Bitcoin Price Ticker: Bitcoin & Litecoin Price Widget


The all new and improved ticker!!! Faster, more accurate and displays information from 4 different exchanges, Bitcoin and Litecoin. Add this amazing widget to your WordPress site today.

  • View 4 different Bitcoin exchanges – BTCe, HitBTC, BitStamp and Bitcoin Average.
  • Choose between Bitcoin and Litecoin prices.

  • Displays a graph of the prices in the last 24 hours / 7 days / 30 days.

  • Displays bid, ask, low, high and volume values of selected exchange.

  • Fully customisable – choose which currencies, exchanges and values to display.

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If you have any questions or ideas for improvements please email me at


  • Coin Ticker Widget
  • Fully customisable layout


If you have any questions please email me at

Question: I am not getting complete data for certain exchanges currencies.

Answer: It takes some time for the DataBase to fill itself. Since this version is new this should not occur after February 10th 2014.

Question: I am getting an error message “This plugin requires PHP CURL module which is not enabled on your server. Please contact your server administrator”

Answer: This means that you do not have PHP cURL enabled on your hosting plan. You will need to contact whoever is hosting your website and request that it be enabled. There is no way to fetch data from the different exchanges without PHP cURL enabled.

Question: The plugin isn’t displaying correctly, what can I do ?

Answer: Try to remove it from your widgets and then re-insert it. If that doesn’t work clear you cache and make sure to disable any caching plugin you may be using such as W3 Total Cache or Super Cache.

Question: Can I remove the “get the plugin” hyperlink at the bottom of the widget ?

Answer: Yes you can. Although I’d prefer you wouldn’t.



  • Plugin released.


  • Reduced widget size.

  • Updated to disable plugin when PHP cURL isn’t enabled.


  • Reduced footer size.

  • Bug fix on loading of data.


  • Adjust size to column

  • Use cache for faster UI

  • Allow more requests per user


  • Fixed graph to show BUY price

  • Fixed “last updated” label


  • Added missing JS files


  • Added BTC China to the exchanges.
  • Fixed width of ticker problem
  • minor graphic changes


  • New design
  • Added Litecoin
  • Added Bitcoin Average


  • Fixed crash issue


  • Fixed JS issues


  • Fixed CSS issues and removed MT.Gox


  • Added HitBTC instead of BTC-China

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