallery images title could be animated with text animation with random moving buttons effect. Photo gallery thumbnails have border with color, style and size options. For the photo gallery thumbnails you can select different values for the borders. On hover photo gallery images have text elements and buttons. Photo gallery front end layout could have different views. View of the layout could be easily changed and yout thumbnails could have different shape, size, spacing and layout. Most popular today masonry layout, custom photo grid or classical square thumbnails. Photo gallery images have padding between thumbanils, which could be different for every photo gallery. All styles of the photo gallery interface could be changed in settings or in CSS styles.

Photo Gallery lightbox.

Very attractive and stylish photo gallery lightbox. Main functions of the photo gallery lightbox implemented in no conflict mode to avoid conflicts with another lightboxes. Interface of the photo gallery lightbox have thumbnails carousel, enlarged image, navigation arrows, top navigation panel. Photo gallery lightbox thumbnails carousel have small pictures with spacing between images and top enlarged image. When you click on some carousel thumbnails selected images will be opened in big frame on top. Navigation between photo gallery images could be managed by left/right navigation button in lightbox. Another way to switch between photo gallery images use play mode in top bar. When we have plsy mode enbled images in photo gallery lightbox switch in automatical slide mode. Just enable play mode and enjoy animated images in photo gallery lightbox. Also photo gallery lightbox have full screen mode. On top bar is it possible to switch between compact anf full screen mode of the photo gallery ligthbox. Top bar also have close button to turn off photo gallery lightbox mode. In general photo gallery lightbox have two main color theme: dark and light. In light theme base color: white. Photo gallery lightbox have white background fill, white borders for enlarget images in lightbox. In dark theme base color: black. Photo gallery lightbox have black background fill, black borders for enlarget images in lightbox.

Photo Gallery pagination.

Pagination function have great options to manage photo gallery images amount for preload. Amount of the images for every photo galley images load step. Pagination implemented in endless loading thumbnails list. When you define start photo gallery image load point. With combination of the multiply settings, related with pagination functionality is it possible to complitely change photo gallery behaviour.

If you have some questions or problems with our photo gallery feel free to contact our support team. We also really appreciate if you send some features requests which you need in our photo gallery.


  • Photo gallery 2J - An example of plugin in action - [Grid Gallery Type]
  • Photo gallery - An example of plugin in action - [Grid Gallery Type]
  • An example of plugin in action - (LightBox Gallery Version)
  • An example of plugin in action - (LightBox Gallery Version)
  • An example of plugin in action - (Thumbnails Video Version)
  • An example of plugin in action - (Thumbnails Video Version)


How to install photo gallery plugin ?

There is few ways to install plugin on your wordpress blog. First of all you can donwload plugin installer from the plugin directory and install it in plugins section of the WordPress backend. Another way open plugins section and click Add button. Then you can try to search photo gallery plugin in directory online. When you find required item just click on install button and activate it after that.

How to post photo gallery plugin on your website post or page ?

After installation of the photo gallery plugin you can open page/post to inert to the public section some photo gallery on front end with shortcode.

How to upload images to photo gallery on your website ?

You need to use image media manager.
On the right side settings block you can see panel with big green button which open upload manager. There you can manage all images/image. You can upload new images or configure already exist images. You can upload images one by one or upload multiply items per session to your photo gallery section.

Is it possible to create gallery with grid layout ?

Yes, it’s possible to create grid gallery layout with settings of the plugin. Just open gallery settings and select dynamic mode for the thumbnails. After that you’ll see custom grid layout on the front end.

What kind of resources possible to upload to the gallery ?

In our gallery you can use images and videos. Images could be upload to the server directly. You can use standard types of the images in your blog gallery. With media manager you can upload images without any complex actions. Another way to use video resources. You can’t upload video resources directly to the server where you have installed your gallery. For video source please use Youtube or Vimeo services.


Poor support and script sucks

I wish i could have a chance to select no star for this scrip and support. Wasted my money/. No support and not good at all.
Dont buy it

Horrible Support

I have been waiting weeks for customer support to respond to my request for support. They requested my FTP login and have never been heard from since. Beware. This plugin doesn’t function and the support you’ll definitely need doesn’t exist even when you do pay for the plugin. Did I mention there is zero documentation for adjusting settings. Great concept under developed and under supported.

The Best Gallery

This is exactly what I was looked for. Just few minutes take me to create my first gallery. Definitely should get a try!

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1.0.12 Version

  • New version release

1.0.11 Version

  • Plugin files structure update

1.0.10 Version

  • New functionality.

1.0.9 Version

  • Code fixes and core code changes.

1.0.8 Version

  • Modification of core plugin code structure.
  • Prepared new layout features.
  • Plugin description modification.

1.0.7 Version

  • Plugin reconfiguration.

1.0.6 Version

  • Optimization and small fixes.

1.0.5 Version

  • Update code structure
  • Added multi languages support

1.0.4 Version

  • Code optimization
  • Added new libs to the plugin

1.0.3 Version

  • Update plugin interface configuration

1.0.2 Version

  • Added new libraries

1.0.0 Version

  • First release