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2046's Loop widget

2046's loop widget boosts you website prototyping.



  • Featured images are not rendred with the width and height in the img tag.... it plays much nicely if you build responsice layout ;)


  • NEW - Special widget (admin)
  • NEW - widget notes (admin)


  • NEW switch for pagination (on/off)
  • NEW user capabilities. You can select who can see the widget result.. based on WP roles
  • FIX post number for Page types, is shown and working from now.
  • FIX - cruicial fix for post types. From nowt recoignizes the post type correctly and applies the correct logic. (linear = post), (hierarchical = page).. or any other custom post types.


  • fixed the "more" function for the content.. when you use the more tag and select in the widget to see the content, the content will by properly striped.


  • the widget heading is Translation ready, meaning it is parsed by Gettext or if you have for example then it will go through : qTranslate and then Gettext


  • Fix for empty filed for "selected 'xxxxx' IDs", it shows nothing, but it schould show all. If empty no restriction are applied in this setting.
  • Fix for last fix :), it really works now
  • added - no restriction field in the category selection, so you can inactivate category constrains


  • small fix for NEW - IDs in "restrict to" is 3 possibilities


  • cache-able
  • h4 added class
  • navigation>link to category (change the arrow)
  • widget sub-title fixed (admin widget panel)
  • NEW - IDs in "restrict to" is 3 possibilities:
    1. only on given IDs
    2. only on child pages of given id
    3. for these Ids and it's children



  • NEW - Gallery builder!
  • NEW - h1-h5+span settings for titles
  • NEW - added show/hide edit link
  • NEW - html settings for titles
  • NEW - ON/OFF title link
  • NEW - show/hide edit link
  • asmselect removed (the fancy taxonomy selector) until I find out how to implement it correctly


  • The image bellow the heading didn't work : FIXED



  • localized (English, Czech) ready for more.



  • NEW ordering and it's comparison paremetrs as well.
  • NEW filter logic for custom meta and the logic parametrs too. For one custom meta "only".
  • The javascript is handled bit better, but still it's not prefect ..see the Known bugs bellow.


  • the custom scafolding changed a bit. It doesn't add redundant native widget div.
  • also the navigation and the comments moved out of the widget div. This change should give you lot more freedom over their position, then when it was part of the widget scafold.
  • added hard check for all imputs, you can't write nonsense in the fields, or something that harms the result, or your layout ;)
  • ..under "selected taxonomy" is from now offset as well
  • fixed typo in "taxonomy comparison" variable



  • when elsewhere>taxonomy was selected and no taxonomy was specified the "post number" didn't work : FIXED
  • edded Scafolding option
  • image has now selector where you can choose if the image links to: post/page, image or nolink
  • fixed edit links
  • added classes to image links. General and also extra for each link type.
  • Fixed bug for PAge types, when selected "by ID"



  • fixed pagination
  • fixed navigation for pagination
  • simplified Javascript
  • added the restriction for number of posts/pages in [elsewhere]>[Selected taxonomy]. If the result returns more theb the number and some kind of navigation is ON, then the result will be paged.



  • the multiple select box for taxonomy types is now runned by the jquery-asmselect (you'll love it if you have hundreds of tags )
  • works paged



  • removed some forgotten echo calls
  • the multiple select box has native size 5 rows from now


  • all 3 widgets where merged in to one widget
  • the file structure of the plugin changed a lot, many files were deleted
  • The old initial JavaScript problem is solved
  • the CSS and JS are not hard coded in each widget but loads independently and only once
  • The widget now finds even custom post types
  • it finds custom taxonomies and build appropriate settings for them
  • new navigation settings (Scribu's Page Navi ready)
  • and so on...


  • fixed typo
  • added the page restriction


  • Post widget fixes : Div "beforewidget" won't show up if the loop is empty, Disallow on ids can handle multiple ids.
  • Page widget fixes : Disallow on ids can handle multiple ids, Added Prevention for being show on Page, post ids and template types.
  • Recent widget removed
  • Added Final loop widget: Briefly. It let's you show Post or Pages anywhere. The widget let's you allow or disallow the loop to be shown on certain places. Plus, you can show or hide comments and it's form, show the author, list of categories and tags.
  • When the user is logged in the "edit link" is present after the post/page title.
  • A small note added in to all widgets: "To see the widget behave properly, when you drop the widget in here the widget should to be saved first."
  • In order to have a unique class which won't interfere with other classes, comment_booble class has been changed from "comment_number" to "wl2046_comment_number"

0.12: 2012-02-07

  • UI fixes + added screenshot

0.11: 2012-02-07

Page widget:

  • add show pages from the same hierarchy level
  • add restrict to pages by ID(s)

Post widget

  • restrict to post ID(s)
  • do not show on: Single post, home, Front Page, Archive, Tag/Term list, Taxonomy, Category list, Author's list, Search, 404 error page

Global face lift

0.1: 2012-02-05

  • Initial version

Known bugs

When you have multiple widgets where you filter the content by the taxonomies, than when you save some of these widgets the taxonomy selector is multiplied for other widget than the one you just saved ;( This is not a crucial bug, it wont brake anything it is just something I want to fix. If you know how, let me know.

Future plans

  • Drag&Drop content builder
  • multiple custom meta comparison filter


Thanks to Scribu for his WP Navi that I have "integrated" as one of the navigation settings in to the widget. And thanks to Sribu again. When I tried to find an answer for all the uncommon problems it was his answer somewhere in the Interweb that helps me to find the solution. Thanks to you allyou are my source of knowledge.

Requires: 3.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.4.2
Last Updated: 4 years ago
Active Installs: 100+


5 out of 5 stars


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