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XCloner is a Backup and Restore component designed for PHP/Mysql websites, it can work as a native plugin for WordPress and Joomla!.

XCloner design was specifically created to Generate custom backups of any LAMP website through custom admin inputs, and to be able to Restore the clone on any other location with the help of the automatic Restore script we provide, independent from the main package!

XCloner Backup tool uses Open Source standards like TAR and Mysql formats so you can rest assured your backups can be restored in a variety of ways, giving you more flexibility and full control.

XCloner Generate, Move and Restore process:

  1. Generate and Store the backups
  2. Move the backup and restore script to the new location
  3. Restore the backup by launching the XCloner.php restore script


  • Backup and Restore any PHP/Mysql application
  • Create custom backups
  • Generate automatic backups based on cronjobs
  • Restore your backups anywhere
  • Share your custom backups with your clients


  • View Backups
  • Restore screen
  • COnfig options System tab
  • Config options General tab
  • Login screen
  • Welcome screen
  • Generate Backup -> files options
  • Generate Backup -> database options


How do I restore my backup?

If the inside Clone option fails for some reason, you need to:

  1. upload the backup archive to the new restore site
  2. upload the XCloner.php and TAR.php files in the same location as the backup from 1., you can find these files in directory wp-content/plugins/xcloner/restore/ on the original site
  3. start the XCloner.php restore script in your browser


Difficult to configure


This plugin is for developers and administrators. Not for normal editors. Also, it does not support Google Drive. Disappointed me.

Not ready for WP 4.5


I liked XCloner for the possibility to have d-base and site all packed in one downloadable archive file. You didn't have to use a working wp site to restore. Just an empty site with a working d-base.

Unfortunately it stopped working now in WP 4.5. Even in a fresh wp install with no other plugs. Now I dare not upgrade my other pages to wp 4.5 until I found an alternative.

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  • Config variables save sanitization addon


  • DropPHP DropBox library update, upload fixes for files larger than 150MB


  • XSS fix


  • vulnerability fix


  • added CSRF protection


  • added WordPress login-less integration
  • plugin settings are now saved to database
  • security audit and hardening


  • added russian language support


  • added sftp support for backup transfer, thanks Todd Bluhm – dynamicts.com


  • added php 5.4 compatibility


  • LFI vulnerability fix


  • added amazon ssl option box
  • moved the compress option to the System tab, don’t use it unless you know what you are doing!


  • several important security and bug fixes


  • incremental database backup
  • incremental file system scan
  • backup size limit and option to split it into additional archives, default 2GB
  • exclude files larger than a certain size option
  • incremental files restore
  • JQuery Start interface


  • Added JSON AJAX interface to the Generate Backup process
  • Added incremental filesystem scan
  • several bug fixes
  • php >=5.2.0 version check


  • Added Amazon S3 cron storage support


  • Initial release

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