12 Step Meeting List


This plugin is the easiest way to have your area’s meetings listed in the Meeting Guide mobile app for iOS and Android devices.

It was originally designed to maintain a list of AA meetings in Santa Clara County, CA. It’s now in use in the following areas:

Alcoholics Anonymous

  1. Arkansas
  2. Austin, TX
  3. Baton Rouge, LA
  4. Bowling Green, KY
  5. Charleston, WV
  6. Charlotte, NC
  7. Continental Europe
  8. Colorado Springs, CO
  9. Corpus Christi, TX
  10. Davis, CA
  11. DuPage County, IL
  12. East Bay, CA
  13. Elk Grove Village, IL
  14. Fargo, ND
  15. Ft. Worth, TX
  16. Greensboro, NC
  17. Harrisburg, PA
  18. Joliet, IL
  19. Midlands, UK (Polish)
  20. Kansas
  21. Lewis County, WA
  22. Long Beach, CA
  23. Maine and New Brunswick
  24. Maui, HI
  25. Mesa, AZ
  26. Miami, FL
  27. Minneapolis, MN
  28. Mississippi
  29. Modesto, CA
  30. Naples, FL
  31. New Hampshire
  32. New Orleans, LA
  33. New Mexico
  34. New York, NY
  35. Oahu, HI
  36. Orlando, FL
  37. Philadelphia, PA
  38. Portland, OR
  39. Rochester, MN
  40. Sacramento, CA
  41. San Francisco, CA
  42. San Jose, CA
  43. San Mateo, CA
  44. Santa Fe, NM
  45. Savannah, GA
  46. Secular AA
  47. Southern Colorado
  48. Sonoma County, CA
  49. St. Louis, MO
  50. State College, PA
  51. Tidewater Area, VA
  52. Toronto, Canada
  53. Tri Valley, CA
  54. Topeka, KS
  55. Tulsa, OK
  56. Vancouver, Canada
  57. Vienna, Austria
  58. Virginia
  59. Walnut Creek, CA
  60. Warsaw, IN
  61. Washington, DC
  62. West Hawaii, HI
  63. West-Central Wisconsin
  64. Western Slope, CA
  65. Western Kentucky
  66. Western Washington
  67. Wilmington, DE
  68. Woodstock, IL

Adult Children of Alcoholics

  1. Southern California
  2. Texas


  1. Lancaster, PA
  2. Naples, FL
  3. Orange County, CA
  4. Pennsylvania

Codependents Anonymous

  1. Los Angeles, CA

Heroin Anonymous

  1. Arizona

Narcotics Anonymous

  1. Chinook, CA
  2. Maine
  3. Poland
  4. Vienna

Sex Addicts Anonymous

  1. Indiana

Sexaholics Anonymous

  1. St. Louis, MO

Let us know if you’re using this plugin and would like to be listed here.


  • The Meeting Notes field is for any non-standardized meeting info, such as Basement, or Building C
  • Location should be a simple place-name, eg Queen of the Valley Hospital
  • Address should only be the address; no “Upstairs” or “Building C” or “Near 2nd Ave”
  • You can fill in a very basic address and then when you tab away from that field you will see it try to standardize the address for you. If you write “1000 trancas, napa” it will replace it with “1000 Trancas St, Napa, CA 94558, USA.”


  • Meeting list page
  • Meeting map
  • Meeting detail page
  • Edit meeting
  • Edit location


Basically you can just install it and you should be good to go. For a quick walkthrough of the process, check out this screencast video:


Installation Instructions

Basically you can just install it and you should be good to go. For a quick walkthrough of the process, check out this screencast video:

My meeting type isn’t listed!

If it’s a broadly-applicable meeting type, please contact us so we can include it for you. We want to maintain consistency for the mobile apps, so not all proposals are included.

If you have access to your theme’s functions.php, you may add additional meeting types for your area. Simply adapt the following example to your purposes:

if (function_exists('tsml_custom_types')) {
        'XYZ' => 'My Custom Type',

Please note a few things about custom types:

  1. Once you’ve added the type, you will see it under ‘More’ on the Meeting edit screen. It will show up in the dropdown once you use it on a meeting.
  2. Be careful with the codes (“XYZ” in the above example) as this gives you the ability to replace existing types.
  3. Note that custom meeting types are not imported into the Meeting Guide app.
  4. They are for searching. If you can’t imagine yourself searching for a meeting this way, then it’s probably not a type you need. Have you ever searched for a 90-minute meeting? If not, then it’s probably information that better belongs in the meeting notes.
  5. Don’t add a type for the default, eg ‘Hour Long Meeting’ or ‘Non-Smoking.’ If you do that, then you have to be careful about tagging every single meeting in order to make the data complete.
Where are my meetings listed?

It depends on your Permalinks setup. The easiest way to find the link is to go to the Dashboard > Meetings > Import & Settings page and look for it under “Where’s My Info?”

How can I make the Region dropdown not be collapsible?

No problem, just add this CSS to your theme:

div#meetings .controls ul.dropdown-menu div.expand { display: none; }
div#meetings .controls ul.dropdown-menu ul.children { height: auto; }
How do I change the default search radius for location searches?

Add this to your theme’s functions.php. The value should be an existing value, ie 1, 5, 10, 25 or 50.

$tsml_defaults['distance'] = 25;
Can I get the meeting list to display the full address, including city, state and country?

Add this to your theme’s functions.php.

$tsml_street_only = false;
Can I change the order of the columns on the meeting list page, eg put the Region first?

Add this to your theme’s functions.php.

$tsml_columns = array('Region', 'Time', 'Distance', 'Name', 'Location', 'Address', 'Types');
Can I change the default sort order on the meeting list page?

By default, the plugin sorts by day, then time, then location name. To set your own sort index, add this to your functions.php:

$tsml_sort_order = 'region'; //options are name, location, address, time, or region
How can I override the meeting list or detail pages?

Copy the files from the plugin’s templates directory into your theme’s root directory. If you’re using a theme from the Theme Directory, you may be better off creating a Child Theme. Now, you may override those pages. The archive-meetings.php file controls the meeting list page, single-meetings.php controls the meetings detail, and single-locations.php controls the location detail.

Can I import a custom spreadsheet format?

It will take some work on your end, but it’s possible. Create a function called tsml_import_reformat, and use it to
reformat your CSV data to the standard format

if (!function_exists('tsml_import_reformat')) {
    function tsml_import_reformat($meetings) {
        //your code goes here
        return $meetings;
How can I change some of the text on the template pages, eg the column headings?

You can make use of the gettext filter to override the plugin’s translation strings. For example, if you wanted to replace ‘Region’ with ‘Province,’ you could add the following to your functions.php file.

function theme_override_tsml_strings($translated_text, $text, $domain) {
    if ($domain == '12-step-meeting-list') {
        switch ($translated_text) {
            case 'Region':
                return 'Province';
    return $translated_text;
add_filter('gettext', 'theme_override_tsml_strings', 20, 3);
Are there any shortcodes?

Yes, you can use [tsml_meeting_count], [tsml_location_count], [tsml_group_count], and [tsml_region_count] to display human-formatted counts of your entities. For example, “Our area currently comprises [tsml_meeting_count] meetings.” Also [tsml_next_meetings count="5"] displays a small table with the next several meetings in it. Use the count parameter to adjust how many are displayed. This will be unstyled if you’re not using bootstrap in your theme.

Are there translations to other languages?

It is translated into Polish. If you would like to volunteer to help translate another language, we would be pleased to work with you.

I entered contact information into the meeting edit page but don’t see it displayed on the site.

That’s right, we don’t display that information by default for the sake of anonymity. To display it in your theme, you should follow the instructions above for overriding the meeting detail and location detail pages and then drop some or all of these tags in your PHP:

<?php echo $meeting->contact_1_name?>
<?php echo $meeting->contact_1_email?>
<?php echo $meeting->contact_1_phone?>
Can I run this as my main website homepage?

Sure. Try this code:

add_action('pre_get_posts', 'tsml_front_page');

Also check out our One Page Meeting List theme.


Very useful and well-designed

All-around outstanding plugin for it’s purpose. The author has a keen idea of design. The ability to manage and import meetings using a .csv and google maps integration is invaluable. Looks great!!!

Really Outstanding

This plugin was absolutely perfect for our district. Thank you for all your work and continual improvement of it. It is the best display of meetings out there.

The 12th step in practice!

This is so helpful. Chicago has been asking for an app like this for a long time. And it’s anonymous-friendly, securely designed, and so easy to set up… Thanks!

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Contributors & Developers

“12 Step Meeting List” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Forgot short name for HA


  • Version bump


  • Cleaning up some PHP notices
  • Listing for Heroin Anonymous


  • Fixing address for meeting location in New York City


  • Adding abbreviated program name to page title for SEO (requested by Area 37)
  • Waiting to set strings until the plugins_loaded hook for Polylang plugin (requested by NA Poland)
  • Updated open source license


  • New districts taxonomy for Areas 24 and 46


  • Fixing error in last update affecting PHP < 5.5
  • Starting new districts taxonomy for Areas 24 and 46


  • New widget areas on meeting and location detail pages
  • Readme tweaks


  • FNV import not as dependent on the number of columns


  • CSS fix for mobile devices if columns have been reordered


  • Now able to set the order of the columns
  • Adding meeting type for English per Quebec


  • Version bump


  • Fixing default sort


  • Now able to set sort order on meetings page


  • Now able to import FNV format meeting data


  • Appearance improvements for the Catch Box WP theme


  • New App Store widget for Meeting Guide (per NIA District 11)
  • CSS option for upcoming meetings widget


  • Importer fix (Sunday meetings were importing as ‘by appointment’)
  • Location notes were also getting imported as meeting notes
  • Main map now scrollable with mouse wheel, per Austin
  • Detail page map now no longer scrollable with mouse wheel
  • Meeting admin page warning if meeting is from an external data source
  • CSV meeting times now in 24 hour format
  • Refactoring javascript on detail pages to lighten server load
  • Meeting detail page location name moved to location link (rather than address link)
  • Fixing sidebar notice formatting on import page


  • Importing from JSON data sources
  • Tweak to feedback form per Philadelphia