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Posted September 4, 2007 by Mark Jaquith. Filed under Development, Releases.

WordPress 2.3 will be here before you know it! We’re putting out a beta release every Monday until WordPress 2.3 ships on September 24th. Today the second beta drops for your testing pleasure. We’ve fixed a bunch of bugs in the last week — thanks to everyone who participated! That said, this is still rough code, so you should only test the beta if you are comfortable troubleshooting PHP issues, filing tickets, and backing up your blog’s data.

Still want to play? Go ahead and join the wp-testers mailing list and download beta 2 here.

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  1. WordPress 2.3 Beta 2

    WordPress 2.3 Beta 2 has been released and this site has been updated to it.

    Trackback from GaMerZ.WordPress on September 4, 2007

  2. WordPress 2.3 Beta 2

    Como se ha mencionado en la página oficial de WordPress, todos los lunes se irán lanzando versiones betas de WordPress 2.3, para luego llegar a una versión final el 24 de septiembre.
    Y… Ayer fue lunes, por lo tanto ya esta disponible la beta 2 de …

    Trackback from Kibit on September 4, 2007

  3. WordPress 2.3 beta 2

    Desde ayer está disponible la segunda beta de WordPress 2.3 que corrige gran cantidad de bugs reportados en la primera.
    Algunas de las nuevas características que tendrá WordPress 2.3 son:

    Notificaciones de actualización de plugins y del core

    Trackback from paranoidLog on September 5, 2007

  4. Beware the next WordPress version 2.3 release…

    Most might know this, or most might not. But either way, I used to help in the WordPress Support Forums ALOT before, and used to be a moderator there as well. I had also done over 100+ WordPress installations for various people, on various hosts myself…

    Trackback from Vindictive Bastard on September 6, 2007

  5. WordPress 2.3

    WordPress 2.3 soll laut https://wordpress.org/development/2007/09/wordpress-23-beta-2/ am 24. September erscheinen.
    Die 2.3er Version soll gleich mit eingebauter Tagging Funktion kommen. In Zukunft kann man sich dann wohl die entsprechenden Plugins spar…

    Trackback from toxic-mind.com Weblog on September 6, 2007

  6. WordPress 2.3 Beta 2

    Quick as lightning these fellas are! They really produce some of the best software on the internet. Not only is WordPress great blogging software, it has been designed to be simple, and intuitive, which should be a model for all comparable software app…

    Trackback from Server Setup Guide - Blog - Ubuntu - Debian - Fedora - Red Hat on September 7, 2007

  7. […] Más información acerca de la beta 2 de WordPress : https://wordpress.org/development/2007/09/wordpress-23-beta-2 […]

    Pingback from Imydes » WordPress Beta 2 on September 8, 2007

  8. WordPress 2.2.3 je izšel

    Če še kdo v svojem dešbordu ni opazil; pri WordPressu so izdali novo različico, 2.2.3.
    Spremenjene so naslednje datoteke:

    wp-includes/default-filters.php (spremenjena) (1 sprem.)
    wp-includes/plugin.php (spremenjena) (4 sprem.)

    Trackback from Lance's corner on September 9, 2007

  9. Windows Live Writer Wish List

    Ok, I’ve been using WLW for over a year now and really enjoy the tool.  However, there are a few nit-picking things that I have to be fixed in the darn thing along with some ideas that would benefit the product.
    In the last two beta releas…

    Trackback from RickMahn.com on September 10, 2007

  10. […] Die zweite Beta wurde soeben veröffentlicht. Man darf auf den 24. Sept. gespannt sein. An diesem Tag wird die […]

    Pingback from Erste Beta von WordPress 2.3 [update2] | Bloganbieter.de Blog on September 11, 2007

  11. […] WordPress 2.3 est en bêta 2, il faut se résoudre à l’attendre pour pouvoir profiter des mots-clé. […]

    Pingback from Ghusse’s » WordPress : plugin simple tagging en stand by on September 25, 2007

  12. […] Links: WordPress 2.3 Beta 2 , News […]

    Pingback from WordPress 2.3 Beta 2 : internetz blog on September 25, 2007

  13. […] weblog bijgewerkt. Over twee weken kan ik het kunstje nog een keer doen, want op 24 september staat versie 2.3 […]

    Pingback from Zomaar… » Blog Archive » WordPress 2.2.3 on September 30, 2007

  14. […] η μαρμάγκα. Τελικά, λίγο πριν την επερχόμενη έκδοση 2.3 που βρίσκεται ακόμη σε beta, επέλεξα την σιγουριά της 2.2.3 […]

    Pingback from WordPress 2.1.3 σε 2.2.3 | Tech Spot on October 1, 2007

  15. […] haciendo pruebas con la versión 2.3 beta 2 de wordpress para ver que tal funciona y mirando por ahí me he encontrado con un plugin muy interesante y muy […]

    Pingback from plugin gravatar | on October 22, 2007

  16. […] previous versions of WordPress, betas and RCs are released first. For example, WP 2.3: Beta 1, WP 2.3: Beta 2, WP 2.3: Beta 3 and lastly WP 2.3: RC 1 are released first before WP 2.3 went […]

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  17. […] Eylül’de yayınlanan WordPress 2.3 Beta 2‘den sonra 2 saat önce Beta 3 yayınlandı.Tam sürümü heyecanla bekliyorum […]

    Pingback from WordPress 2.3 Beta 3 | Deniz AKIN on August 9, 2008

  18. […] 1: WordPress 2.3 Beta 2 was released a couple of days ago. Importers are added for Jerome’s Keywords and Simple Tagging […]

    Pingback from What is New in WordPress 2.3 (Beta 1/2)? on September 9, 2008

  19. […] el buen funcionamiento del CMS que usamos la mayoria en nuestros blogs, pues hoy acaban de lanzar la Beta 2, que tiene practicamente el mismo fin, encontrar vulnerabilidades y ser reportadas; el 24 de […]

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