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How to reach more people without paying for advertising? Let your visitors share your content, create mailing lists and engage with your audience with GetSocial Tools

Undecided about which social sharing plugin you should choose? Just look at what our users & customers are saying about us.

With GetSocial you get social share buttons to increase your reach and boost your traffic, pop-ups to engage with your visitors, subscriber bars to generate leads and in-depth analytics to understand which of your pages is really performing best. Used by +100k websites & Fortune 500 companies. No coding skills required! provides you with a free plugin that will help you have the upper hand in the super competitive world of social media. We have 20+ tools that require no code to install.

Why our users recommend us:

  • Fantastic design
  • Easy to install and use (no code needed)
  • Doesn’t impact page loading speed
  • World-class support for everyone 7 days a week

Here’s a list of our tools, divided by themes:

Sharing and Follow Tools

  • Horizontal Follow + Floating Share Bar (free): Give your website the best looking share and follow buttons on all your favorite social networks. The best way to increase your traffic and your social followers.

  • Native Sharing Bar + Reaction Buttons (free): Do you love the classics? Or are you all about the brand-new? Either way, you can add the original share, like, tweet and pin it buttons or let your users express themselves with the Facebook reaction buttons!

  • Mobile Share and Follow Bar (paid): Made exclusively for users using smartphones, the mobile bars are our best performing tool, providing 2 to 3 times more shares than the desktop versions!

  • Floating and Horizontal Total Shares (paid): If you want to leverage on your content’s success, there’s no better way than showing off how many shares your pages have.

Smart Pop-ups

  • Hello Buddy, the Smart Pop-up (free): Lets you ask your customers to share, subscribe or visit a specific page. It’s highly customizable (advanced options are paid) and can be triggered by “Time Spent on Site”, “% of page scrolled” and “Exit Intention” (when the user is going to click the X button in the browser window).

  • Welcome Bar (free): Have a special promotion or a breaking news article that want visitors to know about? The Welcome Bar is the perfect way to redirect traffic to your most important and best-converting pages.

  • Subscriber Bar (paid): It doesn’t matter if you’re a blog, a newspaper or an online shop, mailing lists can be a major revenue generator for your business. Convert your visitors into subscribers with GetSocial Subscriber Bar and use our Mailchimp and Infusionsoft Integrations to export email addresses automatically!

Tracking and Integrations

  • Copy & Paste Share Tracking (paid): More than 60% of shares can’t be tracked by regular analytics platforms. With this feature, you’ll know when your visitors share through SMS, Messaging Apps (WhatsApp, Messenger, etc) or via Copy & Pasting Links (Dark Social), allowing you to learn the real Return on Investment for your content and which channels are contributing the most for your traffic.

  • Google Analytics Integration (paid): Merge the data obtain by GetSocial with the powerful Google Analytics so you can track your conversions from when someone clicks a friend’s share to the moment a purchase or objective is met.

  • GetSocial Dashboard & Analytics (paid): Our analytics lets you understand, in real-time, how much social traffic each network is driving to your website and identify the best content to feature and promote on social media. Use our proprietary Virality & Engagement Score metrics to know the organic reach of your content and decide what and where to promote and distribute content.

Here you can find a step by step tutorial on how to manually install this plugin in your WordPress Account: How to add free Social Share Buttons on WordPress


  • Big Social Counter Bar
  • Native Social Sharing Bar
  • Horizontal and Floating Sharing Bar
  • Analytics for your Social Bars
  • Our available button designs
  • GetSocial for WordPress
  • Our Plugin's dashboard
  • Welcome and Subscribe Bar
  • Mobile Sharing Bar


What is GetSocial?

GetSocial is an all-in-one social media toolkit that helps websites increase their traffic, shares, followers and conversions. It is a set of apps that a user can easily install in a website.

There are a total of 18 apps across 5 categories: Sharing, Tracking, Engagement, eCommerce and Integration apps.

How do I install GetSocial?

Through our WordPress Plugin, all apps are available code free, which means you’ll be able to install every single one of them withough having to open even once the code editor.

Is the free account really free?

Yes. Even though there is a traffic limit, exceeding it does not automatically mean that we will bill you. Once your traffic comes close to 50,000 visits in a month we will send you some notification emails with an option to upgrade the account. If you decide not to avail of it, we’ll eventually stop serving social sharing buttons on your site for the rest of the month.

What support options do you provide?

All our free users enjoy support via email, on a best-effort basis. Paying customers receive priority support and we strive to answer all tickets as soon as we can. Why do we prioritize support? Because we’re a small company. When you reach out to us, you talk to people who’ve built GetSocial. Being a small team means that we can’t fix all problems at once. However, we always strive to respond to every inquiry as soon as possible.

What is included in the free plan?

The free plan has a set of social media tools that can help you increase your traffic, shares and follows. You’ll have access to our social sharing bars (horizontal, floating and native), custom facebook shares and also to our welcome bar.

Please notice that some of the above mentioned features have some customization options which are reserved to our paying customers. These include: color, shape & twitter handle.

Are there any short codes available?

These are the short codes available:

  • Sharing Bar

    [getsocial app=”sharing_bar”]

  • Follow Bar

    [getsocial app=“follow_bar”]

  • Native Bar

    [getsocial app=”native_bar”]

  • Custom Facebook Shares

    [getsocial app=”custom_actions”]

  • Big Total Shares Horizontal

    [getsocial app=”social_bar_big_counter”]

  • Reaction Buttons

    [getsocial app=”reaction_buttons”]

What is the difference between the Free Plan and paid Plans?

The Free and paid plans differ in the access to certain features. GetSocial paid users have higher visit limits and priority in support. Within the product, there are some customizations and features that they also have unique access to.

List of Free Features

  • Horizontal & FLoating Share Bar
  • Hello Buddy, the intelligent popup
  • Native Sharing Bar
  • Welcome Bar
  • Custom Facebook Shares (Wish, Want, Have, etc)
  • Horizontal & Floating Follow Bar
  • Reaction Buttons

List of Paid Features

  • Mobile Share & Follow Bar
  • Image Sharing
  • Total Shares Horizontal & Floating
  • Copy Paste Share Tracking
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Subscriber Bar (List Builder)
  • Extended Customization (Shape, Color, Twitter handle in several apps)
  • Social Sharing Analytics (Shares, Referrals and cool stats about users’ engagement)
  • MailChimp, Bitly, Google Analytics & Infusionsoft Integrations
Do you have visits limits?

We do. Depending on the plan you selected, your website will be subject to a specific visits limit.

FREE Plan: If you’re using our free plan, your limit is 50,000 visits per month. Once you reach this limit you’ll be notified via email. If you don’t upgrade to a paid plan, we’ll stop the service to your website. This means that all the apps you have installed will become inactive.

Starter Plan: The Starter plan has the same limit of 50,000 visits per month and costs $9 per month. After reaching this limit we’ll charge $5 for every 50,000 new visits. You can opt-out from the extra-vists packages in your Site Options area. If you do, we’ll stop serving our apps once the limit is reached.

Insights Plan: The Insights plan expands the visit limit to 500,000 visits per month and costs $99 per month. After reaching this limit we’ll charge $99 for every 500,000 new visits. You’ll get access to our premium social sharing analytics product with this plan.

Enterprise Plan: The Enterprise plan expands the visit limit to 2,000,000 visits per month and costs $299 per month. It’s our most complete plan, with all features & acess included plus Full Implementation & Strategy Support for its users. After reaching this limit we’ll charge $199 for every 1,000,000 new visits.

How much do the paid versions cost?

Our pricing is very transparent. We sell monthly and annual subscriptions of our product.

Price for monthly plans:
Starter Plan: $9/month;
Insights Plan: $99/month;
Enterprise Plan: $299/month;

Price for annual plans:
Starter Plan: $7/month totaling $84/year;
Insights Plan: $79/month totaling $948/year;
Enterprise Plan: $249/month totaling $2988/year;

What is different about GetSocial to other plugins and tools?

From the feedback we’ve been receiving from our thousands of users, people join GetSocial for its design, easy installation and in-depth analytics. Our easy to user interface allows you to install our social media tools with no code required in just seconds, it’s that easy. You also gain a simple to read dashboard with social analytics about your website.

How do I upgrade and pay for GetSocial?

Upgrading your GetSocial account is quick and easy. On your account, you’ll find multiple times our ‘Upgrade Plan’ call to action buttons.

Clicking on one of these buttons will guide you to our pricing page. Here, you’ll be able to perceive the benefits of subscribing to our Starter plan.

After you have decided which plan you want to subscribe to (we recommend the Annual plan as it provides with 2 months free as discount), you just need to click on upgrade and provide your billing details.

What is the Copy Paste Share Tracking?

If you imagine the last times you shared something, it’s probable that you haven’t done so by clicking on a share button. If you’re sharing a video to a friend or sending a link via email, you’re sharing something and normally that doesn’t get measured.

What happens is that you’ll have these people being identified as ‘direct’ traffic to your website. They’re not. The Address Bar feature allows you to track dark social sharing, which is sharing via alternative methods such as Copy&Paste, chats and link sharing in general.

How can I edit color, shape and twitter handle?

Editing color, shape and twitter handle is a customization available only to our paid users. By activating it, all these configurations become available, improving your conversions, awareness & reach. The features where you can edit these configurations are:

  • Horizontal Shares & Follow Bar
  • Hello Buddy, the intelligent popup
  • Floating Shares & Follow Bar
  • Total Shares Bar (Horizontal + Floating)
  • Mobile Share & Follow Bar
  • Image Sharing
  • Reaction Buttons
Can I hide GetSocial in specific posts / pages?

Yes you can! When you edit your post/page in the right sidebar you have an option to hide the social horizontal bars ( this does not include the mobile bar ). There’s an article on our knowledge base about this: Can I exclude apps from specific pages?

Do I need to sign a long-term contract?

Absolutely not! There are no contracts. Pay monthly, cancel anytime. There are no initiation fees, cancellation costs, license fees or any other charges. If you no longer wish to use GetSocial, you can cancel at any time. At that point, your paid subscription will last until the end of the current monthly billing cycle.

What is your refund policy?

GetSocial services or applications subscriptions, advertising or any other kind of service are non-refundable and GetSocial is not obligated to provide the User a refund at any time. We may, at our discretion, provide credits toward future services or applications subscription, advertising, or any other kind of service charges on a case-by-case basis.

Is there someone I can talk about GetSocial?

Sure, we’re always here to help. You can contact us at or use the help widget on the bottom-right corner of the plugin page.


Amazing app


Integrated the social buttons seamlessly with my design. Looks great and bang on trend. I didn't have to make any tweaks at all. Thank you!!

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  • Updates to UserVoice support tool3.2.2

  • Bug fixes


  • Add support to WordPress 4.7
  • Minor improvments


  • Change user support platform to Intercom


  • Upgrades to fit WordPress 4.6


  • Fix bug in account reactivation


  • Fix APIKey request


  • Ajusts to the new pricing plans
  • Allow user to change e-mail during the registration process
  • Add contact support forms in plugin


  • Added new app: Reaction Buttons
  • Added API KEY recovery


  • Added on boarding popup to guide user after plugin is activated


  • Plugin verified and compatible with WordPress 4.4
  • Included Hello Buddy tool, the smart popup, on the plugin
  • Included new integrations (InfusionSoft, Bitly)


  • Fix API urls


  • Added Google Analitycs App
  • API Key validation on library reinslations


  • Added MailChimp Integration
  • Added new Google Logo
  • Added compatibility to page builder plugin
  • Added new app images
  • Added Exclude Page button to the top bar


  • Added multi-share bar feature, allowing for independent share bars in the same page
  • Added a new uninstall hook
  • Added new networks: yummly, flickr, rss
  • Improved Pinterest Sharing (Pin All Images)
  • Improved Image Sharing


  • Bug Fixes
  • Tested up to WordPress 4.3


  • Added new pricing


  • Added new social analytics module and follow tools (horizontal, floating and mobile follow bar)


  • Added Image Sharing app, performance apps, bug fixes and Google Analytics Integration


  • Added Price Alert and Address Tracking apps


  • Bug fix for pages containing posts. The social bars appear in each of the posts ( eg: FAQ pages ) and didn’t work correctly


  • Setting to select if buttons appear on pages or/and pages
  • Deactivate app from WordPress plugin


  • Easy way to add social bars to pages and possibility to hide it.


  • New Plugin UI.


  • Added Subscriber Bar App.


  • Added Welcome Bar App.


  • Added Big Total Shares Floating and Horizontal new apps.


  • Added Short codes


  • New Social Apps
  • Old template removed
  • New Universal Template


  • Bug Fixes


  • UX fixes


  • Bug fixes
  • App Custom actions added


  • Create account without leaving the plugin
  • Add Floating Sharing Bar
  • Basic Analytics available


  • Some bugs solved.


  • First stable version released.


  • This version fixes a bug that prevented the use of the plugin. Please Upgrade.


  • First release

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