Get Creative with the All-New Pattern Creator

It’s been less than a year since the WordPress Pattern Directory was launched, and we already have more exciting news to share. The Pattern Creator is live! You can now build, edit, and submit your best block patterns to the Pattern Directory—submissions are open to all with a user account!

The WordPress Pattern Directory includes attractive, handy patterns created by designers that can make your experience building a stunning site much easier. Patterns can save you a significant amount of time and also give you greater freedom when you’re building your site. With patterns, you can make or replicate complex layouts with just a few clicks, and using them is as simple as copy and paste.

Create Your Own Bold, Beautiful Patterns Built Entirely with Blocks

Pattern submission screen, successfully submitted pattern with a "Thank you" modal.

As the name implies, the Pattern Creator allows anyone, from designers to content creators, to make custom patterns: a collection of blocks arranged in any way, for any purpose intended by the creator. Like most things in WordPress, these are available for public use once it’s submitted to the WordPress Pattern Directory. Have a look at these guidelines to learn more about what makes a pattern suitable for listing in the directory.

So what are you waiting for? Check out all the patterns already available or better yet, make your own!

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