Updating to 1.7

If you are using the Banking add-on, Sell Content add-on or the Badge add-on, I highly recommend you read these update guides before you update to 1.7 from older versions!

Plugin Support

Free support is offered via the myCRED website. No support is provided here on the support forum.

myCRED is an adaptive points management system that lets you build a broad range of point related applications for your WordPress powered website.
Store reward systems, community leaderboards, online banking or monetizing your websites content, these are some of the ways you can use myCRED.


Each user on your WordPress websites gets their own point balance which you can manually adjust at any time. As of version 1.4, myCRED also supports multiple point types for those who need more then one type of points on their website.


Each time myCRED adds or deducts points from a user, the adjustment is logged in a dedicated log, allowing your users to browse their history. The log is also used to provide you with statistics, accountability, badges, ranks and to enforce limits you might set.

Awarding or Deducting Points Automatically

myCRED supports a vast set of ways you can automatically give / take points from a user. Everything from new comments to store purchases. These automatic adjustments are managed by so called Hooks which you can setup in your admin area.

Third-party plugin Support

myCRED supports some of the most popular plugins for WordPress like BuddyPress, WooCommerce, Jetpack, Contact Form 7 etc. To prevent to much cluttering in the admin area with settings, myCRED will only show features/settings for third-party plugins that are installed and enabled.


There is so much more to myCRED then just adjusting balances. The plugin comes with several built-in add-ons which enabled more complex features such as allowing point transfers, buying points for real money, allow payments in stores etc.


You can find extensive documentation on everything myCRED related in the myCRED Codex. You can also find a list of frequently asked questions on the myCRED website.


myCRED was not built to “do-it-all”. Instead a lot of effort has been made to make the plugin as developer friendly as possible. If you need a custom feature built, you can submit a request for a quote via the myCRED website.

Code Snippets

The most commonly asked customizations for myCRED are available as code snippets on the myCRED website, free to use by anyone.


I provide free support if you can not get myCRED to work as described in the documentation, and pay myCRED Store Tokens as a reward for reporting bugs and/or bug fixes. There is also a community forum where you can post your questions or contact me directly.


  • WordPress 4.0 or greater
  • PHP version 5.3 or greater
  • PHP mcrypt library enabled
  • MySQL version 5.0 or greater

Language Contributors

  • Swedish – Gabriel S Merovingi
  • French – Chouf1 Dan – BuddyPress France
  • Persian – Mani Akhtar
  • Spanish – Robert Rowshan Website
  • Russian – Skladchik
  • Chinese – suifengtec Website
  • Portuguese (Brazil) – Guilherme
  • Japanese – Mochizuki Hiroshi


  • Add-ons - Add-ons are managed just like themes in WordPress.
  • Edit Balances - Administrators can edit any users balance at any time via the Users page in the admin area.
  • Hooks - Hooks are managed just like widgets in WordPress.
  • Edit Log Entries - Administrators can edit any log entry at any time via the admin area.


You can find a list of frequently asked questions on the myCRED website.


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FIX – rtMedia hook uses the has_entry() method incorrectly.
FIX – Fixed issue with amount queries searching ref_id instead of creds column.
FIX – Fixed issue with usernames / emails are not converted into correct IDs.
FIX – When a new log entry is added the reference cache should be reset.
FIX – Incorrect value for %new_balance% in Email Notifications add-on.
FIX – Added missing bank transfer reference translation.
FIX – Bank Transfers are not being shown in the buyCRED purchase log in the admin area.
FIX – The leaderboard shortcode does not follow the same sorting of results as the leaderboard position shortcode. While we get to choose the order of our first sorting, the secondary sorting should be based on the users IDs.
TWEAK – Updated inline documentation.
TWEAK – Improved query construction and created a new structure for posting queries.
TWEAK – Updated leaderboard query when leaderboard is based on total balance.
TWEAK – When providing a timeframe, make sure the value of strtotime() is only used if it’s a valid unix timestamp. This should prevent db query errors when using bad strings.
UPDATE – myCRED_Query_Log class updated to version 1.7
UPDATE – Updated the Coupons add-on to version 1.3.1
NEW – Added new mycred_locate_template() function.
NEW – Added support for order by multiple columns.
NEW – Added support for multiple point type queries and display.
NEW – Added support for multiple entry id queries.
NEW – Added advanced query options which disabled the table rendering.
NEW – Added new shortcode attribute for horizontal navigation when using the mycred_history shortcode.

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