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Posted July 18, 2008 by Joseph Scott. Filed under Meta.

It’s been a long time since themes.wordpress.net stopped accepting new themes. Since then most theme authors have been distributing their themes from their own sites, without a good centralized place for people to browse, search, comment on, and rate themes. With the success of the plugins directory, we’ve wanted to have those same benefits in a theme directory. Today is the day we start making that happen, with the introduction of wordpress.org/extend/themes/.

Bringing the new theme directory under the WordPress “extend” umbrella allowed us to take advantage of all the infrastructure that has already been built up to support WordPress.org. If you’ve browsed through the plugin directory, you’ll feel right at home in the new theme directory.

We’ve gone through great lengths to make this as painless as possible for theme authors. You don’t need to know anything about Subversion (our back end magic takes care of all that for you), just login with your WordPress.org username and password and go to the upload page. From there you upload your regular theme zip file and we take care of the rest.

Once you upload your new theme we do a few automated checks for some of the requirements for each theme. If we find one that you missed we’ll provide you an error and description of what needs to be fixed. When a theme upload has been accepted we’ll send you an email and put it in the queue to be reviewed, to make sure we didn’t miss anything. After the theme has been approved you’ll get another email letting you know that the theme is now live.

That catches you up to where we’re at today. When you finish that theme you’ve been slaving over, upload it to the new directory and let us know what you think. Since so much has changed since the old theme directory we’re starting fresh from zero. If you’ve got specific questions or suggestions contact us and we’ll do our best to get them answered.

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  1. […] releasing WordPress 2.6 one month ahead of the schedule, here is another cool new update from WordPress. A theme directory, where you can browse, rate, preview and download themes from. ( […]

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  2. […] There is a new official WordPress theme directory over at the wordpress.org site. Naturally, it is hosted under the “extend” tab, where we already go to find our plugins, so it is a natural addition. As of now, there are only 3 themes available, but since this is brand new, you can expect more to be submitted and added soon enough. If you would like your theme hosted in the official directory, you need to GPL it, make sure that there are no paid links or similar in it, and fill out the other (not too evil) requirements. […]

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  3. […] Entre las ventajas, aparte de que ahora empezará a actualizarse frecuentemente, están que cualquiera puede loguearse con su usuario de wordpress.org y subir sus propios themes. Lo cuentan en el blog de desarrollo de WordPress. […]

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  4. […] 各位可以参考一下英文原文:https://wordpress.org/development/2008/07/theme-directory/ […]

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  5. […] el blog oficial de WordPress, anuncian que por fin han sacado el directorio de Themes de […]

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  6. […] WordPress.org site team has just unveiled the brand new WordPress Theme Directory, and it looks hot! Way better than the old theme directory […]

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  7. […] dag meddeler WordPress.org at man som tidligere lovet har lavet ét samlet sted for demonstration og download af […]

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  8. […] 的主题, 大家最熟悉的应该是 Theme Viewer 这个官方的站点. 今天, WordPress 官方宣布增加主题目录, 主题制作者可以上传自己的主题到官方网站并得到展示. […]

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  9. […] Announcement Post […]

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  10. […] Hell Yeah! Theme Directory is Back!→ […]

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  11. […] directory stopped accepting new themes long back and it is almost dead. Today they re opened the directory at WordPress extend, plugins directory is also located […]

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  12. […] you will receive an email for further instructions. For more information on this, take a look at this post at WordPress Dev […]

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  13. […] Great news for all wordpress designers! The WordPress theme directory is now back and ready to accept new uploads. As a check the new WordPress Theme Directory (before writing this post), there were only 3 wordpress in the databse. I’m sure within some weeks it will be filled with great web 2.0 designs (which most bloggers want now). For more information about this news, click here. […]

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  14. […] diretório de temas do WordPress está de volta após quase 8 meses sem atualizações. No início estão com apenas 3 temas mas rapidamente este […]

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  15. […] over there, get a username, and get it done!  Here’s the official announce too.  For starters, I put up my v2 of the site here… but it’s pending approval…!  I […]

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  16. […] Vía | WordPress dev blog. […]

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  17. […] to the WordPress development blog, it’s as easy for developers to include a theme in the directory as it is for users to […]

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  18. […] was just announced on the WordPress development blog that WordPress launched a new theme directory. This will be similar to the official WordPress plugin repository, which hosts thousands of […]

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  19. […] See the WordPress Blog. […]

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  20. […] It’s been a long time since themes.wordpress.net stopped accepting new themes. Since then most theme authors have been distributing their themes from their own sites, without a good centralized place for people to browse, search, comment on, and rate themes. With the success of the plugins directory, we’ve wanted to have those same benefits in a theme directory. Today is the day we start making that happen, with the introduction of wordpress.org/extend/themes/. Read the rest of the post here. […]

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  21. […] WordPress have released a theme directory based on their popular plugins directory. You can read the official post here. […]

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  22. […] acolo o lucrare proprie (care va aparea pe site dupa ce un administrator se uita peste ea, logic). Mai multe detalii pe blogul oficial. Google Adsense Articole asemanatoare Going Pro Elegant – WordPress […]

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  23. New on the ‘To Do’…

    Jo tweeted me a few minutes ago with a head’s up on WordPress’ new Theme Directory.
    Seriously, this is definitely something to bump up on the ole ‘To Do’ list this weekend. Thanks, Jo!
    And WordPress, if I could …

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  24. […] WordPress Theme Directory. […]

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  25. […] long last, the formerly dead themes.wordpress.net repository is open-ish again.  Disconnected and Dream in Infrared have been uploaded, and are […]

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  26. WordPress Theme Directory…

    There’s finally an official repository for WordPress themes! The new WordPress Theme Directory replaces themes.wordpress.net, which hasn’t been accepting new themes for quite some time now, more than a year.

    WordPress theme developers can…

    Trackback from T. Longren on July 18, 2008

  27. […] sem dúvida é uma excelente surpresa para os amantes do WordPress. O novo Diretório de Temas para o WordPress acaba de ser liberado. Você pode ver mais através do endereço […]

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  28. […] WordPress Blog. Entradas […]

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  29. […] сервисов не мало). Так вот на официальном сайте появилась информация о создании специального раздела для данных […]

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  30. VoodooEmpire2 Theme V 1.1 Released…

    The VoodooEmpire2 theme has just been rereleased by The Voodoo Empire.  Not much has changed, just cleaned up some code, and added a few lines to make it fit better with newest WordPress requirements.  It can still be downloaded at it’s permalink…

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  31. […] There is a more formal announcement here: https://wordpress.org/development/2008/07/theme-directory/ […]

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  32. […] developers at WordPress has introduced themes to their official site and they call it “Theme Directory”. This official WordPress Theme […]

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  33. […] The news is here when i think about this issue and under the extend i saw the theme directory , related to this an idea pop in my mind, can the theme directory work in the direction that make use of the 2.6 feature – Post Revision , where you can compare the new version theme and your current use theme different ? so in future once you get notify your current theme is release new version, you check the diff apply it to the new theme and use it. […]

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  34. […] WordPress Blog 中,WordPress團隊宣佈官方正式的佈景主題網站 Theme Directory […]

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  37. Regresa WordPress Themes…

    Hace ya casi un año, que en themes.wordpress.net dejaron de aceptar nuevos temas; pero la verdad es que su directorio de Plugins para WordPress ha funcionado muy bien, de manera que han decidido reabrir el sitio, que organiza los themes para wordpress…

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  38. […] ammettono sul blog di WordPress.org è passato davvero tantissimo tempo dall’ultimo tema caricato sul “vecchio” […]

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  39. […] here we do have a really nice update from wordpress.org, that is wordpress themes directory. ( Which is for self hosted blogs ) It was a […]

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  40. […] WordPress have just launched their theme directory, which works in a similar way to the plugins directory, except you don’t get direct subversion anymore, you just upload a zip file and it.. works. […]

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  41. […] Hooray for WordPress to sort out the Theme misery after almost one and a half years – finally developers and users have one place to exchange their files again! Now I need to make my themes compliant to the new wordpress theme regulations – […]

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  42. […] Kaynak: WordPress Blog […]

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  43. […] أعلنت يوم أمس WordPress عن فتحها لمعرض القوالب الجديد بعد إغلاق المعرض القديم من مده طويله في إضافة اي قوالب جديدة http://themes.wordpress.net […]

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  45. Themattic…

    Simplish is added to the new official WordPress themes directory.

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  46. […] Referências https://wordpress.org/development/2008/07/theme-directory/ […]

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  48. […] snooping around the site right.  We all do it.  Anyway, I found an interesting post on the development section of […]

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  49. […] original signé Joseph Scott et paru sur le blog de développement de WordPress […]

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  50. […] Inmiddels is de nieuwe theme directory van start gegaan zoals je kunt lezen op:https://wordpress.org/development/2008/07/theme-directory/ […]

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  51. […] is pretty exciting news and I am very enthusiastic about it. The new WordPress Theme Directory has just been announced. It is available through https://wordpress.org/extend/themes just like the […]

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  52. […] WordPress › Blog » Theme Directory החבר’ה של וורדפרס מציגים את גלריית התבניות החדשה שלהם. במקום שנזנחה אי שם בשנה שעברה (tags: themes wordpress) //OBSTART:do_NOT_remove_this_comment var OutbrainPermaLink=”http://www.dakars.info/general/links-for-2008-07-23/”; var OB_demoMode = false; if(typeof(OB_Script)!=’undefined’){ OutbrainStart(); }else{ var OB_Script = true; var OB_langJS =”http://widgets.outbrain.com/lang_he.js”; document.write (“”); } //OBEND:do_NOT_remove_this_comment נהניתם מהפוסט ? כדאי להרשם לעדכוני RSS ולקבל הכל ישירות. […]

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  53. […] 这是一条来自Wordpress官方于18日发布的一条旧闻,不过我也是刚在后台看到,可能一些朋友还不知道,播报一下: […]

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  54. […] you haven’t heard the announcement yet, WordPress now has a new Free Theme Directory where you can submit your free themes for all the WordPress world to see and hopefully […]

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  55. […] is slightly stale news by now, but I need to get my 2cents worth. WordPress have announced the opening their brand new theme directory to the public. The directory follows the same familiar format as […]

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  56. […] have been over 300 themes submitted to the new Theme directory, which launched just 6 days […]

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  57. […] WordPress Theme Directory: Finally, WordPress.org has created a centralized repository for WordPress themes. Though the number of themes is quite small right now, many WordPress theme developers will start to upload their themes to this location as it has the same backing/benefits as the WordPress plugins repository. […]

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  58. […] For a complete article please follow this link […]

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  59. […] gün önce yayına giren Tema dizinine 300′ün üstünde tema […]

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  60. […] el blog de WordPress ha sido anunciada la salida del directorio de Themes de WordPress, con lo que ya no será necesario […]

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  61. […] WordPress Themes Director has launched as a new and official place to put those designs you designed or thought about designing since the WordPress Spice Up Tips post a few months ago. […]

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  62. […] have been over 300 themes submitted to the new Theme directory, which launched just 6 days […]

    Pingback from 2.6 by the numbers — Matt Mullenweg on August 2, 2008

  63. […] have been over 300 themes submitted to the new Theme directory, which launched just 6 days […]

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  64. […] wordpress.org/extend/themes/, un nouvel espace à thèmes pour WordPress. Via WordPress › Blog. […]

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  65. […] a couple of weeks back, WordPress announced an attempt to integrate a new theme repository into their “extend” program – and it […]

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  66. New WordPress.org theme directory…

    I just stopped by WordPress Extend to find a few “ideas” to rate down, which is part of my nightly routine.
    Tonight, I was a bit surprised to see that there was a new WordPress Themes Directory.

    Trackback from Justin Tadlock on August 5, 2008

  67. […] WordPress › Blog » Theme Directory It’s been a long time since themes.wordpress.net stopped accepting new themes. Since then most theme authors have been distributing their themes from their own sites, without a good centralized place for people to browse, search, comment on….. (tags: WordPress Theme Directory) […]

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  68. […] Go to Source […]

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  69. […] July 18th WordPress announced the launch of the new WordPress Theme Directory. This was exciting news for WordPress enthusiasts […]

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  70. […] theme directory should make things easier for theme developers to showcase their work. You can read more about the new WordPress Theme Directory at the WordPress […]

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  71. […] Mitteilung aus dem Developer Blog […]

    Pingback from Schweizer WordPress Magazin | Das ist der neue Theme Browser on August 9, 2008

  72. […] Fuente: WordPress […]

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  73. […] been a month since that the theme directory was announced and opened to the public. In that time we’ve added more than 150 themes (with many more […]

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  74. […] if you didn’t like much of what was posted. They have finally started up a new one, hooray! Check out the new theme directory. via the WordPress […]

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  75. […] От известно време е доста активна и новата директория за теми на WordPress. Писал съм преди, че за съжаление повечето теми са с невалиден код. Мястото вече се пълни с доста разнообразни и за всякакъв вкус теми, като голямото предимство за мен е възможността за търсене на valid XHTML! По-подробно – тук. […]

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  76. […] Torna online la directory ufficiale dei temi di WordPress! Probabilmente l’avrete già notato nella sezione News della bacheca della vostra installazione di WordPress: è passato molto tempo da quando themes.wordpress.net ha smesso di accettare nuovi temi, ma adesso, finalmente, è tornata online la directory ufficiale dei temi di WordPress! […]

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  77. […] 7月18日,WordPress團隊宣佈官方正式的佈景主題網站 Theme Directory 正式上路。 […]

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  78. […] the theme directory launched, Joseph Scott wrote: With the success of the plugins directory, we’ve wanted to have those […]

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  79. […] In conclusion, this is why I titled this rant “Caution: WordPress.org Hates Theme Designers!“. I challenge this idiotic moderator to post comments here. It’s even obvious how Plugins get more respect knuckles as they can be easily updated from your WP Admin, while Themes must be manually downloaded. Not to mention when they suspended themes, unexpectedly removed themes, and realized how much of a mistake that was then reinstating the theme directory. […]

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  80. […] https://wordpress.org/development/200…eme-directory/ Quote: […]

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