Pushify is a web push platform. It enables websites to send push notifications to its visitors. It works on top of the browsers like Chrome, Firefox and Safari. All you need to do is to register with us at https://pushify.com and start using it. After installing this plugin your website will start asking your visitors for sending push notifications. As your subscribers list grows, you can have more audiance and you can send updates regarding your website/product/service to your customers. It works even when your customers on not on your website.

Integration process is very simple. After logging in to our dashboard, just go to Settings > Account menu to get your Account Id. Just copy it and in your wordpress dashboard navigate to Pushify menu. It asks for Account Id. Paste the id you have copied. Thats it, you are done with integration. To verify it, open your website ex: https://mysite.com and press Ctrl+U to view the source. Just find for string pushify and if you get atleast one result, it means you have successfully integrated with Pushify.

If you have more queries please email to support@pushify.com

Adding following things if not added

header code :

footer code :


  • Navigate to Pushify menu in wordpress dashboard
  • Copy the Account Key and Subdomain URL from Pushify dashboard
  • Paste the both in the corresponding text boxes in your wordpress dashboard
  • Click on Confirm
  • Finally a success message which confirms the integration process
  • Then open your wordpress site you get popup


Do we need to copy paste the code even after installing it?

No, the plugin itself copies the code to your websites all pages

How can we paste the code to particular pages?

It will be available in upcoming versions

To which category subscribers will get subscribed?

To Default category

How to send push notifications when we publish a post automatically?

It will be available in upcoming versions


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  • Initial release with basic features

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